Focus on this Bitch!

Last night on the way home I was flipping through the radio I don't know why I was doing this cause I have sirius/xm radio and regular radio just bores me. But I write on I was flipping and came across one of those christian radio station and they had some idiot from focus on the family on there of course what he was saying I had to stop and listen too I knew I should have moved or turn the satellite radio on but no I had to stay right there and get pissed off. I know better to be pissed off than pissed on but I say depends on who's doing the pissing cause if Jesse McCartney wants to piss on me I'm ready you hear me Jesse I'm ready!!!Oh sorry got sidetracked again focus on the family idiot was talking about gay's and how they are hurting America families. Ok sure they are I think most typical American families and families all over the world have gay family members only the stupid people disown a person because they are gay. I know I could go on and on and run them into the ground but really what good will it do they will still be there hocking out there hate. I will say this much as much money troubles that America is in right now if we take all these churches and places that are tax-exempt non-profit organization that preach and treat them as what they are a business and make them pay taxes maybe this country would be in better shape right now. If they had to worry about paying taxes they wouldn't have so much time to spew there hate.Focus on the family is a joke please go tell me my she don't have a normal family and I'll watch a southern girl go off on your ass. Just my 2 cents on this organize religion please understand I do believe in God and I do believe he loves me for me and I believe he made me and he wanted me just they way I am.

Oh I had to turn the comment word thing back on was getting all kinds of ad comments when they stop I'll turn it back off cause I personally hate it.
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Let me guess, they didn't mention anything about straight/hetero families and the giant chunk of damage they do to children, wives, our world...right??? Umm hummm...just as I expected.

    As for pissing, let me know when.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hey Ryan thanks for following me in my blog.
    I'm a Christian. And I'm friends with some really, really nice warm hearted Christians. But I also know some Christians who are just off the wall with their weird thinking and actions. The bottom line is we're all still humans no matter what labels get pinned on us. Nobody's perfect, not even Focus on the Family.

    Working in a resident care home shows that you have a good heart. Please don't let radio shows steal your happiness and rob you of your love for others.

  3. Matt Says:

    Yea I'm the same way, I know I don't want to listen to things like that, but there just so stupid that you have to stop and listen.

    I'm currently not really religious, though I've thought about getting back into it, I'm just not into the whole organized religion thing, after the few anti-gay sermons that i heard at the church that I grew up attending that were very hypocritical, saying things like gay's are welcome to attend but they can't volunteer, can't do this can't do that, but yet they are welcome to attend, having special rules for people is never fair.

    Agree with what you said about making them pay taxes, because they are totally a business, and giving them tax exempt status definitely negates the whole separation of church and state...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I read a satire on one blog where they were saying that CAlifornia was going to pass a law against getting a divorce. If they really wnat to protect the sanctity of marriage they would already have such a law. After all they did vow to God to stay married until death doth them part, right? Instead over half of alll marriages end in divorce which is a shame. "Jesus loves me though I'm Gay, yes he loves me anyway, little ones to him belong we are weak but he is strong." ed

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Divorce is what is hurting the
    American family!!! That 'Christian'
    person isn't really any sort of
    'Christian' when they attack people
    cause of their sexuality...

    You know I love you Baby Boy...
    I will never stop loving you!!!



  6. elise Says:

    Excellent post! I'll never understand how someone can claim to be religious and love God, but then hate people because of their skin color or nationality or who they love!

    And yes, when churches become political lobbyists, they definitely need to be taxed. Our country is so fucked up about how this issue is handled.