Captive Whale Kills One More SeaWorld Trainer

I bet ya'll could have guess what today's post was going to be about. What happen in Orlando at Sea World should have never happen. Before I start preaching I want to say I'm guilty of supporting Sea World I've takin my Sister there a few times she wanted to see the show how could I tell my baby Sister no. I should have explain to her why and not take her but I didn't. I have in the past told her why we don't go to the circus but yet I didn't say anything about Sea World. I'm not coming down on Sea World but keeping killer whales like they do is wrong and they know it. I've said many times on this blog animals are not put here for our entertainment. I want to send prayers out to Dawn Brancheau family and friends. Click on pic for the full story.

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3 Responses
  1. elise Says:

    I agree, Ryan, and it is so horrible that the trainer had to lose her life.

    There are wildlife preservation centers that study sea mammals, but just as scientific endeavors, without the entertainment portion. We need to support them!

  2. Ryan
    I think what impresses me most is the way you've maintained perspective here. I share your distaste for seaworld but you've kept sight of the fact that this is a tragic loss of a human life. I wish more people would find that balance.

    I can't find it in me to criticise you for not explaining about Seaworld to your little sister, in your place I would have done the same thing.


  3. ryan field Says:

    So sad...all the way around.

    I love to watch the whales in Provincetown. But they are free and on their own. And for me it's more entertaining than going to a place like sea world.