Adam, ABC, FCC & Southern Baptists

I wasn't gonna say anything about this but since my brother is in a pissy mood and cussing people out let me take the time to cuss out the right wing southern baptist idiots also abc & the fcc. They give in to people calling crying because Adam Lambert was kissing a boy, touched his crotch, dragged two male dancers around at the award shows. For real people this upsets you this is America things are changing and you bible thumping people can’t stop it. So they call the fcc then they call abc then they cancel two of Adams gigs he had booked with them. Do you think Adam cares? Hell no he don’t the more they ban him the more we want to see him so you Southern baptist assholes keep bitching to whoever will listen the fcc right now cause your losing a fight you can’t win and your putting a ton of cash into a gay mans pocket. What dicks abc giving into pressure I know they have some good shows but if we the gay community would stand up and stop watching all of abc shows and write them telling them why they would see there is more of us than them. This would be hard for me to stop watching abc desperate housewives, brothers & sisters and v is on that channel but if we all do it I think they would get the point then again maybe not. Personal note I don't care for Adam's music not my cup of tea I'm defending his music or screaming I am defending his right to freedom of speech and dance. Today's Christmas song.
4 Responses
  1. Bret Says:

    I agree totally with your post. I am tired of this crap too and them crying to ABC.

  2. ryan field Says:

    You know I agree.

  3. I agree 100 percent. I think since ABC is owned by Disney they are being pressured by The FCC to do something about it. Canceling a performers 2 gigs just because of his performance is ridiculous. Whats very funny about this whole so called "controversy" is that I do not see the FCC telling alot of the female singers to not do something like this.

    Ive seen Madonna, Lady Gaga, and many other performers do something sexual on stage and the FCC has never hounded them. Because you know why? In America it seems, that a woman can be slutty on stage and get away with it. As long as your covering up your goodies, the FCC or anyone else has no problem watching these gals strut their stuff in barely nothing.

    Truthfully, the FCC should just shut the fuck up and do their jobs and stop wasting their time on this. Because it all comes down to him being gay and him being a man. Times are changing just like the music in the industry. You either accept it or you don't.

    This would have not been a big story if there was a woman performer doing what he did. Because this nations views on how people should n shouldnt act on tv or movies is just an oxymoron waiting to happen.

    Thanks for the post ryan ^_^

  4. Doug Says:

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to disagree with you. I understand wanting to defend the freedom of speech but what Adam did probably didn't help the gay community one bit. Do we really want everyone in the nation to think that this is what gay people do? That all gays like to dress up in chains and give blowjobs in public? Having him pulled from other nationally televised shows, in my opinion, is going to help the gay community in the long run. What he did at the AMAs was distasteful and there JUST for shock value. Didn't like it one bit.