For My Brother

I had another post in my mind had it all wrote out and everything something told me to go and read my baby bro's blog. Not sure if any of you have read it but I was going to comment on it and decided I would do my comment right here. Ty I know what it's like to be your age and I know you want your freedom but you have to understand it's my job to look out for you. I also know how mean and cruel the net can be. Living proof if you will most of my readers that have stuck it out with me also can testify. Mom and Dad give you a lot of freedom they don't stop you from looking at whatever you want what parents would let there kids look at porn or whatever. Most parents won't let there teenager have a computer in there rooms hell dude you have a laptop. I do understand and I know you would never post anything that we wouldn't approve of to Be honest with you Ty I don't read your blog everyday for the main reason I want you to have your freedom I can't speak for Dad. All I can say is your short fuse yes that needs working on won't get you far blogging if its not for you then walk away you want your freedom to speak without me or Dad seeing when you get here in a few weeks then we will make that happen. Most of all Ty I love you more than life and don't want to go to jail for killing somebody that hurt you. I am not and will not every apologize for loving you caring for you and for protecting you I am your older Brother I've earn that right. Now call me wen you read this cause I need to hear your sweet voice. The other post I have done will be up in the morning thanks everyone for giving me this time to speak to my Brother. Have a good weekend and here is today's Christmas song.
5 Responses
  1. You're brother is lucky to have you in his life :)

    For some reason I can't comment on all of your posts at work so if I miss one that is why.


  2. Just Says:

    I am my brother's keeper ... nope no need to every say sorry there or even say sorry .... and I have your back there Ryan you wouldn't go to jail ....

  3. mikey Says:

    hey ryan you are a really good brother, i hope im treating my lil bro like you do.


  4. jimm Says:

    I have lots of brothers. I do recall my youngest bro, as a teen, not wanting me meddling in his life. That bothered me, but i realized he only wanted to learn for himself.

    Good parents grant teens freedoms in increments. You repeatedly demonstrate you can handle responsibility, you're then granted more freedom. That's what parenting is.

    Last, i remember how naive i was at 16, heck, even at 21! But no teen is gonna listen to that speech. So sometimes Ty's gonna be hurt. That's the experience called life.

    Apologies to Ty for not posting this on his blog.

  5. ryan field Says:

    I left a comment on his blog. I also know how nasty the net can be, trust me. But I think Ty is good and he has a strong blogging voice, but he has to do what's right for him.

    And you know, Ryan, that I think you're the best blogger there is. You're the only blogger I've followed this long :) So I hope Ty listens to your advice.