Goodbye Time

Got this comment wanted to share it with everyone...
Anonymous said... You obviously are very immature, self-absorbed and come across as a pervert. All you talk about is your brothers "pecker" when you have given an update, but go on to say that the privacy is because he is a minor and needs privacy. Well, all you had to say was he was in a motorcycle accident, and we'll keep you posted. You come on and repeatedly talk about very private matters involving him having a catheter and how he hates it. You go on to talk about who has to now help him and you don't mind. Dude, you come across as a really perverted person. If you want ppl to not send hate mail, maybe you need to look at yourself as the reason you are getting it. I am not hating on you, but just trying to say, GEEZ! You bring this drama on yourself. If you don't want ppl's opposing opinion, STOP blogging! HELLO!

First off takes a real big man or women to come on here call me out and not leave a name. Hell you could even leave a fake name but leave no name at all very big of you. People tell me let this role off my back let it go haters don't know how to do anything but hate. Normally something like this wouldn't bother me and I'm not going to let it bother other than in this post. You call me immature man I sure hope so the thought of being an old fucking troll like you scares the hell out of me. Pervert again I hope so least my perverted parts still works yours are in question we know you have no balls couldn't even sign your name. You have to be a new comer to this blog people know I am a open part time nudist as my family is. So me talking about a tube in my brothers pecker may be strange to you but to me and my readers that's normal.

Your trying to make me sound like a child molester and that pisses me right off. Are you mad that you can't help my brother? I didn't throw your name in those helping him almost makes me wonder if that upset you your name not being in there. So dude you came on here start some shit and not leave a name you fucking coward. Trying to piss me off good job you did. I will give you a little credit maybe I do bring it on myself the hate comments like yours. Yes this is drama that I don't need your right again. I guess after all these years blogging didn't mean shit. I guess me helping people out when they needed a helping hand. Helping animals damn near stripping for peta don't mean a damn thing. So I'm tired so and you and people like you win. From now on I'm going back to the private part of life taking my family with me. So this is the news headline Tyler was in a motorcycle accident no more info will be given. This is my last post on blogger also facebook, myspace and twitter will all be delete. For those that just paid for ads on this site I will be refunding your money and you can keep the ads on here for free until I delete this blog.

Thanks for ride but it's over.

To this Anonymous and all others that didn't have the balls to leave your name got 2 words for ya
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  1. Tim in Italy Says:

    Don't. Do. This.


    I suspect that you're very tired and coming down from an emotional train wreck. Give it a few days, then see how you feel.

    I underwent heart surgery on 30-Dec. Your blog and your brother's were quite a boon when I discovered them. While I'm doing great now, the days after the surgery were very hard, but I could look forward to your blogs always giving me a lift, taking my mind off oxygen masks and enough stuff hanging off me to look like the wreck of the Hesperus. You did that. And I'll always be grateful for it.

    Ryan, if you delete, Anonymous wins and we all loose.

    Up to you.

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    I hope you'll change your mind and stay around. You're entitled to.

    But in any case, I just want you to know that I love you and wish you all the best. And way more important, God loves you — always has, always will, can't stop — and he's always calling you to love him and get closer to him.

    Hang in there.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Don`t give up writing. I am alone most of the time and knowing you thru this blog is always giving me something to think sbout, You are like family. Please reconsider annd and stand up for the first admendment of the Constitution, FREE SPEECH.
    Love to you and family.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Sweetie...You better not let this
    person win...I will kick your butt
    and you know that I will...
    I've told you for years that people
    don't have to read your blog if
    they don't want to...Apparently
    this person wanted to and if it
    offended them then they should
    have left the day before...
    You can't let the haters win and
    you can't let them degrade you...
    I know the person you are and I
    love you because of that...Well,
    that and you are my son :)

    I know you're a fighter and I know
    that you will not let this get
    to you...I'll always stand by you
    and will back you 100%...

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!


  5. Ryan Says:

    You have to do what you have to do, but if blogger and the other sites has brought you any kinda of joy and good tidings and if anything can be saved from this, save it.

    Do not let one hater bring down a joy from your life. But if you must go, It truly has been a pleasure following and I hope and pray that your brother continues to recover back to 110%! Tons of love! A big huge HUG!

    Until our paths might cross again,

  6. Just Says:

    Hey Ryan do what you have to do for you peace of mind.It doesn't think we he thinks , we know better ( blog or no blog .. we know you are a awesome person. I don't put myself out for just anybody ) Although I don't and will be very sad at you not blogging .. I truly only want what I always have wanted for you and your family .. your well being ...and your family well being . there is nothing I can do to stop this type of behavior , and I can't blame you for stopping .. Just know you have enrich my life, and I thank you for all the things you have done. You have my email man ... You know I care and love you ... although the blog is way for me to stay in touch. We have other ways ...... Fuck you Anonymous Fuck you alot ........hope you stay in touch Ryan , So Ryan whatever you do .. know I am behind you .. Love Lee

  7. Carl Says:

    Do what you have to do because you want to, not because you feel some asshole is making you do it.

    From your past jobs you know you are going to be surrounded by assholes and this never will stop. You just need to learn to deal with it.

    Also, why do you let people who you don't even know affect you so much. Why even react to them? Fuck em, they are not worth your time.

    I respect your decision to do what you have to do because it is your blog. I just worry when you are changing your life because of people you don't even know.

    You will be missed.

  8. Octavius Says:

    Dude, i'm not going to tell to rethink..., i'm not really fond of repetition, but I will say this. Since I found you and your brother, my own little slice of the world got a little brighter.

    Don't get me wrong, we all have our off days. I do understand that you, to a extent. where your heart on your sleeve, and do a lot of "Shooting from the hip". But to let this effect you so much..., why?

    I know you feel strongly about Ty and take an insult to him, as if it was one to yourself..., but you need to just let it go. Like someone else said, there will always be assholes in this world, and only some of them are there for fun.

    Anyone who knows you and Ty, completely understand why said those things. Kinda like a dose, to tell us how he really is. To tell you the truth, I have no problem with it..., especially the helping part, that's just what families do for each other, and there's nothing wrong with that!

    You gotta do what you gotta do mate. I know if you do decide to quit that I will miss you, and I hope you don't mind me sending you the odd email from time to time. I do hope you change your mind, but in the end it is your decision.

    Courage and Honour!


  9. Anonymous Says:

    I urge you to continue with this blog. Sure there are hateful people that have nothing better to do than troll and sling arrows, but who cares? It's your blog. Delete the BS posts. But be aware that some criticism is helpful when it is constructive and heartfelt - like this: please use a spellchecker!!!! Lazy spelling habits drive me crazy!!! Please reconsider your decision, and I wish your brother a speedy recovery.

    Note: I always post as anon when responding to non-professional (read: not work-related) blogs.

  10. Ron Says:

    Ryan please do'nt do this. I'm a fairly new follower and i followed after hearing about your brother, knowing that you'll have updates here.

    You seriously -- seriously -- should not even give such people a second thought. The first thing I'd do upon hearing that a comment is most likely from a hater, is to delete it. There is no place for hate comments here. Your brother is going through a tough time, and it sure sounds like Anonymous knows nothing about Foley catheters, otherwise he'll realize just how truly uncomfortable they are. I've had 3 open-heart surgeries myself and i'm only 21, and so I know exactly how miserable your brother may have felt the past month in ICU.

    I hope you change your mind and decide to stay. My advice would be to completely IGNORE hate comments and delete them upon realizing they are in fact hate comments. The moment you read stuff that's hating on you, delete it don't even bother reading it to the end.

    Do not let "Anonymous" put you down. I have a feeling you're just really angry at him/her and made a sudden decision to withdraw from blogging altogether. Calm down a bit, and I hope you come back

    Take care


  11. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Ryan wrote: "To this Anonymous and all others that didn't have the balls to leave your name got 2 words for ya
    FUCK YOU!"

    Uhhh, what was YOUR name again? Ryan, is it? Ryan...what? Just Ryan, huh? Hey, I put my full name on my blog. I've even published my real phone number for people to contact me if they have a beef (no one has EVER called). And like you, I chastise those who leave whiny, immature, anonymous comments. But don't you find it just the teensiest bit ironic that you call someone out for not leaving his name on your blog when YOU don't even leave your name on your blog? Hey, here's a thought: fuck YOU, you anonymous prick!

    I honestly don't know why so many people kiss your ass here. Maybe it's because you're young and these perverts get some sort of visceral thrill out of imagining you and your lover and your teenage brother parading around your house in the nude all the time. Or maybe it's because people simply enjoy watching a train wreck. And boy, you sure are!

    But you know what? I have to agree with "Anonymous." And I'll add that in addition to being immature and self-absorbed, you come across as very shallow. You insult our collective intelligence by not even trying to write in a comprehensible manner. Every post of yours is an effort to decipher. Middle school kids put more effort into their writing than you.

    You're probably a good kid, "Ry-ry." But you're WAAAYYYY too full of yourself, and your exaggerated feelings of importance on this planet are, frankly, annoying.

    If you give up blogging, I wish you well. But I will not miss this blog one little bit. I've watched my share of train wrecks in my day. And when they're all cleaned up and everything is over, we shrug and walk away.

    So I guess this is Dr. Panhandle Bob saying "sayonara!"

    (P.S. I hope Ty makes a full and speedy recovery.)

  12. Jack Ward Says:

    Oh, 'Panhandle', despite your attempt at sounding so educated and 'above-it-all', "Dr." indeed, lol, you are blatantly, and quite ignorantly revealing yourself in your accusations. I have no doubt that there are quite a few readers of Ryan's blog who read it to spur their fantasies (more power to them), but few of them are as self-hating as you to post such a comment.

    Ryan, I have never commented before but wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed following your life, and more recently, your little brother's as well. I think you have brought more help to people then you will probably ever know. My only humble advice is similar to our Italian friend above.... ponder it for awhile and if you still decide to end your blog, I think in the long run you will be happier if you reconsider the note you are leaving on...

  13. jimm Says:

    I would suggest moving to Gaywatch.

    Actually, Ryan has provided a full name in his own private way.

    There are plenty of good reason not to share complete identity on-line. Anyone who doesn't know this, must be quite ignorant.

    And I googled panhandle's handle. Nothing came up. ???

    Blogs are for ppl to write or share whatever they want. There are no rules other than those restrictions set by the website owner, such as Blogger.

    And I might add, I write plenty of garbage on my own site.

  14. Just Says:

    To Bob:
    I think it funny how you going pointing fingers, and knocking Ryan down. What you just though people should read what you feel. You’re in this for nothing more than to cause pain and harm. What you can do this enough with you own. You have to reach out. I never will get people like you. You are not worth my time. Just know nobody gives a shit what you say or never will. What we get from Ryan you will never see and I can see why!!!! Your too busy judging I do know one thing in life , tragic things happen to us all! We all get sick, we all have bad thing to deal with .. your time will come . We don’t ask for them! But no one is excluded. Why would you throw that in someone face. What you like making people mad, and upset. Causing pain… what makes you feel bigger, and more powerful … and wait forget your are better too … Fuck you. Also why does everything have to be sexual with you people. Can’t you look past a person and see the real person a friend ( you have to turn something or someone views that you don’t like or is different into something devious. When there is nothing there…. (something got to be wrong, let’s make it worse than it sounds ) … This is a fucking blog , where he can let lose, and let things out . His thoughts, his views, so you don’t fucking agree with them. What you think right all the time… give me a freaking break. What is sad is you are judging someone and causing grief to them for nothing more than your pleasure… who is the sick devious fuck really ? So run along … Bob…. Get off on someone else… your not wanted or needed here… we see you and what you really are. Your game is up … BTW I tried to find your blog .. but your link doesn’t work.

    Ryan the best thing you can do man is deleted this …. You’re way better person , this is just some self righteous person that just wants to bring you down…. Not going to say what I really think he is …

    Rather you stay or go Ryan it a personal choice, one I will respect … but most people are not like this and want to build you up not tear you down. I suggest just forwarding this crap in the trash …
    Blog or not Blog
    Ty come home Man… I am thrilled you are getting better
    Ryan you are better than this ….we known better. I having been blessed to been able to get to know you. Nobody else views his views…. Thanks Ryan for allowing me to be able to reach out to you … Wish you strength, peace, and happiness… and health… and Always will ….
    Love Lee .

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I can't really add much more than the good things that have already been said baring Dr Panhandle [don't think it sounds like a real name anyway].
    Along with the many others I would be real sad if you no longer blogged, you have blogged for so long so we know you are a surviver - you have never let these haters win before which is why they are jumping in while you are down and at your most vunerable moment. There a way more people that care and love you here than a the few haters that seem to just survive so they can rock good kind peoples boats.And from this animal lover I'd like to give you what I consider a compliment that I give very few people - you know enough about dogs that you will have seen that they are mostley great judges of character - they really pick up on bad vibes some people give of and these haters could never win the unconditional love your dogs - or for that matter any dogs - give you and in my book that is a real big thing.
    Regards Stef.

    PS Hope Ty is doing ok.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Panhandle Bob

    So many times I've wanted to comment back to one of your idotic comments you've made in the past but Ryan has always stopped me and said just let it go. Probably 95% of your comments you've ever made have been negative. You say you wont mess Ryans blog but obviously you will cause you visit regularly.

    All the times you've commented on here I've never seen a link to your so called blog you have with your full name and phone number on it. If you had been paying attention you would have seen Ryan's last name on his facebook before he deleted it today. Also if you wasn't such a fucking Scrooge you could have traded Christmas cards with Ryan and seen his last name on the card.

    Then you criticize Ryans readers calling them perverts but yet your a regular visitor also wow talk about 2 faced people. In the future if you get the urge to make stupid comments on other peoples blogs just take a extra dose of meds dude cause I think your really a nut job.

    If you knew anything about Ryan at all you wouldn't say he's so full of himself which is the exact opposite of what he is so again extra meds ok.

    What really pisses me off about you is your picking on his grammer just like a bully would in school which no doubt you was. Just for the record Ryan realizes his writing is bad so good going on making him feel more self consicous about it. He's lived with wearing hearing aids since before he was a teenager, use to not wear them cause of bullies like you. As a result he didn't hear words like the rest of us do. So he misspells some things, thanks for reminding him of it you prick.

    One last thing take your phony get well wishes for Ty and turn them sideways and stick them up you ass good Dr.

    Mike (can't remember my signin info) Pierce

  17. Anonymous Says:


    Dr. Panhandle Bob You do not have
    to come to this blog...You
    obviously like to think of my sons
    in the nude or you would not be
    on here yourself...I am on here
    to protect my children and to make
    sure that they do NOT make the
    same mistakes as before...You
    have been like this for a long
    while now and I would really
    appreciate it if you would back
    off my son...Yeah he has had a lot
    of problems in his life, he is
    one very loving young man that
    would give up everything for some
    body else to be happy...THAT IS
    As for his REAL NAME...RYAN is his
    REAL NAME! As for his FULL NAME
    the only ones that need to know
    it DO KNOW IT!
    If you are so unhappy with your
    life that you have to come down on
    my son YOU need to GET A LIFE!



  18. ryan field Says:

    Hey Ryan...

    Wow. The trolls are out in full force this week. If I told you how many I get on my blog that I never show anyone, you'd be amazed. And even with comment moderation, it I know how you feel.

    As a long time follower of your blog, I hope you don't let them get to you. But if you do stop, I totally understand why. I feel like I've watched you grow up here and I'll miss you. But you have to do what you have to do.

    I just hope that if you do stop blogging, it doesn't mean we can't still be friends otherwise. I would really, really, really miss you!! No one makes me laugh like you can. I have a lot of friends that I see all the time. I have a really busy full life off the internet. But it would be the same without you!!

  19. Hey Ryan,

    holy hell, more of these assholes. Don't let them get to you ryan. You are an awesome individual and no one on this blog kisses your ass. I can speak for myself when I say I love ya like my best bud and brother. Hell we both share the same mother lol. Just ignore these assholes who spend their time hurting others for their own pleasure. Your life is your own and you can do with it how you like. If someone does not like what you say or do then they can just "not comment" and leave you alone. People who take their time hurting others are just losers and don't deserve a computer.

    I hope everything will get well for your brother. I havent been online in awhile due to my own batch of issues but I do want to let you know that I do read your posts. I love reading about you and your life, kadin, and your family. You lead such an interesting life and you are such an interesting person that you always are amazing me with how amazing, you are.

    Keep being yourself and you will continue to be loved by those who truely love ya.

    Send me a message on myspace sometime. I miss chatting with ya. I hope your brother gets better and I hope you and kadin are safe n warm during this winter season.

    Talk to you later my friend.

    Love n Peace,

  20. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Oh please. Blah blah blah. You idiots think you know me any more than you "know" Ryan? Sheesh. Yes, I read this blog - been reading since he was with the "love of his life, his souuuuuulllllmmaaaaate" Mikey. Heh, see how long *that* lasted! Ryan is a train wreck. And yeah, I admit that I come here for the entertainment of watching it happen. The drinking, the partying, the car crashes...all fairly typical young kid shit.

    But it's just a BLOG, people. I shouldn't have to try to find Ryan on his FB to find his last name. If he wanted to divulge it here, he would. But he didn't. So criticizing those who read his blog for not publishing their name is a little, how you say, immature.

    I care little about Ryan's hearing problem. Does this prevent him from reading? You don't have to hear well to learn good grammar and sentence structure. (Oh, and grammar is spelled with an "a" for those of you who didn't pay attention in junior high.)

    I did not publish a link to my own blog. My real name is not "Dr. Panhandle Bob," although it *is* Bob and I do live in the panhandle. Which, come to think of it is just about as much as Ryan admits right here. My blog has nothing to do with any of you. If you were in my field you'd probably be reading it already.

    This blog is not a private club, although I'm sure some of you wish it were. It's a public forum in which the author periodically makes a fool of himself in front of his peanut gallery of ass-kissers. Heh. All blogs are like that, actually! Yes, even mine. If you "put yourself out there" in public, as Ryan has done, then you have got to expect feedback. Some of that feedback, you will probably not like. Meh- life's tough, suck it up. Not everyone's gonna love you.

    Ryan, I wish you well, dude. But the fact that you've left this blog up just so you can get all the "We love you! Don't go!" messages is...sorta...I dunno...self-serving. If you were really going to kill the blog you would've (and could've!) done so by now. When will you take the blog down...when the comments get to 50? 60?

    Good luck with your drama-filled life. I truly do hope Ty will be okay in the long run. He's obviously gay, so you better start being a better role model than you have so far. That said, I will leave you with just four words of advice: Grow up.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Ryan & Ty, first of all thanks for all the joy and enjoyment both of you have brought to many lives, including my own. I certainly hope you'll look at the support generated here rather than the negitive crap that has been posted by a VERY few, and that you'll change your mind and realize that you are LOT bigger person than these bigoted, mental pigmys are. You're very angry right now, and rightfully so, but remember that if you shut down, these assholes win! You and I exchanged Christmas cards and yours held a cherished place on my mantle until long after Christmas - why? Because unlike Panhandle Bob and the other anonymous yahoos, you're a real person who took the time to do something really nice for someone else. Please remember that it's impossible to please everyone, especially in these days of political correctness. I don't understand how these haters can justify going onto a blog they don't like and then criticising it - it's like not voting and bitching about the government! So PLEASE don't give up and let these small-minded dimwits win, they aren't worth it.

    To Panhandle Bob,
    Gee, I don't think using this lame name qualifies as using your real name. Well, come to think about it, there probably aren't more than 2 or 3 MILLION Bobs in this country are there? Silly me. You're the type of person who would kick a person when he's down (like you just did) and get your rocks off by reading your name in print. That's right, get your rocks off.... coz that's the type of thing sickos like you do. You've really hurt a very good friend of mine, and if I knew where you lived, I'd come over, tear off your head and shit down your throat - and that's too good for you, to be honest. How about doing us all a favor and leaving Ryan & Ty and the rest of us who enjoy his blog alone.... better still, go stack some beebees on the freeway or something constructive, because you have NOTHING to offer on this or any other blog that belongs to a decent human being like Ryan.

    AZ Denny

  22. sillyboi Says:

    Unfortunately Ryan has delted his myspace and facebook page. Still Panhandle Bob continues to come on here and harrass a good friend of mine I have known for a very long time. Yet he refuses to even give his blog name or his blog address and still refuses to give his real name and phone #. Hide behind a screen and act like a coward like you are. I have known Ryan's last name for some time, if he 1. wanted the world to know it he would have published it. 2nd is out of privacy for his family did you ever think that he did it for them after all what his father does for a living I could see why he hasnt published it. I cant say enough for Ryan and his family. If he shall keep it private then let him keep it private. But least he doesnt keep his first name private unlike you PanHandle Bob.

    I have a feeling Ryan's blog might be up till the end of the month and I am sure it will disappear. Call it a gut feeling but if i know him like i know him, it will disappear. Ryan knows that I am there for him regardless oh his blog. His true friends know his last name, but to come out and publicly attack him over something he had no control over, that makes you worse than scum. You belong to be with the other scum, in the bottom of a fish tank with the fish crap that you are. Just because someone is different than yourself, does that give you the right to chastize them over it. No. I have fought ass holes like you panhandle Bob. All the way to the state senate. In courts and everything else but yet here you stand starting your drama filled life and spilling it with hateful comments on a good friend of mine. You have cooked your goose and you have gotten your wish of someone who is true closing his blog down, and for what reason. So you can get your laughter out of it. I see you laughing now sitting behind your computer monitor hidden in a shroud of secretcy. Patting yourself on your back giving yourself 2 thumbs up. Well take those thumbs and shove them up your ass.

    Ryan I wish you and your family well.. I will contact you as soon as I know I can.

  23. Jeremy Says:

    I'm shocked and dismayed at the amount of hate being given to this blogger when he's in the middle of a family crisis. It's clear to me that these anonymous haters have no conscience to speak of.

    I wish you and your family the best, Ryan.

  24. Jack Ward Says:

    Ryan, please find solace in the fact that it is not "haters" but one single, loser.... "Dr." Bob.... wow, kind of like "Dr." Laura....

  25. naturgesetz Says:

    @ Dr. Panhandle Bob — There is no need for anybody who blogs to give his full name and address and phone number. And there can be valid reasons for somebody not to. But for you to come on here and make a big deal of it and then not to give full information about yourself HERE shows that you are a complete phony and a troll.

    So either tell us here and now who you are — full name and location — and and give us the title and url of your claimed blog, or be self-exposed as the biggest coward and phony who has posted here.

    Ryan, he won't tell us who he really is. The delete button was made for trolls like "Dr. Panhandle Bob." It's just too bad you let people like him get to you.

  26. jimm Says:

    Only those who have hearing loss really understand it, the isolation, the stares, the harrasment, the constant frustration.

    You come to realize that ppl don't want to be bothered by the xtra effort needed to communication.

    You become exhaustd from constantly trying to pay attention, trying to catch just one word, one single word that might clue you in on the conversation so you can participate, and feel like a part of the human race.

    All day long, every single minute, youre on edge. You become tired. Your speech becomes slurred. Because thats the way you hear the words, slurred. Then ppl cant understand what youre saying. they think youre stupid.

    It takes the life out of you.

    Then you start beleiving all those crazy doubts inside your head.

    "I'm not as good as everyone else. I'm not as smart. Im not important."

    You end up feeling left behind.



    And tomorrow...

    you start all over again.

  27. itsalledd Says:

    Don't let these fools who can't even show their faces think they won. You are doing something that you enjoy and they hate the fact that it makes you happy. Like you said, FUCK THEM! Your true followers know you're a kind, gentle, good hearted person. Forget those haters, they're shit!

  28. Jimmy Says:

    Dear Dr. Cartoon Character,

    Normally, I wouldn't waste my time on something like you - but the truth is - I have an imp living inside of me and sometimes I CAN'T CONTROL HIM!

    As you sit in the dimly lit basement of your mother's house; In your dirty boxer shorts and torn undershirt; I ask you: Have you ever had someone/something to love or ever had someone/something love you? No? Oh, how awful. And I guess you're wondering why no one comes and rents video cassettes from you anymore as well. Hmmm.

    A sad state of affairs isn't it, Dr. Cartoon Character?

    As a scholarly gentleman, I won't insult your match book education by asking for some basic human decency. No sir, wouldn't think of it.

    What I will ask, Dr. Cartoon Character is this: Once you're done masterbating for the seventh time today, could you please go out to the interstate (which I'm sure mom's house is adjacent to) lie down and wait. Don't move, just lie down and wait...

    The little imp inside of me is COMING TO GET YOU, MOTHERFUCKER!

    ~Jimmy (last name withheld for fear you'll end up in MY basement)

    P.S. To the rest of you, please don't fear the imp. He's really quite friendly - and cuddly too! He and I both wish everyone (including Dr. Cartoon Character's mother) peace, health & happiness! Get well Ty. Chill Ry. Bye-Bye!

  29. Dzyan Says:

    Whoa, seems dogs and cats started raining in here at the comments, so sorry for people that just likes to offend people like you and your family, I do apologize on their behalf because some people just can´t make others feel miserable enough.

    I don´t blame you if you´ve stopped reading for comments, hope this gets to you tho, gotta start paying deaf ears to those kinds of comments, taking them THAT personally, is just too much, I mean even if someone reads your blog he doesn´t really know who you are, I will not tell you not to stop posting, I would do it too if I felt as insulted as you, but you shouldn´t let those words get to you. I know you´re going through a really stressful time, but you´ve gotta stop reacting that way, people will talk, they always do, can´t help it, but you don´t have to care about what they talk about.

    Also I know you care for people, and caretakers get tired too, and who takes care of them? well loved ones of course.

    Listen, I wish you didn´t stop doing what makes you happy but I guess by now all the fun is gone, my only real wish now is you don´t feel bad, ok? I send you a huge hug and don´t leave with the thought that all ppl around here are assholes, some of us do care, for you and your family we care, so if this is a farewell I only want you to live the rest of your life in happiness knowing that if you ever need anything, I´m here for you all.


  30. justaguynatl Says:

    Ryan, fuck anonymous! From someone who has had to wipe his disabled mother's butt after she pooped, I have the greatest respect for you and your dedication and compassion. You're a great brother just doing what you have to do.

    By blogging about all the "glamorous" details of your life, no matter whether it's right or wrong, you are putting yourself out there for critics to judge. It takes a very courageous person to expose himself so openly.

    No one understands you or your life. They don't walk in your shoes. They only read what your write and and react with there own misguided prejudices.

    I certainly hope you will reconsider quitting. You have a lot of people that comment on a regular basis, but I'm sure there are a lot more like me that tend to never comment...there are so many people that enjoy reading about your trials and tribulation and would really miss you if you quit.

    What the hell would fucking anonymous do if his brother was in the same situation. What fucking idiot. I want to shove a catheter up his dick and then pump it up until his head pops like a zit.

  31. ryan,
    dude look you have heard it all. we enjoy your blog and hope you dont go. if you must you must, but just maybe there is another way. what about making it more restricted to those of us who truly enjoy it? i know ive not been around long but i think it would be a shame to let the assholes win. youve been doing this so long you have family out here. well best wishes to you and your fam esp ty also my love to yall

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    It would be a great pity if you deleted this blog because reading about your life has given me the courage to face up to some truths in my own life. Thank you for being such a great honest guy. You have to remember that the world is made up of some sick, nasty losers and you cant let them dictate how you live your life.

    Dr. Panhandle Bob - FUCK YOU

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan - don't let those fuckers get to you. You're having a hard time at the moment with your brother being in hospital, but I reckon your blogging has brought you friends and it would be a shame to lose that.

    So one suggestion: switch comment moderation on, and hit delete as soon as you see the first words of shit from some hater or panhandle bob's name. Delete delte delete. Then take your time and read the comments from your good friends properly.

    yeah, I'm anon as well, but I'm at work at the moment...

  34. JerreB Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I only started reading blogs around Christmas and yours was one of the first ones I found and through your site I found Ty's. I enjoyed your honest writing style so much that I went back and read most of the last 3 years of posts. In that short time I feel that I got to know you extremely well. Oddly enough I probably read pieces of 100s of different blogs - most of which I didn't care for their writing style, personality or what they had to say. Of course I just stopped reading them and never felt the need to comment.

    Like you said, I knew immediately that Ty was getting better when you posted about the catheter. Sometimes it is the little things that really tell you how someone is doing.

    As far as the bullies who are commenting, that is what they are - bullies. Just like the ones on the schoolyard, they feel better about themselves only when they are bringing someone else down.

    My best to you, Ty and your family. I hope that I can continue to follow your life through the blog. If I can't you will be missed.


  35. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Oh dear, oh dear! Such hatred! Such...anonymous...hatred. Don't ANY of you folks get the irony behind your comments? Some of ye are quite daft! Take Natursegetz:

    "There is no need for anybody who blogs to give his full name and address and phone number. And there can be valid reasons for somebody not to. But for you to come on here and make a big deal of it and then not to give full information about yourself HERE shows that you are a complete phony and a troll."

    Actually sweetie, it was RYAN who first made a big deal about some anonymous commenter (which wasn't me, by the way). At which I had to laugh: An anonymous blogger criticizing someone for making an anonymous comment. How precious!

    Oh, then there's this winner, this "Dzyan." To Ryan, he writes:
    "I don´t blame you if you´ve stopped reading for comments, hope this gets to you tho, gotta start paying deaf ears to those kinds of comments..."

    You know, considering Ryan's hearing problem, making a "deaf ears" comment is just cruel! You people consider yourselves FRIENDS of Ryan? And then one of you makes a comment like that?? Good God!

    For the record, I haven't said anything "hateful" to Ryan. I just agree with some other readers, that Ryan seems pretty immature. But some of you commenters sure have tossed a bunch of hate my way! ...Which is doubly ironic when you - in the very same breath - criticize people for being haters. Hellloooooo! Can't have it both ways, people.

    Oh, and you guys might keep in mind, Ty didn't die. On January 7th (3 weeks ago!), he was hurt bad in a dirtbike accident, which *probably* was his own fault unless the bike failed due to some manufacturing defect. Or maybe a drunken deer jumped out in front of him in the woods? (Hey Ry-ry, was Ty-ty even wearing a helmet?) Look, Ty will recover. So it's not like Ryan is in mourning. His brother got hurt is all: he'll live. (So much for "kicking him when he's down.") Ryan, your brother's gonna be okay- so cut the drama.

    And dear Lord! For the FINAL time, my name is Bob. I live in the Florida panhandle. (No, I'm not a doctor.) I have a blog, really! If you found it and read it you would know my full name, email address and the town I live in. But I don't publish that stuff here. WHAT?!?! HOW DARE YOU!!! Why not???? Well, why should I? Ryan doesn't the way...NEITHER DO ANY OF YOU WHO ARE CRITICISING ME!!! Hey, just as soon as the owner of THIS blog makes that information public (in his profile or other semi-permanent place), then I will gladly share mine. Until then, you can all kiss my...well, you know.

    Got that? Are we clear now? Thank you and good day.

  36. Billy Says:

    I feel sorry for the sad and bitter people who seem to seek out opportunities to gain satisfaction by being harsh and unkind. I feel even more sorry for the people who share their lives and must live with this life-sapping negativity every single day.

    As for the accusations of us being perverts, methinks thou doth protest too much.

    Thanks, Ryan, for sharing your journey. All the best to you and your brother.

  37. elise Says:

    Dear Ryan--1st--your other blog friends have expressed my own feelings very well, about the value of your blog, how special you are, and what an asshole coward Dr Panhandle and the other hatemongers are.

    So of course I hope you'll continue, but I understand if you've just had enough. You and I will stay in touch by e-mail, but i will still miss your blog very much!

    I'm glad you posted the comments from Dr Panhandle so we could see exactly how sick this person is, and tell him that. What a sad life he must have, to feel the need to spew so much hatred and nastiness. He sure hasn't gotten any of the wonderful messages from your blog, like encouraging us to love and take care of each other, and fight for basic civil rights for all people, and to try and make the world a better place.

    So, I wish Ty a continued good recovery, and, as usual, send my love and hugs to you and Kadin and Mikey and Ty and all of your family.

  38. (Dr.) Panhandle Bob Says:

    "Dear Ryan--1st--your other blog friends have expressed my own feelings very well, about the value of your blog, how special you are, and what an asshole coward Dr Panhandle and the other hatemongers are."

    Hmm. So, elise, *I* am an "asshole coward" for not posting my full name but Ryan is not?? How does THAT work?

    Criticism is not always hate, sweetie. Just because someone does not agree with you, it does not mean they are "sick." And hey, some would say that having naked, gay pool parties at which there was a TEENAGE BOY in attendance was "sick." Oh, but it's Ry-ry, so it's okay, eh? Puh-leeze. Or come to think of it, maybe the word should be, "POLICE!" Maybe we should get Ry-ry charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. Just what goes on in that little den of iniquity in Tampa, anyways? I probably don't want to know, but maybe the Florida DCF or CPS would!

  39. icharus Says:

    you have an important voice that inspires lots of people, and makes people look at your ideas and beliefs in new and enlightening ways.

    i sympathize completely, as i've dealt with the anon types. there are angry, bitter people like him everywhere who believe the world owes them happiness that they'll never find within themselves. heartless, hopeless cowards who take pride in getting people like you to respond by going away.

    do what's best for you and your family, but you've put a lot into this and you deserve better than to exit on these terms. maybe make the blog private for a while.

    still praying for you, your brother and family, and that will continue regardless.

  40. icharus Says:

    one other note: if ever decide to start another blog, you actually dont have to allow anonymous posting of comments. i don't use blogspot myself so i don't know the setting, but i'm sure it's fairly straightforward.

    lots of other bloggers require you to post a name or even use a google account, and it seems to have a healthy self-selecting effect, and deter trolls from lurking and looking for opportunities to rattle your cage in a difficult moment. in reality most of them don't even care enough about what they're saying to take the time to set up a fake gmail account.

  41. Panhandle, or whatever you care to designate yourself. Kindly learn to display a modicum of human decency and cease bullying people who are vulnerable. Your vain attempts to pass yourself off as an intellectual are ridiculous, I used to verbally destroy people like you when I was 12. If you really wish to be taken seriously find the courage to drop the cloak of anonymity and face people honestly.

  42. Dr. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Old Midhurstian said:
    "Panhandle, or whatever you care to designate yourself. Kindly learn to display a modicum of human decency and cease bullying people who are vulnerable. Your vain attempts to pass yourself off as an intellectual are ridiculous, I used to verbally destroy people like you when I was 12. If you really wish to be taken seriously find the courage to drop the cloak of anonymity and face people honestly."

    Sorta like you just did, Midhurstian?

    I "prefer" to call myself "Bob." It's a name, just like "Ryan." Only shorter.

    You people make me laugh. You call for Ryan to require log-ins or google accounts or whatever. If he did that, 99% of your kiss-ass posts would never be seen because all of you are too worried about protecting your identities to EVER post your real names. HAHAHAHAHAH!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    There are two things here in Texas
    that people do NOT do...
    ONE is nobody messes with Texas
    and the most important one is
    OF A TEXAS MOM!!!!! So now I say
    STAY AWAY...If Ryan's friends
    want to be there for him then let
    them! Nobody wants to 'find' your
    blog, nobody wants to 'chat' with
    you, nobody wants to leave comments
    for you...Just go the fuck away...
    Please and thank you...
    We do have our manners here...

    Ryan's Texas Mom LAURIE!

  44. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Dear me. Everyone's a tough guy on the internet, eh? Even the girls! Well, even the girls from Texas, but we understand why that is so, don't we ;)

    Laurie wrote: "We do have our manners here..."

    ...Except maybe for you, honey. You're not his actual mother, are you, Laurie? Just his "Texas mom," whatever that means? Does it mean his mother in Atlanta is not his "real" mother? Why does this have to be so cornfuzing? Well whatevah. Don't get your panties in a wad, sweetie, nobody is going to harm Ryan. And I have no intention of "messing" with you in any way (but thanks for the threat!). Any state that would give us the likes of George W. Bush is definitely full of people I'd rather stay far, far away from.

    Heck, I'd bet even Ry-ry would agree with me-me on that-that!

    We seem to have strayed a bit from the original topic. Let's recap! There is this guy who calls himself "Ryan" who says he lives *somewhere* in Florida. This is all we know about him. But he maintains a blog in which he rants about the things that piss him off, and he writes about his big gay parties and parading around in the nude in front of God and everyone including teenage boys. And it so happens that this "Ryan" (if that is even his real name) is angry at some "anonymous" poster being critical of him.

    He's "Ryan." I'm "Bob." You're "Laurie." You have just as much credibility here as I do - which is to say, NONE. You're just as anonymous as I am, missy, so stuff the indignant, self-righteous BS, mm-kay? Not to mention the oh-so-scary internet threats. (Should I call the Internet Police about that?)

    Aren't you all glad we got that squared away?

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Grow up Bob...Get a life...


  46. Matt Says:

    I'm sorry your having such a crazy time with the psyco trolls on the web.

    Bob I normally don't respond to other people's stupid comments, but why are you so determined for Ryan to post his full name and his phone number?.. Your asking for them is the exact reason why you will NEVER get them.. Just like Ryan I don't deal well with online stalkers.

    Sorry to hear about your Facebook and Myspace, but maybe clearing off people will turn out to be a blessing in disguise as maybe you can start a new one and try to keep it for people that you know, we can talk about my facebook strategy sometime if you'd like.

    As much as I would hate to see your blog disappear that is a personal decision that only you can make, and you definitely don't deserve to be treated like shit the way that some of your readers have been treating you lately.

    Just be strong and hang in there and with time hopefully all the drama will pass.