Paul William Scott Death Row Inmate

The other day I did a post on the death penalty and why the state leave people on death row for over 20 years before they carry out the penalty. Got some good comments and even some emails. I got an email from Father Mac and his assistant Dianne. We talk back and forth for a week and they are standing behind someone who is on death row. Paul William Scott is the guy on death row in the state of Florida. They are supporting him and trying to get him off death row. I went into this death row issue with them with an open mind. I told them I would look at all the info I could and decide if I feel this is guilty or innocent. I did read all I could on Paul William Scott and I told them whatever I decided I was going to post it here and then give ya'll the same info and let you decide on you own if this guy is on death row at his own hands or should he be let go.

Father Mac & Dianne also said if any of you have question for Paul to leave it in a comment here and they would take them and ask him and he would reply. I know I have questions and I'm sure once ya'll read the info you will have questions also. I have thoughts on this topic but I don't want to give them until everyone who wants to be apart of this reads the info and give there comments. I will later this week give my thoughts on this so take your time and read all you can on this email if you like. Leave your comments on this and your questions for Paul if you have any.

You can also google info on this subject please do and let me know what you think.
3 Responses
  1. jimm Says:

    "I felt very strongly that the disparity in the sentencing was horribly unjust," he(Roth)said.

    This disparity doesn't entitle Scott to a 'get out of jail free' card, even after 30 years.

    As for Kondian, why did he get out of jail after 14 years of a 45 year sentence? I don't know Florida law, nor why it is 2nd degree murder. Is 1st degree murder for cop killers only?

    When Kondian was released, where was Father Mac and the others then? Did they protest Kondian's release?

    Anyhow, the DA's mistake is in handling Kondian's case, not Scott's case. This is where the focus should be. Also, I wonder why Kondian didn't at least get sentenced to 'life'. Again, I don't know Florida law. Did the DA offer a plea deal?

    Those supporting Scott seem only to be interested in halting the death penalty, but not in the horrendous crime. In my opinion, those people are misguiding.

    Scott and Kondian had an agenda on the night of the murder. It was planned and brutally executed. Scott had 'priors', as noted in the article. These guys are not saints.

    I am not campaigning for the death penalty, but whatever the law in Florida, Scott's sentence seems justified in this case. Kondian walking after 14 years, does not.

  2. I was unfamiliar with this case and read as much as I could---without completely straining these old eyes.....It is all very interesting and I listened to Father Mac's Video and was impressed with what he had to say.

    I do not feel I know enough about this to make any kind of truly informed opinion.

    I will say this though: I am against the Death Penalty and always have been, so just starting with that, I think, gives me pause.

    This is a very interesting subject Ryan and I commend you for writing about it.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Not many people took interest in this topic and that's ok I just told Father Mac & Dianne I would do a post on it. I was going to do a follow up post on it but I won't now not since talking up space on this topic. I want to thank Father Mac & Dianne for there time and Jimm & Old Lady from the hills for there comments.

    Me personally think this...

    I think Paul is guilty in someway in this case. Also his prior record of helping in the death of a clerk ways heavy on me. I also don't buy the IQ thing I think it's just an excuse is all. I do think Paul is a follower but still he knows right from wrong. He was smart enough to change his name legally along with other things he did before the murders.

    Also it goes to prove those who have money walk while those that don't sit on death row. One thing Dianne did talk about that got me thinking after we talked was this. Sitting on death row for 20 to 30 years isn't that a punishment not knowing is this the month or not. Good point and I guess it would be only thing that keeps going over and over in my mind is the 2 people that were killed never even got that chance to sit around for 20 or 30 years.

    I don't know I gave say its made me think more and also has open my mind that was closed on this topic.

    Anyway thanks for those that did have something to say!