Don't Understand

Ya know I get hate mail all the time I normally forward to my Dad just so there is a copy of it. Normally I don't let it bother me maybe it's cause I'm not feeling well or maybe it's what's going on with my friend Ryan Field friend. This email I got made a comment about my post for Ryan's friend and his fight with the Insurance company over him having aids. This dumb fuck that wrote me told me he wish it was me that had aids he also said then maybe I would stop writing and my blog would go away. He said all I try to do is promote my gayness on the world. He went on to say some other crap but I'm not going to repeat anymore of what he said. I would like to think all I do with this blog is use it to talk about my feelings things going on in the world and yes sometime gay things. I don't force anyone to read my blog and I sure don't force my being gay on anyone. Yes I talk about my boyfriend but don't str8 people talk about there spouses? I don't get it really I understand people hate what they don't understand but really take the time to send emails and wishing aids and death on me that I don't understand. If you don't like me or what I write about why not just close my blog and find another.

Enough of that just thinkin about it upsets me and pisses me off. My Grandparents will be here today there long flight from London. There going to stay here a week and go back with my Parent's for a couple weeks before they go back home. I really need to get over there next year I have a blast over there. I'm not sure why I am feeling bad I sure hope I'm not getting sick I have to see the doctor later I'm sure he will put me on something he normally does. Kadin and Ty are driving me crazy with them video games. Last night I shacked up with Corey cause they were so into that game it was keeping me up. It was get really spending the time with Corey funny I went in there to sleep and we ended up talking about a lot of stuff so maybe it was meant to be. I did make Ty watch most of the race with me yesterday I could tell it was driving him crazy but that's what big brothers do right? Oh congrats to Jimmie Johnson winning his forth championship in a row for those that don't follow Nascar that has never happen before and I would bet it never will again at least not for a long time. If I hear anything about my friend and who he's driving for next year I'll let you know right now there's nothing he has a deal for the nationwide series but nothing with the big cars I hope he get's something soon.

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  1. Adam Says:

    Don't let the haters get you down, your an inspiration dude. I've been a long time anonymous reader and now because of your awesome blog I felt inspired to start my own, albeit anonymously lol.
    So yeah I thought you'd like to hear that, for every hater out there, there is also an admirer, someone you've inspired through your life story.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just like to throw in my support for you against the hate mail, as you say we are all free to choose what we do or read and there is a mountain of stuff out there to interest everyone - I find that I don't even have enough time to read what I enjoy to bother people that don't interest me anyway.I think you do well to ignore it as much as you do but every now and again it is hard not to get fed up.
    Anyway comments like Adams must be an inspiration to you so take heart.
    Glad you are having a good weekend and it sounds like it has been a great opportunity to get to know Corey.I'm not much of a vid games person either.Have a happy thanksgiving [it's not something we celebrate here in Australia].
    Kindest regards Stef.

  3. Octavius Says:

    You have a rite to be pissed mate. Honestly just live your life the way you see fir, and don't give a shit what others think. The only ones that matter anyway are family and friends.

    I haven't followed long, but I am enjoying it so far.

    Courage and Honour!


  4. naturgesetz Says:

    I can understand if someone wants to disagree with you about something. I can understand if they express their ideas forcefully. But to wish AIDS and death on someone is just wrong. Doing it just shows the evil in that person's heart.

    You know, a lot of people say religion is bad, but if people like the writer of that hate mail were Christian, really Christian, they wouldn't write things like that.

    Enjoy the grandparents. Hope you get that chance to go to England.

  5. Ryan Says:

    adam i tried to comment on your blog and i couldnt dont know if im doing something wrong. anybody else having trouble commenting on adams blog?

  6. Adam Says:

    Hey Ryan, I just discovered that glitch a moment before reading you too had a problem with it lol. Its now been resolved and commenting should hopefully work

  7. Octavius Says:

    Yeah it does, I just commented without a problem.


  8. Jen Says:

    Delete and block him. He's not worth another minute of your time.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I guess we might as well face it. Most of what they say about us is true. We don't belong with decent folks. My Mom's church said that us gays living in a communtiy is what makes all of the bad stuff happen to the innocent people. Maybe it would be better if we all went off to live on a deserted island somewhere. Those of us over 50 should just curl up and die. I'm feeling low but what else is new? Old man Ed

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Honey...Remember what I told you
    years ago...The haters hate because
    they have nothing better to do
    with their time them put others
    There will always be that one
    person who is so jealous of you
    that it kills them...They either
    what you or what you have...This
    is YOUR blog not theirs and they
    need to step off cause they are
    making this Momma Bear very mad...
    And they won't like it when I
    get a hold of them...
    I will defend you ALWAYS!!!!!

    Give your grandparents a BIG hug
    for me...You take it easy and get
    plenty of rest AND EAT!

    I loves you and I will stand by
    you through it all :)



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  12. It makes me sad and angry, really angry when worthless people treat you in such a way, maybe there are reasons, that make them so, but that's no excsuse, don't let something like that reach you heart, you can't heal the whole world from evil, please don't look at this but look at the good people who love you deeply.

  13. I was so angry I made the whole comment twice and haven't seen it was already published the first time :-)

  14. Just Says:

    Hey Ryan , one would like to thank you for posting and blogging .. and a taking it step futher. Thanks for being you and letting us share it ... I truly have gain a lot off your blog. Thanks for interacting ... I feel that you will overcome the hate. That you not only are you awesome to read , that you interact with others in a postive way. Don't change Man ... Fuck the Haters.... Love Just

  15. Just Says:

    lol oh yeah .... I follow Nascar too ... although ... lol not a Jimmie fan at all ... ( but is a feat he did) .. ex man ... yuck ... lol

  16. There will always be haters and I will never understand people who a hate you solely on who you choose to have sex with but at least you are smart and strong

    Jimmie, isn't he the one who got caught cheating at Daytona and they ended up letting him keep his win later on. Interesting..........

  17. fuck that person! If they dont like you for who you are then who gives a shit. Some people have nothing else to do but to hurt others. Just ignore it and try not to think about it. If I had a penny for how many times someomne has been mean to me or said something not nice to me I'd be so damn rich. Stay safe ryan and know your loved for being you. ^_^