Aids and an Insurance Company

Before I get into my post I got I want to talk about an email I got. This person ask me why I don't have a paypal button on my blog or a wish list log on my blog. I think most of you know the answer but those who don't let me spill it out for you. I don't want money for doing something I like doing 7 years I been doing this and have never ask for money and never will. There have been people who has put ads on here and paid me for them but I never kept the money I gave the money to either peta or Matthew Shepard Foundation. I have records to prove this incase anybody wants to see.

I can't see asking for money for doing something that I love too do I am not coming down on those that do but it's not me. As a matter of fact and you can ask many of my readers I have contests from time to time and give things away for free and never even charge for shipping so that is why I don't ask for money. Now please go over to my good friend Ryan Field blog and check out these posts on his blog. There about a good friend of his that has aids and an insurance company that stops his long term care. Please stop by and show Ryan and his friend that we support them and were sick of these insurance company's doing this to people.


A True Story about a Friend of Mine: What Happens When you Have HIV/AIDS and your Insurance Company Stops Your Long Term Disability?

Short Update: My Friend with AIDS, and Kansas City Life Insurance
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  1. I went and commented, God Bless him for being there for his friend.
    I have a good friend, Steve who has HIV and I worry about him all the time. He lives 5 hours away and I wish he'd move back here so I could do more for him on a day-to-day basis but he says "I finally got away from there and i'm not coming back".
    I wish the insurance companies would get their collective heads out of their asses.. for once.

  2. ryan field Says:

    Thanks, Ryan, for posting. I'm late to the post. But I really appreciate it. I'm going to post a link to this post on facebook.

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  5. I commented on the blog. I hate it when people become victims of this shit. The only reason why they do this is to just be assholes to people. Greed is a bitch in the country. I pray to god that some justice is done. Something like this should not be happening in the US of A. Were such a powerful country yet we are hurting. Why should anyone on this beautiful planet have to hurt. Were such a rich world of people, yet we stand divided.

    Hope, love, and prayers. Thanks ryan for this amazing post.