Doing Better

Had a up and down weekend but ended up not being that bad I guess. Let me first touch on the post below this one. About the bank and the charges I wanted to clear up that the bank don't charge 90 bucks for just 1 thing that didn't clear. I guess I should have been more clear but I didn't think I need too. Anyway there were 3 things that didn't clear because I bought a pair of jeans. Kadin had bills set up to come out at a certain time and I spent the money so when time came the bank paid the bills but charge 30 for not having the funds so that how it got up to 90. Kadin did call the bank and went to the local branch here and clear it all up and we linked our savings account to the checking so it won't happen again and the bank gave us the 90 back they charged. Also I want to make it clear it was my stupid mistake it wasn't that I didn't have the money was I used the wrong card but that won't happen again I gave that bank card to Kadin I don't even want it that card looks just like the one I have for my other account and I got confused. I am bad about paying shit I am but it's not that I don't have the money and if I didn't have all I have to do is tell Mom. Hope that clears everything up about that post.

Tyler was having a bad weekend he was fighting everyone didn't want to do his therapy. All he was wanting was to come home. I totally understand his feelings kinda been there done it just not as bad. It really got to me ya'll know I'm close with my family well my close family. Me and Tyler had a rough start but it all worked out and we've been there for each other so much. When he needs or wants something I'm the one he comes to and when he wanted to come home this weekend and I couldn't help him by giving him what he wanted it about killed me. The look on his face was like I was letting him down I would rather take a bullet then to see that look on his face. I felt like the worse brother in the world I felt like the first time he ask me for something and I couldn't do it I could have just died right there the hurt inside me wouldn't go away until dad talked with me about it. Then yesterday when I went and seen Tyler he was much better and we talked and cried together but he knows I love him very much and as much as it hurt me he told me he understood why I couldn't do what he asked. I would die for that boy I love him very much and I'm not scared to admit it.

I have more to say but it's gonna have to wait make sure you come back tomorrow I have some gossip. Remember my screwed up family that hates gays? The ones that make trouble for my uncle and disown me? Got so juicy details on them and will spill it all tomorrow!

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  1. ryan field Says:

    You're a good brother.

    What kind of jeans were they? I love jeans. I'm curious.

  2. elise Says:

    You and Ty are both so fortunate to have each other! It's wonderful that you can express how much you love him---lots of guys are really bad at that.

    I know it's so hard to see him miserable in rehab, and trying to help him keep a positive attitude.

    Big hugs to both of you, and an extra one for Kadin!

  3. Bret Says:

    I know you would do anything for him.

    Glad things got better!!!!

  4. Ryan Says:

    ryan they were these jeans

    i didnt pay this much for them but they were still over a 100 bucks.

  5. naturgesetz Says:

    Yeah, love means doing what's good for somebody, not just what they want. So you were a good and loving brother when you refused to do what Tyler wanted. But of course it still hurt that you couldn't do what he wanted.

    I can hardly wait for the juicy story about your homophobic relatives. ;)

  6. I can understand why you hurt like that but don't ever think that you're not a wonderful brother. Ty's going to lash out from time to time and he's going to want things that just can't happen yet. The fact that you didn't give in to his demands is what makes you the best brother he could have.

    Looking forward to the gossip :)


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan Ryan Ryan...What am I gonna
    do with you...I can't wait to hear
    how it all went down with the
    'other' side of the family...
    OH MAN!!! I'd really like pictures
    of your aunts face after it all...

    LOVES YOU!!!!


  8. jimm Says:

    if ya cant bring Tyler home, maybe you can bring 'the home' to Tyler?

  9. ittyK Says:

    ohmygod you are soooooo sweet! I totally know what you mean by the whole thing with Tyler. Me and my sister fight all the time but I do really REALLY love her and I'd do anything for her and when I can't it really tears me apart though....
    I don't blame you for the jeans, They're ADORABLE and I woulc've done the same :)
    And that picture is SEXY! lol
    I love you!

  10. Octavius Says:

    Dude, I can't imagine how that would have felt. I know (or I think I do anyway) how much you care for Ty, so I understand what you mean. I did the rehab thing myself, so I know what that feels like.

    Unfortunately in this life, no matter how much you would like too, some things are just out of our control. I am sure he understands this and doesn't hold it against you. I wish there was more that I could say..., sorry chap.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  11. JerreB Says:

    Hey Ryan, I completely understand the stuff with Tyler. It is usually easier to give someone what they want than to do what is best for them. But when you love someone you want the best for them and right now the best thing for Ty is to finish therapy and get better.

    Hopefully he is getting better quickly and will be able to come home soon and do all the things that he has always loved to do.