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I normally don't watch Oprah not that I don't like her but just not my thing I guess. Yesterday when I came home from work she was on the TV. Nobody was watching it Ty just had the TV on for noise I guess. I sat down and started watching her and she had people on that has been through hell one way or the other. A couple who had survive a plane crash. The story that got me was a couple from Florida that took over the care of step kids that her parents were killed. The parents that were killed had 12 adopted kids some of whom have special needs. The story can be found here Couple who adopted 12 children slain. Now back to my point is Oprah was asking about the money how they took care of these kids. The lady said it was hard but there doing it cause her mom would have wanted it that way. I'm sorry but Oprah has a ton of cash why but up the website ask people to give when she could have said I'm going to give you a couple million to help. We all know that a couple million isnt anything to her. Maybe she did give I don't know but she is big on giving things away and taking credit for it why not do it again for this couple. Just struck me wrong I guess if she did I'm sorry I'm not trying to trash her.

Have a good weekend!
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  1. Oprah is a narcissistic, selfih b*tch - can't stand her. Her and her faux school for girls in Africa which I believe has closed or is closing. She does't do anything without the camera/press right there.

  2. Carl Says:


    It is not that easy to just give money. There are tax implications that could make a gift Oprah gives a nightmare. Oprah has a Christmas show where she gave people cars and other stuff. A lot of these people had to sell the stuff they were given to pay the taxes on the gift.

    People think that the rich should give all this money, that is fine, but most people forget that the IRS and that can cause problem your never imagined.

  3. Unfortunately in this world, money just doesn't grow on trees. As far as Oprah giving the people money, I would have to agree with the last two people who posted. With taxing and the IRS getting in the way, it just wouldn't seem prudent. Now I don't typically watch Oprah because I just don't have the time to watch day time talk shows. Plus I barely watch tv as it is. In any case, I wish Oprah could have helped the family find some sort of financial assistance or something to take care of 12 kids. Its a shame that something like this has to happen to two people who really just had a big heart.

    I don't judge people so I won't say anything mean about Oprah. I just think if your going to have a segment with something as serious as this, she could have extended her hand in helping them find some sort of financial help because they are so going to need it. Unless they are loaded then... there's no need to.

    Have a great friday Ryan, don't party too much :)

    Love ya

  4. ryan field Says:

    I saw the same show. I never watch Oprah, but yesterday I stopped working early and just turned on the TV.

    And you're right. I know for a fact that Oprah does donate great sums of money that is never mentioned. If she donated to these people, I don't know. But I do know she has donated to others and it's never mentioned, at her request, in public.

  5. Just Says:

    even if she didn't donate, she made them aware... really awesome story . Glad there are sisters and brother out there that will step up no matter the hardship. Merry Christmas Ryan & Kadin .. I hope yall have a great time with your family ...Love Lee

  6. Eirik Says:

    Lets just say for arguments sake, that she did NOT donate cash to this family for tax reasons. Okay, cool I guess. But isn't there things that could be done? I mean the reason why most of the "donations" are like cars and such is because they can write those things off. I would be willing to guess that she/someone could donate "stuff" that the family would need which the family would not have to pay taxes on and could be written off by the donator. Something like,....food & groceries?

  7. jimm Says:

    It makes ppl feel good jus to help. Oprah gives them a way to follow thru by providing a worthy cause.

    As for yesterdays blog, i dont get much comments on my own site, but every once in awhile, something i post helps someone else realize they are not alone. That's the real reward for blogging.

  8. Ryan Says:

    I am not sure what to think. On the one end, yes it would be wonderful for oprah to give money. She obviously has plenty, but I think the main objective of her shows is to make people aware. To get average people in the mood for giving. Idk, just my thoughts...

    Lots of love,

  9. rudyyy60 Says:

    ok if it is a gift you do not have to pay taxes on it DO not quote me on that tho i am not 100% sure i know my great untie gave my mother 10,000 dollars as a gift to buy a car and neither my mom or my great aunt had to pay taxes on it the car was another story lol Look you can see oprah in there counting her billions of dollars''' and even the IRS would not care if oprah helped out a charity it is called a tax write of ya know ''like when you donate money or goods to a charity they say get a recipet so you can claim it as a tax write off

  10. Joey Says:

    Ryan. I'm adding all of your stuff to my blog. You lil bro, Ty is cool.


  11. Martin Says:

    Gifts of up to $12,000 are NOT taxable, and "Tuition or medical expenses you pay directly to a medical or educational institution for someone" are NOT taxable,
    according to the IRS website.

    But if anyone wants to give me a gift of a million dollars, please feel free to do so. Don't worry-I'll cover the taxes on it. :D