Liberty and Justice for All

This is kinda hard to write about and I have to be careful how I say it. The reason why is this is going to be big in my area time the lawyers and state gets done. Some friends of mine and Kadin's are really good people church going people. Yes they are gay but they go to this open church I've been to it myself and it's a great church. These friends of ours have been together for 8 years and I see them being together forever. Of course like many gay couples they want children they thought about finding lesbian couple that wanted kids and work it out like many gay couples do. They looked and are still looking but just haven't found what they were looking for yet. Here is what happen next the church they go to helps the state with children that are in bad living conditions. I want to believe the last thing the state wants to do is take a child from its family but lets face it sometimes it for the best and we all know that.

This is what happen to them the state took away this little boy he is 7 and is black they ask our friends if they could take in this child until they state could figure out what was going to happen. Now there church ask if they would take this child in and the state social worker approve this. It was only suppose to be a few weeks a month at the most well like any other state run child care that month turn into 7 months later and in this time the boy parents one got into it with the cops and was killed (drugs) and the other who was there at the time is gonna be going to jail for a long time. The one grandparent is a crack head and the other said they didn't want the boy. How the hell could you not want your kin but that's another story. Anyway this boy has been with theses guys going on 8 months now and of course the guys have grow to love him like he was theres. I've personal seen this kid change from a scare little boy to being top in his class.

Here is where the problem is yeah ya'll know it too the guys want to adopt this boy and the social worker and the church think its a wonderful idea but guess who don't that's right the state. Now they want to take this boy out of this stable house the only one that has show this boy love and the right way to live with a couple of parents that would give this kid everything he would need to succeed in life. Let's be real here who is going to adopt this boy he has many strikes against him he's not the right age for adoption everybody wants babies he isnt the right color come on ya'll know that black kids have a harder time getting adopted than white kids. So why take this kid away from a couple of people that have open up there home and there hearts to him I tell you why it's because there gay and that's the only reason. I wish I could get into the names and all the details but they ask me not to right now they are going try fighting this.

They are getting to keep this boy until after Thanksgiving but then they will have to give him up some Thanksgiving huh? How is this right someone tell me please just cause this couple is gay there not good parents to this kid? How the hell is the state gonna take this kid put him in the system and when he turns 18 kick him out say your on your own kid good luck and he turns around and ends back up in the state system doing time how is that right? This all comes down to being a gay issue and close minded dumb fucks who think we can people are just here to hurt the children. If they check there facts they would see that most people that hurt children are str8 males and normally white. We need more kids like the one in Arkansas who understands the Pledge "liberty and justice for all," don't apply if your gay. When this kid runs for the oval office he has my vote!

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  1. naturgesetz Says:

    If the hangup is adoption, why can't the state just let the boy stay with his foster parents unless someone else comes along who wants to adopt him? It makes no sense to take him out of one foster home where he's doing well just to put him in another foster home. Kids don't need that sort of disruption.

    As you say, he's hard to place for adoption, so the foster care will probably be needed until he's eighteen.

    Did the guys make a mistake by raising the adoption issue instead of just leaving the situation as it was?

  2. Just Says:

    Ryan , first all my heart goes out to this child... and to your friends ... I hate flordia child laws really hate that state child protective agency. I have never live there. But have follow other issues and had friends that ran into the same problem as your friends now. That agency plays dirty too ... why would you let a child go into a foster situation and not let those people adopt him... I will never understand this if they were good enough to watch this child with no issues for seven months . Then why the hell would they not be ok to put the kid with forever.( a fucking double standard) Yes I am skirting the issue with the gay parenting... Not going there
    Why should we... being it shouldn't be a issue at all ... point if a child that needs loves has two people that loves him or one single person that loves him ... their sexuality should never be a issues period. Trust me that kid or kids dont' care. They don't see it the way , why the hell would they ... I have knowed and know many great gay parents. Who are better parents than I ever was in my realationship with my ex. Sexuality has no connection with rasing a child ... other than role modeling ...showing affection and caring to another ( non sex way) but hugs, kissing, talking and how we related to one another. Funny thing is most of the gay parents. Who I know have very normal kids... who for the most are straight. Sorry you touch sore spot ... Love Just

    P.S. glad your knee is looking better and your Doc like it .. hope yall have a wonderful Thanksgiven

  3. Just Says:
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  4. ryan field Says:

    Ryan, posting about things like this and getting them out there is very important. Keep doing it and keep letting people know these things aren't right.

    I'm going to post a link to this on facebook and twitter right now.

  5. Aaron Yeagle Says:

    Well, Ryan, you can't take the "sex" out of the "homoSEXual" ... and that's what it comes down to. Straight people only hear "sex" only think "sex" when they think about gay people. And because most religion spends a great deal of time getting their sheep to fear sex ... it simply becomes a fearful issue that clouds the reality. Straight people's continued belief that being Gay is a choice also clouds their thought process. Because they believe it is a choice they also believe that BECOMING gay is something that can be TAUGHT to you. So, why would they want to put a child in the hands of two men who are going to "use" him and convert him into a homosexual? That's how straight people think.
    Now, I mean no insult to our straight friends who support us; but, I have a straight couple whom I've been friends with for 20+ years. Despite their participation in my life, relationships I've had, etc. they revealed to me just a few years ago that they believe it is choice! .. and that almost destroyed our friendship.

  6. Good job Ry !!! We cannot let these type of things be ignored.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The state needs to stay out of
    this...Everytime this state gets
    involved with issues like that they
    almost always mess it up...Children
    have died because the state stepped
    in and told social services how to
    do something...

    Sad...Very sad...



  8. This is a problem that Florida has long been due to fix. It's absolutely an abomination that they cannot give this chid a stable, loving home forever. I am so so so sad for them and the child. It sucks.

    I have spent most of the morning crying over the little 5 y/o girl in NC who was sold by her mother as a sex slave and murdered by a piece of garbage. How the hell does a mother do THAT? I just keep thinking of my 5 y/o babygirl. I am so down today. I hope your friends story has a happier ending.

  9. jimm Says:

    Im thinking, where do gay kids come from? Shouldnt straights be banned from adopting, as well?

    I jus finished reading 'Finding Fish' written by Antwone Fisher, a black youngster growing up in a hellish foster home.

    Please read!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    This is so stupid. The way the United States is running is starting to annoy me. The kid has a great home. Thank you for getting this issue out. Keep up the great work, Ryan!

  11. Ty Says:

    Thanks Ryan, You made my night love you bro.

  12. Its all about politics... sigh. Unfortunately the people that run our government and make our laws are amazing people, don't get me wrong. But alot of the things that gets passed in these states are ridiculous. The state of course is going to get involved with the adoption process because of what you said ryan, they are a gay couple. With demostic partnership out the window in Florida, things are only going to get harder for GLBT families. All we can do is pray and write to our local senator or glbt advocacy groups to aid in support. It sucks that things like this happen but it does. One day straight and gay will not be a word. We will one day live in a world where sexual preference is but a word and not something that will define differnt groups of people. I really don't like how this country puts labels on everything.

    N the kid in arkansas, I am really proud of him. I did the same thing in school for the same reasons. My teacher flat out told me I had to recite the pledge of allgence or I would go to the principals office. Me and the principal became good friends after that. lol.

    Hope you n Kadin are doing well. Stay safe, warm, and keep on being beautiful.