Stop Feeding the Beast

Ok this is getting out of hand. The problem is here is between me and Bob. I do thank all of you for sticking up for me and it means the world to me that ya'll care. Saying that all we are doing is feeding the beast and it needs to stop. This is my blog and for those that don't like it or me can leave at anytime the little red box with the x in works all you have to do is click on it. So I'm taking my blog back and until I feel it's safe the comments from now on will have to be cleared by me. I feel all we are doing is feeding the beast or beasts. How so you make a beast go away stop feeding him. Thanks for all those that sent me emails or commented reminding me of this. Still not sure about blogging still thinking about going private for those who would like updates on Tyler email me and I will try to send out a weekly update on how he's doing. Just make sure I know 100% who you are or I can't send you email about him. It's now a trust issue seeing all this go down my trust in some people are in question. Please if my grammar bothers you just stop reading ok I'm not perfect and maybe I'm not as bright as other bloggers but I do have feelings. Thank all my faithful follows and I hope this comment control don't make anybody mad.
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  1. Ryan
    Sorry I got a bit overheated but that guy really upset me the way he dumped on you like that, with him being anonymous I couldn't go back at him any other way. This moderation plan is a very good one and I hope it persuades you to keep on blogging. Writing a blog isn't about perfect grammar and spelling, it's a bout personal thoughts and feeling both of which I know you have.

    Feel free to check me out by visiting my blog, which has a link to you, it's at my email address is also on there.

    Both you and Ty are often in my thoughts, takee good care of yourself as well as him

    Old Midhurstian

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You got it Sweetie :)

    LOVES YOU!!!!!!!


  3. Octavius Says:

    I have never cared about your grammar mate, it really doesn't bother me. What I read is what you put behind it...., if that makes any sense?

    I will send you that email.

    I agree, you are doing the prudent thing. And I am still here.


  4. Just Says:

    Lmao have you seen my writing ablities .... man been here a while now . Really not long compared to many ...

    Hope you are well Ryan ...
    Love Lee

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    Good decision.

  6. Jeremy Says:

    A good decision. Seeing as I just discovered you and your brother's blogs, I won't bother emailing- you won't recognize me.

    I hope he makes a full recovery.

  7. Bret Says:

    I agree that sounds like the best idea.

    Keep me updated and I am here for you.

  8. ryan field Says:

    You know I'm with always:)

  9. jimm Says:

    I luv blogs, Ryan, cuz i can hear all the words. Where as i cant always connect with ppl in person, the net gives me a level playing field, a chance to feel equal, and not deaf.

    Your blog is a special place for me, like a part of my neighborhood. I kinda feel 'safe' when im here.


  10. Hope Says:

    Hey...Sorry if I kinda of bitched bob right on your blog. But I knew he'd see it and I just wanted that dick to see he's wrong.

    I read all of your comments and was dissapointed in some of the people who agreed with bob the builder. BUT what ever there life. LOL. I dont think he was right. really what makes him so special or even the right to critize you.

    Anyway, I dont know how to email you. Ima check on ur profile...but Im not sure.

    so ima give you mine just in case. Lol. I wanna have updates on ty. ^^ is me email. ^^

    Stay strong you.

    Love ya all.
    (Tell your mum she left a freakin amazing comment.*high five* I bet she's amazing.)


  11. duffmanrules Says:

    Ryan, I think moderating the comments is a good idea in the circmstances. Those unfair and hateful comments were really pissing us off. I've only been reading your and Ty's blogs for a few months but I'm so glad I found your blog. Like most people here, I don't give a sh*t about your grammar. What matters is your heart, and it is in the right place, even if (like the rest of us) you don't always make the right decisions and don't always know what to do. The fierce love and loyalty you have for your family and friends, the help you give to people who need it and the care you show for animals is encouraging and inspiring. And I hope that you are encouraged by the support you get from your readers and followers.

    I hope that, if you decide to take your blog private, I could get an invitation to read the blog. If you want to send me an invitation Ryan, my e-mail address is:

    Take care. I am keeping Tyler in my prayers. I hope he is recovering quickly.


  12. Matt Says:

    Good Decision as that was one thing that worked once I listened when I was in School was to ignore my bullies, which as hard as it is to do it did work many times as they just wanted the attention and to make me angry.

    Your grammar has never bothered me and I don't think i've ever really seen it be bad... I mean it is the internet and an informal blog afterall, its not like its a newspaper, book, or magazine where you have a full professional editing least not yet anyways..


  13. Wally Says:

    I've been following you for awhile Ryan but haven't ever commented but I want to now because I care about Tyler and you. I'm afraid if you quit I'll never get to know how he's doing. If he's back to full capacity and out on a motorcycle again. If you stop, I'm not going to know if you've made it back to the Keys or anything else about you, Tyler and your life. For an old guy like me it's fun to live vicariously through you both.

  14. southern Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head , if you don't feed the beast there is nothing for them to come back for.
    Me I just hope things settle down for you and that Ty continues on his road to a speedy recovery.
    Like all your other friends and people that care about you Ryan I do hope you continue to blog but will respect whatever you decide.
    Regards Stef.

  15. Sparky Says:

    I hope, pray, and have faith that the storm clouds will go away so that you and your family can have peace Ryan. I wish there was more I can say, do, to make all the pain and hurt go away... Life can be Cruel and unfair sometimes... Sorry buddy, that you are being pulled and weighted down...
    Just remember you are not along, and that you and your family are Loved...



  16. Tim in Italy Says:

    The first rule of blogging is: you blog for yourself.

    The second rule of blogging is: you blog for yourself.

    That's all.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    There was a story about Cyber-bulies like Bob on Good Morning America. They do need to see a shrink and learn to be happy without the need to cause pain.
    Ryan is a light shining in darkness. Ted