Something New

Make sure you check in tomorrow I have something new starting and will be on every Friday for a month. One of the sponsors on this blog ask about buying the Friday post spot for a month. First I want to say that the money is going to helping animals I don't keep any money that this blog makes. I just feel I don't want to be paid for something I like doing. Saying that I have no problem charging a little something and giving the money to help out animals. So check back into tomorrow for what they have to offer I've seen it and it's really cool and will put you in the mood for the weekend.

Yesterday my friend came and pick me up from work and he was jamming to Metallica. He said he would change the music I was like what for I like Metallica. He look at me funny and said yeah right so I do what I do and starting singing the song that was playing I think I shock him. I said I told you Iike all kinds music and I like some of there stuff. Hell I like a lot of there stuff sometimes your just in a mood and the only music that fits it is Metallica. I think he was thinking a gay boy not suppose to like that music whatever we like a lot of things!

Want to give a shot out to a cool blog check it out it's called Two Horns Child stop in and tell him hi!

Here is a Great Dog Story check it out also!

So I'll tell you have a good weekend and check out tomorrow new post and let them know if you like it!

3 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    I'll check you out tomorrow. But I would have checked you out anyway ;)

  2. Travis Says:

    i love that people get shocked when gay guys know something more than cheesy pop and techno. I surprised my friend katie(who is a lesbian, she shouldnt be shocked) when I was talking about gwar(which actually scares me lol) and i was singing along with some rock group, i cant remember who now.

    Its great when we step out of the stereotype, and people get shocked. lol


  3. Thanks for the shout out. will sure drop in to check your blog again.... Cheers