Some Good News

For those that don't know but I found a job. Well I didn't find it my Uncle found it for me. I'll be answering phones and stuff like that I guess kinda like a secretary but without a dress. Hey come on now I only do that for Kadin please I don't do that at all. The job is Monday thru Friday 7 to 3 I can handle that im always up at the ass crack of damn anyway. That was something they ask if I was a dead head said they have young guys in there before and they were always later. I told them not me I will be there on time all the time. They know about my knee and my health but are willing to work with me on both. I start next Monday they said take this week and try to clear up my cold. This makes me happy I know it will my Dad also even though he hasn't said anything about me not working not sure if Mom has something to do with that.

I know I'll like this job it's a little like what I did when I worked for my Mom. They guys that work there seem really cool. Best thing is having the weekends off Kadin already hates me for that haha. Talk to Mom last night see how there trip home went and she was on me for the post yesterday she said she hates when I cry and she can't hold me and I wasn't allowed to write sad posts anymore. We talk about Christmas and how we was going to handle that. Told her with the new job I didn't want to ask for extra time off right from the start and with Kadin takin time at Thanksgiving not sure they will give him Christmas. She said the boys want to come back down here so that got me a thinking and I talked to Kadin and the boys maybe were getting ready to pull off the mother of all gifts. Stay tuned!

Today's Christmas music is one of my favorites I remember as a little boy Mom singing this to me.
11 Responses
  1. Mr. Urs Says:

    Well done, I wish you a good start next Monday.

  2. I love how you plan surprises!!!!!
    You are blocked at work but i've found a way around it...... for now! Holiday hugs sweetheart!

  3. Just Says:

    Congrats ... Ryan ... Glad you seem a little better. Damn sure they are willing to work with you on your heal issues .... I love that song growing up with it too ... my mom oh so love christmas music.

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Great news that you've got the job, and that they'll be willing to take account of your health issues.

    Of course even if you don't get extra time off at Christmas, at least you'll have the day and the weekend. So three straight days. And of course if they visit for an extended time, at least you've got evenings to be with them.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  5. Bret Says:

    That is good to hear.

    I hope that you all can get together for Christmas.

    Take care!!!

  6. ryan field Says:

    This is excellent news!

    I think you're going to like this job. I'm crossing my fingers right now. brother is moving part time to Miami (S. Beach) and he's hocking me to come down. I think my whole family is going down for Easter. So I might get to meet you guys in person when my work load gets lighter. I'd drive because I take the dogs with me.

  7. A Lewis Says:

    WEAR THE DRESS, Little Miss Secretary.

  8. jimm Says:

    You gonna make the coffee too???

    j/k No???

    Ima glad ya got a new job. There will prolly be lotsa pc stuff to make it more interesting. And ya never know, somebody might like your work so well, they hire you away.

  9. Reddecatur Says:

    Congrats on the job!

  10. elise Says:

    Good luck with the job, sweetie! And I just read yesterday's post and was crying with you about Grandma. Oh, she definitely knew how much you loved her and would miss her.

    I'm sending you an extra hug today!

  11. ezminty Says:

    Congrats on the job. And I ask love that dolly song.. Was listening to it at work today. ;) yay for December. ...