Nothing exciting in today's post I do want to cover a few things from this past week that been spoken on here or on my brother blog and a few emails. First off yesterdays post I want to make it clear that normally I am not like that I normally don't confront people. I normally have a smart ass comment but normally I save my rants until they build up and then I blow up on here that way the people I am pissed at don't get there feelings hurt. Now I am not laying the blame on the jack and coke I will take it it was my mouth that ran. But the thing is rich people like that lady pisses me off thinking she is better than somebody else and her shit don't stink trust me with a fat ass like she had I promise her it does. As far as paying her bill it was a slap in her rich face saying if your gonna call me white trash make sure that the white trash don't have money also. For the record I didn't pay it was my idea but my buddy paid the bill he paid for all of us and her too. Sometimes when I drink the gay comes out more so the 2 snaps that came from deep inside haha!

Next topic the emails I got cause Ty was throwing a fit cause I was going to the races this weekend. Yes Ty you threw a fit and guilt tripped me. It's ok you won I'm gonna be here when you get here. I do want to say that those that don't understand my love for racing I'm sorry you don't get it but I am very passion about even before my best friend got into it. It was something that me and my Dad use too do together and still do when were together. I know some people have football (Dads & Sons) but for us it was Nascar. I wanted to go this weekend it's the last race of the year and maybe my friends last drive unless someone picks him up I wanted to be there for that. There are only a few things that would keep me away from going 1 is my health and another is my Brother. Yes Carl Ty has some pull when it comes too me. Again some people might not understand the closeness of my family but we are very tight and me and Ty are very close we talk everyday least twice a day I know many brothers aren't that close but we are. So yes he threw his fit about me going to the races so he won and I will be home with him watching the race got it Baby Bro you will watch!

Guess that's it really nothing big going on today just getting things ready for the family. Dad is bringing his chainsaw and other tree trimming stuff. I was gonna hire a company to do it but he was like hell no I'll do it when we come down. I didn't want him to come here and work the week away. Seems like everytime he comes down he is doing stuff around my house fixing things cleaning the garage out just doing stuff all the time. I tell him leave it but he is like it needs fixed boy. Found out my Uncle will be here for Thanksgiving he lives down the road from me but he is never home always somewhere. He is coming back from Japan and before that he was in England so my Mom is happy he's gonna be here I am also he is my favorite Uncle. Kadin and Ty been talking smack for the last couple days over video games I don't get it but they are both into them so I can seen them playing all night. Don't get me wrong I play the easy ones them guys really get into there games. Also before I go Mikey your more than welcome to come and Kadin don't mind at all we will call you later today.

7 Responses
  1. Mr. Urs Says:

    I've never packed a chainsaw for a holidays family get-together.... I think it's good idea that you put your family before racing.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I didn't realize that the race had added significance when I made my comment to Ty. But it's like Werner Lechner, who had a restaurant in Boston, once said to me, "One can't have everything."

    One of the dangers of being rich is thinking that you're better than other people, the way that lady did.

    It seems that you have a great family, and you're a great guy too.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You know I'm proud of you :)
    Always have been and always will
    be...You are my oldest Baby Boy
    and I'd be lost without you :)

    Loves ya TONS!


  4. Just Says:

    I wish yall a happy thankgivin ryan. I like your rants it good to stand up to people ..take care Just

  5. jimm Says:

    I wish I could see my brothers more often, but we live too far apart.

    Who's gonna cook the bird?

  6. ryan field Says:

    Wow. I had to go back and read yesterday's post first.

    I've been busy helping a friend out and I'm blogging about it.

    I'm not big on the games either, but I love poker :)

    Gonna go over and check out your brother's blog now.

  7. That's sweet that you are putting Ty above wanting to go the races. My sister made a sacrifice for me as far as Thanskgiving goes and I really appreciate that!

    Racing and Football and Reading are my passions!!!