Me, Tyler & Peachtree City Fire Department

Sorry I haven't sent out an update on my brother just been busy. So let me go against my own words and do a little update on him right here. Tyler was moved yesterday from the hospital to a rehab faculty. This is a step forward even though he's not liking it right now. I'm going to be doing some volunteer work there to help him and a few others least I can do. They need help in the water therapy department and that's my speciality. He's not up to water therapy yet but a few other guys are so I can help them and still be there for Tyler. Kadin is so enjoying his vacation not liking the cold that much. He loves the farm and the horses still can't get him on a dirt bike though he is like no fucking way!Some of you have ask me how am I doing personally? Well doing much better than I was when I came here. Seeing Tyler for the first time after his accident about tore me up. I never thought in a million years I would see my brother like that and never want to see it again. I understand now how he said he felt and the look on his face when I get sick or when I crashed that car. I get it now and understand and hope never to go through it again. Speaking of my health I've been doing really good been talking my meds like the doctors want. I think having to be strong for the family also help me fight off any bad bugs that I might have picked up. Not sure how long I'll be here at least until my brother is home. Maybe run back and forth for a while mostly depends on how much time Kadin can take off from work.
I want to give a shout out to the local fire department here in town they are my heroes.Peachtree City firefighters rescued three dogs from a house fire.Ok question big fight in our house Coke or Pepsi?
Personally I'm a Coke man!
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  1. A Lewis Says:

    Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Pepsi products just don't cut it.

  2. ryan field Says:

    It's good to hear that Ty is doing better and he's now in rehab.

    Glad you're doing well, too :)

  3. naturgesetz Says:


    And I never drink "diet" anything if something else is available.

    Glad to have the news about Ty's progress. I hope it continues steadily and quickly.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Mr. Urs Says:

    Thanks for not keeping your word and reporting on the progress. It's good to hear that things move into the right direction.

    Are people in Atlanta allowed to drink Pepsi?

  5. elise Says:

    Thanks for the update, sweetie! So glad Ty has progressed enough to go to rehab----and from my own experience, hating rehab is a great incentive to work hard to get out of there!

    I love that you are volunteering again, especially with water therapy, which totally helped me recover and be able to walk again! It will be awesome when Ty can get in the water.

    And very glad Kadin has been able to spend more time up there with you!

    big hugs and love to all...

    oh, and for me it's Diet Pepsi with Lime or Pepsi One. I'll only drink Diet Coke in an emergency!

  6. JerreB Says:

    Thanks for the update, I've been hoping that things were going well. Nice to hear that Kadin has been able to come up and be with you.

    As far as the cold weather goes, I'm ready for summer myself, it's been unseasonably cold along the panhandle. Part of the reason I moved down here was to avoid freezing weather.

  7. Thanks for the Ty update, of course he hates rehab, I think you're supposed to, it's all part of the motivation.

    Oh, I don't do fizzy drinks so I can't vote on that one :)

    Take care of yourself

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So glad that Ty is doing better...
    God I miss Kadin...The bed is cold
    without him LOL!!! I know I'm crazy
    but ya loves me :)

    I think for the most part that
    Talk about unselfish people...They
    are running into places that people
    are running out of...Haltom City
    firefighters are the best too...
    They came out during the heavy
    snow we had and got my carport
    off the van...Talk about nice!
    Oh and they were HOT too...

    As for Coke or Pepsi...
    COKE!!! LOVE the burps it gives!



  9. Ron Says:

    i'm glad that things are shaping up also health-wise with your brother. rehab may be a bitch but i'm sure he's strong enough and will get through all of it, coming out just like he was before the accident

    take care


  10. Octavius Says:

    Hey mate, glad to hear you are doing well. And very good to see a more personal post again. It has been a long, and I have kinda missed it. Stay strong mate.

    Super happy to hear that Ty is doing well. I was a little concerned with that setback he had, but am glad to see that things are looking up. Though yeah I have to say, rehab blows giant monkey balls..., I never liked it either... hahahaha!! Just make sure he hangs in there.

    To be honest with you, I really miss the little fella. So this is all good news.

    Firefighters do rock! It takes a special kind of person to do that job. Bad hours, crap money, and the risk of life and limb..., yet they still do it? Remarkable.

    By the way..., COKE all the way baby! Hahahahaha!!!

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  11. jimm Says:

    Seems when ya post about something serious, like coke or pepsi, ya get lots of comments. maybe i should try that. Im green, mtn dew.

  12. Good news, especially about you.

  13. eric Says:

    Coke. No question.

  14. Noah! Says:

    I Did It! Woooh Go Me! I read your entire blog from start to finish! (over a week or two... I have a life too. Lol!) But im glad to hear you and your brother are doing well! I wish only the best for you guys!

    And, oh yea... Pepsi Alllllllll the way!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Your brother can't help but make a full recovery with you by his side.
    I drink 2 or 3 Cokes every day. I don't like the new Pepsi but the Throwback Pespsi tastes great.
    Ed the old guy.