Oh Johnny Weir

For those who don't know who Johnny Weir is he's an American Olympic skater. Last month he wore fur in one of his flamboyant costumes. Not fake fur but real fur I know bad taste on him. I let it be thought he will see he was wrong and make it right. Seems like Johnny don't know how to play nice he issued a pro-fur rant, saying he loves "wearing dead animals" What a stupid thing to say! I got to thinking why he would say this well according to him it's because of death threats from animal rights activists dubbed crazy fur people by Johnny. He also upset he had to stay in the village with the other athletes in Vancouver instead of a hotel all cause he was in fear he claims. He said "I don't want any outside influences to hurt my chances here. Even though I'm not always comfortable rooming with somebody or being in a communal village sort of situation, it's what I've got to deal with." You can read it all here Johnny Not So Good.I personally want to say this I'm not a skater far from it. I wanted to give him the benefit waiting thinking he would see fake fur could work just as well as real. I thought maybe he would change but I guess not. Before anybody that comes on here and starts the oh back off I'm picking cause he's gay. All my loyal readers knows that has nothing to do with it at all. Were talking about animal fur here and trust me they need there fur more than we do. Yes I work with a few different animal groups and yes one of them is Peta. But before you start clowning me for that understand this I don't always agree with Peta and they know that. But when it comes to fur I agree with them 100% and I think Johnny is trying to draw attention to him any way he can. To bad he can't just skate and get the attention he needs. I offer you this challenge Johnny you like your fur so much you like wearing dead animal you said well how about you wear nothing but that fur down any main street in America for your cause and I will wear totally nothing down that same street for my cause. I doubt you would ever do that someone who hides behind fur sure would be scared to be seen naked!Yesterday's Post about the death penalty I got some good comments and emails. One email I got was from a Father Mac and his assistant Dianne. They both very nice people and there helping this guy on death row I'm still talking with them and going over some info on this guy. I told them I have an open mind and will look at all the facts and decide for myself on if I think this guy is guilty or innocent. I also told them I was going to do a post and put the facts out for you to go over and decide also. So look for that post coming this weekend sometime. Please for those that have time do some research and look at all you can and let me know what you think. I will post my thoughts also on this case but I don't want you to agree with me without looking at all the facts and research.

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  1. ryan field Says:

    I don't like the fur thing. Actually, I think it's creepy. My mother wears fur, but says it's okay because she bought them before we knew how the animals were treated. But I tell her that no one knows when she bought it. We've argued about it a few times. Once I even refused to go somewhere with her because she was wearing a fur coat.

    But I have to say, even though I don't agree with this guy on fur, I think he looks really sexy in the high heels :)

  2. ryan field Says:

    PS: Ryan, I'm loving all these new posts. You're giving me info I normally wouldn't get and I love that.

  3. Ryan
    Only very shallow people would accuse you of using the gay thing as an excuse for picking on Johnny. The simple fact is that fur is wrong and his excuses are lame at best. Like you I'm no great fan of skating but that's not the point is it? Fur on anything but the animal it grew on is wrong and no amount of rationalisation is going to change that.

    I've never worn fur because it's always seemed creepy and unpleasant as well as immoral. Before anyone asks, by the way, I don't wear leather for the same reason in fact I've just checked everything I'm wearing and none of it came from an animal, that's something I'm quite proud of.


  4. naturgesetz Says:

    I don't think it is wrong to kill animals to eat their flesh or to wear their skin or fur. I don't think it is wrong to eat animal flesh or wear animal products. I eat meat and I wear leather. If somebody else chooses not to, that's okay by me. I do think it is very wrong to threaten to kill a human being because he or she chooses to eat or wear products from dead animals, and I think it is wrong to try to force people to stop eating animal flesh or wearing animal products.

  5. jimm Says:

    is wool fur?

    ne how i figured johnnyboy isnt too bright, nor uptodate on todays issues. i mean look at him. hes jus a skater whose parents prolly pushed him hard and he never made a decision for himself. btw, as a furboy, he no longer has any market value. i mean nobody gonna dare put his face on a box of wheaties.

  6. Im not a fan of fur myself as I think wearing the fur of dead animals is gross and abit barbaric. As humans we have come a long way from wearing an animals fur. Hell, we can systhesize our own material made from fabrics to keep us warm if we are cold. Wearing a dead animal is no excuse and it shows that your love for animals only goes so far.

    I am glad you are doing this Ryan. It just shows how such an amazing, caring person you are and I applaud you.

    I wrote a new post in my blog. Care to comment like old times ^_^.

    I miss chatting with you my friend. Later beautiful