Plain White Trash

First off let me say no animals were hurt in this post ha! This is one of them tell people off posts with a little details of what happen last night.

First off the black lady at the humane society I am taking my time to collect old blankets and dog food for the animals at the shelter last thing I need is your altitude just because I showed up a few minutes before your break time and you didn't get to go right away and smoke that cig and then get all prissy at me. I may be a nobody in the world of life but your bosses think I am something I do more for the shelter than 5 people so while your filling out your unemployment papers think about me ok.

The lady at the desk at the doctors office if you hate your job that much then quit. Please stop giving them looks when people are coming in for appointments they are there cause the doctor ask us too not just to get on your last nerve retire you old battle axe and let someone work that wants to and can smile and say good morning ok.

Last but not least last night me, Kadin and my best buddy & his friend went out for a few drinks and food. We decided on this upper class so to speak restaurant hey he was paying why not right? haha Anyway we had a few drinks and was laughing having a good time maybe a little too much fun but when your drinking why not have fun. (For the record none of us were driving we had someone drive us) This lady sitting at a table over from us told the maître d’ that we were drunk and loud he came over and ask us to keep it down that we were bothering the other guest. My buddy was like no we weren't just bother one person. I guess we should have kept it down maybe even go to a place on the beach that wouldn't care but we kept on with death looks and finally she was like must be white trash pay day.

I was like oh no she didn't finally I stood up with my terminator knee and said look fat bitch that chair your sitting on is screaming get off me. Another thing don't look like you never had someone talk to you like that before when you know Don Juan was calling you worse than that when he was trying to get you in the ass. One last thing as our Mom Dear Reba said and I quote " I might have been born just plain white trash But Fancy was my name" Did my 2 snaps and said come on guys lets blow this place. Oh for the record we paid that ladies bill when we paid ours didn't want her to think we were like cheap or something.

Off to the Oyster Bar that's my kind of people there!

15 Responses
  1. AAron Yeagle Says:

    hooooo boy! when yougit goin' you git goin'

  2. "Oh for the record we paid that ladies bill when we paid ours didn't want her to think we were like cheap or something."

    Sugar, you are DEFINITELY my baby brother from another mother - THAT made more of an impression on that old sow than anything else - AND you got the "last word"! HA! Love it!

  3. naturgesetz Says:


    You're incorrigible!

    The thing about respect is we've got to try to have and show it even to people who don't show it to us.

  4. You've really said that to her, it's unbelievable, sometimes you are acting like an invented person from a famous novel, thank God you're real and indeed very special :-)

  5. Ryan Says:

    martininbroda trust me call me white trash and u will see the white trash come out real quick and trust me i have a mouth on me when i feel i need to use it. i can only be so nice before i blow and normally 1 or 2 people keep the full force of it. there is many things i have been called but white trash i am not!

  6. I'm still wondering how people could think such things about you or your friends, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't dare to say it again :-)

  7. Eirik Says:

    I love your rants - and you are definately not white trash! Some people it seems, think they have to act a certain way - I don't get it; they loose the flavor of life or something - maybe they are just bitter for some reason.

  8. Carl Says:

    I like it when "White Trash" Ryan gets fired up. LOL. I like how people assume so many things about people from their appearance of how one acts. I am glad you told her off.

    I really do like these posts.

  9. Cooper Says:

    Came over from Just blog he did a nice piece on you thought I would check your site out. You have been blogging for a long time gives me something to read. Oh good job on Harriet Olsen people like that make me sick.

  10. Doug Says:

    HAHA that lady deserved it! But I most definitely would not have paid her bill! I guess you're just a much better person that I'd be in that situation! :)

  11. Mr. Urs Says:

    Perfect exit. Chapeau!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Honey...I loves ya!!!!!!!

    I'm so proud of you :)



  13. Martin Says:

    A rant a day keeps the doctor away...
    or something like that.

  14. wow. GO GETEM RYAN! RAWR Lol. Its amazing the things I read from your life. You are defintely an amazing man and I hope kadin knows how amazing you are. I still can't believe you did the two snap thing, I would have fell on the floor laughing my ass off in tears lol. I can't believe that woman had the nerve to even say anything. Thank god you are quick with your words because I would have just shunned it off. Im not a very bite someones head off kind of person but when the time comes to do so, I usually do it in a very mature manner. lol.

    Maturity has found you my friend. And I am glad that you can hold your own ground in any situation. Kick some ass, enjoy some fun, and don't party too hard. Funny how you called your leg terminator leg. I would have called it more bionic hehe.

    Remember, a rant a day keep the demons away... ^_^

  15. Teigue Says:

    Oh why couldn't I be in that restaurant to see that. That just made my day.