Beauty of Males

Beauty of Males
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  1. Travis Says:


  2. elise Says:

    Fridays are gonna be WAY more interesting now!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Man...I wish a few certain men
    would come to my house and do that
    for me :)



    ps. Alex went back to LA...
    Sorry :(

  4. Anonymous Says:

    All I see is a black screen and the words may be restricted in your area. So, I guess Friday's I'll have to skip this my favorite blog :( Ed

  5. Panhandle Bob, Ph.D Says:

    Hot, yeah but the tats ruin it. Why, why, WHY do guys think that tattoos make them look BETTER? Sorry to break this to you, but they do not. They are not art. You are defacing your body in a permanent way that will NOT look good in 20 years, no matter what you think.

  6. Billy Says:

    Maybe so, Bob, but there comes an age when guys should keep their shirt on anyway. Tastes change, so many young guys get tattoos now that in 20 years time having a faded tatt will just be another sign of lost youth.