Rain Down

I'm feeling better after starting the weekend feeling shitty. I did get a shot on Saturday the doctor wanted to be safe than sorry with my immune system can't be getting sick. I didn't do much over the weekend we just kinda laid around watched movies and yes was a little nasty also. Oops don't want to upset people that read that think all I talk about is penis. Yeah got another email that told me I was sick person all I talk about is gay sex or cocks funny I didn't think I talked about them enough on here but whatever. Tyler is doing way better as most of you see with his posts. He is still being a pain in the ass fighting all us and the rehab center but least he's fighting and that's all that matters. I feel if he's fighting he's not giving up and I would never let him give up I even told him I'll get him a new bike if he stops bitching so much and just do want they want him to do.

I got another email but this one was very cool. It was from a guy named Aaron who is friends with a out artist name Vin Fischer. Aaron ask me if I could check out Vin's website and listen to him and if I liked him let ya'll know about him. Me & Kadin check Vin out and we love him! His voice is awesome and he's cute too! I like his kind of music it's different from the everyday stuff you hear reminds a little of Lifehouse and Jason Mraz with maybe a little Zac Brown mixed all together. Ya''ll know me I won't promote something if I don't like it. Check out his website I promise you will like his music also. He also has free downloads for his music Vin also has a youtube channel, facebook & myspace check them all out. He is also going on tour starting the 30th if you can stop by one of his shows and check him out live me and Kadin are going to hit either his Savannah or Columbus Georgia shows. More than likely the Savannah show so we can stay at the my parents beach house. Here is his dates if its close to you please go see him tell him you heard of him from my blog!

3/30: Wilkes-Barre, PA
3/31: Columbia, PA
4/1: Harrisburg, PA
4/3: Baltimore, MD
4/4: Virginia Beach, VA
4/5: Raleigh, NC
4/6: Charlotte, NC
4/7: Davidson, NC
4/8: Myrtle Beach. SC
4/12: Savannah, GA
4/13: Atlantic Beach, FL
4/14: Tallahassee, FL
4/15: Columbus, GA
4/16: Birmingham, AL
4/17: Huntsville, AL
4/19: Nashville, TN
4/20: Louisville. KY
4/21: Indianapolis, IN
4/27: Akron, OH
4/29: Cleveland, OH
5/3: State College, PA
5/5: Columbia, PA

I'll let ya'll know what show me and Kadin will be at for sure maybe we can meet up and have a litte party while we listen to Vin Fischer.

8 Responses
  1. Bret Says:

    Glad that your feeling better.

    I agree that as long as he is fighting that is a good sign.

    Take care!!!

  2. so cool! thanks ryan for the review of vin's work. he writes and performs all his stuff. he is such a great artist. what is so great about his music is it so comes from the heart and you can hear that in the music plus it is universal, not gay not straight, EVERYONE! so yeah check him out at one of the shows near you! again thanks ryan and it is great to hear (and see in his blog) that your brother is getting better.

  3. Vin Fischer Says:

    Ryan, thank you so much for this review, it really means a lot and will help me on my ventures. I'm glad you like the music! Looking forward to seeing you and Kadin at a show. :)

    thanks again!
    -Vin Fischer

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Glad you got that shot, and I hope it's cleared up whatever was making you feel unwell.

    Thanks for the links to Vin Fischer. I watched his videos on YouTube, and I think his lyrics are really good. And the music isn't hard to take either.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Glad everything is going well
    Crazy around here...We're on
    spring break and working on our
    back room...So ready for it to
    be done...

    I'm sticking Josh and Tyler in
    the same room and let them bitch
    at each other...Josh is bitchin
    cause I want him to do stuff around
    the house and get a job...So the
    two of them can complain at each

    Give my love to all and hope to
    talk to you soon :)



  6. So glad you're feeling better and good to hear that Ty's still being a pain in the ass.


  7. Octavius Says:

    Good to hear you are feeling better dude. Was a little worried about you. I know you probably won't, but sometimes you need to slow down a bit, let your body do it's thing..., you know?

    Tyler really seems to be coming along, which is also good news, have been really happy to see him posting again.

    As for the cock bit, I have no idea where that comes from? You don't seem to post that much about it, well no more than normal anyway.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  8. eddieh Says:

    What is Tyler blog address? Is it public again?