Black Friday

Not for me this year its like 50 degrees outside Mom thought it best I try to stay in. I agree this time I know I'm agreeing with something that comes to my health. I started feeling better the day before Thanksgiving but then yesterday I was feeling bad again. So far today I'm feeling ok but not 100% so it's best I stay home out of the chilly air. The best thing is nobody in the family really wants anything special so far anyway. Mom is going out with Grandma in a little bit she said she want's to pick me and Kadin up some more Christmas decorations that I could use and me and Mom has the same taste when it comes to decorations.

Thanksgiving dinner was great I don't know if any of you are on my facebook page but on there yesterday I talked about dinner. If your not and have facebook friend me. I was gonna help Mom cook but wasn't feeling well so Dad help her out. They fixed 2 turkeys and a ham with all the fixings. I was like why the hell you fix 2 turkeys and then I forget how teenage boys eat. I swear Ty and Corey have bottomless pits for stomachs them 2 boys can put away some food. Oh stop Laurie I can't learn anything from them I still think food is overrated. That's it for now folks gonna get me some coffee and relax. Let me know if any of you are doing the black Friday thing.

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  1. Just Says:

    Ryan ... hell to the no .. on black friday. Although Joe did turn me on to online black friday deals. Your remember the whole tickle me elmo thing ... my son as a toddler love elmo.
    So we get up at 3am to get the specials. I was floored. People running like mad men. I mean really not lieing the city I live in has no manners. It already normal to be push out of your way. Ran over anyway everday. So black friday was terrible. Well by chance we get the tickle me elmo thing. Of coarse it was the last one. So we are on our way to checkout . This wrench takes it out of our basket, puts it in hers.
    I so not having it ...I not only yell and scream which isnt me ... but told damn here I will even pay for the damn thing... It was freaking christmas, not the end of the freaking world .... I came close to duking it out. Just trying to get out of that damn store.... I mean come on .... it only freaking money and things ( btw the granddude got the kid tickle me elmo anyway lol ) .... when did we became so freaking greed riddeon, where we lost our own values....

    There were actually people duking it out .i MEAN GRANDMAS AND SUCH.. there is always people arrested here on black fridays ...

    I don't go to town period on black friday. Not after that ... I mean they can have their damn deals.. Rather pay full price and keep my dinity or stay out of jail .

    Lol I told my brother. I going to have to learn how to shop when I move again...( get my but kick elsewhere) So use to pushing my way threw son says excuse me for me ... lmao he young it hasn't totaly ruin him yet .. he learn here ....
    I know not everywhere is like that , I have and do love shopping everywhere else ...( and don't push my way threw is weird feeling not to be push or man handled shopping or a person blocking the whole damn isle) lol
    People wander why people that work in the public have such bad attitudes here .... that other thing I love other places ... was shock that actually wait on you in other places they even give you service... .you lucky if you get a waitress to check on you and get you a refill .... So I am in hidding .... Hey I am glad it when so well. Sorry you didn't get to help out cooking . Damn sure glad you not like stuck in a bed ....
    Well that my story on Black Friday. Hell to the No LOL ... JUst

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    If people had six-day workweeks and stores were closed on Sundays, the way it was 100 years ago, black friday might make some sense. But with weekends (and the Lord's day as commercialized as the rest of the wee) black friday is irrational. There will always be a few people whose calendars make it the best time — like your folks, where the grandparents are visiting — but most people don't need it.

    So maybe by now you've guessed that I'm not going Christmas shopping today.

    Some years ago a priest wrote a column in which he spoke of a Thanksgiving where his mother was carrying the turkey into the dining room and dropped it as she was coming through the door. She picked it up, went back to the kitchen and returned a couple of minutes later with a turkey on the platter. She said, "Thank goodness I always cook a second turkey." Everybody knew she hadn't. It was the same turkey, just wiped off. But nobody said anything, and they all ate the turkey

    So maybe it is a good idea to cook two.

  3. ryan field Says:

    I'm working today.

    You couldn't pay me to go out shopping on Black Friday. I worked in retail in college, in a mall, and I worked Black Friday for four years and after that I swore I'd never go out shopping on Black Friday. And I haven't :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I will never stop bugging you
    about eating...You could learn a
    thing or two from them...The more
    you eat the happier I am...Don't
    you want me to be happy?

    I'm glad you didn't get out today
    with your mom...This is the first
    year you haven't been out on
    Black Friday...But I'm proud of
    you for finally taking care of

    I loves ya Kiddo!!!



  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just don't understand why good, honest folks would haul ass out of bed at such an ungodly hour to push and shove and fight over the two or three sale items the store is using to lure those of low intelligence and large bank accounts. Maybe if I had more money than sense I might buy stuff but then i wouldn't need to wrestle over sale items. Nobody is getting anything this Christmas in my family. We are lucky to have a roof over our heads and glad that the city can't shut off our heat during the winter months. Merry christmas everyone. scrooge

  6. Teenage boys have bottomless stomachs lol, thats very much right. Sadly I do have a facebook, I just dont use it. I don't really have alot of time to be on the computer because I have alot of other stuff going on. Hell I can barely keep up with my myspace lol.

    I personally don't think you should eat like those young teenage bois but its thanksgiving, enjoy. And good lord buddy, food is soo not overrated. I happen to love food, I guess its a latin thing but just "GIVE FOOD A CHANCE" hehe

    Just get better Ryan. It sucks you got a slight case of the flu. By the way have you gotten your swine flu shot thingie? With your weak immune system I would think you'd be first in line or something because you catch colds n stuff easy. Just thinking.

    My parents love black friday but with our current financial woes, black friday is kinda like window shopping for us. But atleast we enjoy the possibility of owning something like that. All in good time hehe.


  7. I"m back commenting as you can see but I DID go out on Black Friday and it was okay. I got everything I planned to get but it wasn't as much fun without Stacy though. Oh well - next year!