I'm So Damn Happy

The gossip from the part of the family that disown me and my uncle cause we were gay. My aunt who has been a big time hater and causes a lot of trouble in the family her older son the crack head that accused my uncle of wrong doing is the proud parent of a full fledge queer of her own! That's right folks I said she is the proud parent of a queer son. My cousin who is 18 got caught at a friends house with his friends cock in his ass. Normally this wouldn't make me happy and I may be a little 2 face here myself for being so happy.

Trust me when I say you don't know how much hell this family has caused me mom my uncle and me. They have drove a wedge in between the family so bad. When my grandma died a year ago and we went home for the funeral you could have cut the air with a knife that's how bad it was. Just 1 wrong word would have sent the funeral into a white trash funeral quick. Even at the gathering where friends and family would bring food and everyone sit around and talk there was two groups ours and there's. Right down the middle of the room nobody sit one side or the other that's my family.

So when I found out about my cousin being a big ole nelly bottom I'm sorry I had to laugh. Normally I would feel sorry for this happening to someone but I'm not this time. I'm sure she will send him to be de-gayed or something that's the way they are. I would have loved to seen the look on my aunts face when she found out. I told my mom and she was not as happy as I was though she did say karma is a bitch but she hoping my cousin will be ok but that's my mom for you being a mom and worried she would take him in if he would call I know her too well. I know I shouldn't be this happy but I am I'll pay later for it. Your thoughts?Later!
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  1. Whoooooweeee!
    From an ass-bangin' to an ass-whoopin'!

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Your aunt will probably decide that your cousin turned gay because he knew you and your uncle were gay. Homophobes like her have to have someone to blame. So even though you didn't do anything, she's going to convince herself that it's all his and your fault.

    A normal parent might find a little compassion for gay people when they find out their own child is gay. Maybe she will, but from what you've said I wouldn't bet on it.

    But I understand your feelings totally: she had it coming to her.

    I just hope he'll be okay.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I fell so sorry for this boy. They will put him through Hell. He will be made to feel guilty and may feel the only way out is to commit suicide. They just might throw him out like yesterday's trash. I hope he does come to you guys for help. He will surely need it. I,m praying for him and his family. Ed

  4. ryan field Says:

    I had something like this happen in my family, too. It's fun to just sit back and watch it all.

  5. was wondering who actually cought your cousin? I agree with your mom, Karma is a bitch. It's a sweet bitch.

  6. Ryan Says:

    far as i know he was caught by the boy momma that was screwing him. from what i was told she called my aunt and told she caught them. sounds like white trash dont ya think?

  7. Lol..... And now i wonder who actually published da news?? Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog, and thanks for liking it. Has been following your blog since last year actually. Just didn't really comment. Then again i think i did. Hmmm.....

  8. Paul Says:

    She'll probably think that you did it, that you somehow molested him along the way. Or your uncle. Better watch out!

    Although you might wanna start talking to your cousin if you don't already. As who knows what hell he'll have to put up with in that sort of household.

  9. Enjoy every moment of it, Ryan, that's one big dollop of Karma landed right on your Aunt. The shame is that she probably will blame you or your Uncle some how and I've got a feeling that the boy's life is going to pretty bad very soon.

    My guess is that he could probably use a fair bit of support from you.

    You still deserve a good laugh though


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Oh I'm hearing it all the way
    over here!!!!!!!

    LOVES YOU!!!!!!


  11. Paul Says:

    Now is the time to offer the hand of friendship to your cousin. I bet he's going through a really tough time with his family.

  12. duffmanrules Says:

    Ryan, I agree with your mom and with Anonymous/Ed - although your aunt had it coming to her, I feel sorry for your cousin. His family will probably disown him, and he'll be in a bad place. You and your parents are kind-hearted and giving people. and your cousin may need your help and support at some point.

    Take care.


  13. elise Says:

    Sounds a bit like Sordid Lives--which is being re-run on some cable channel! I'll have to find out--I was 1/2 asleep when I stumbled across it the other nite.

    Anyway, I agree with all of your previous, wise, commenters.

    Can I pray that your Aunt will have some huge gay-epiphany and realize that you and your uncle and cousin are God's loving children, just like everybody else? Yea, I know it's a long-shot.

    extra hugs for your cousin today...

  14. Chuck Says:

    I agree, dude, if you have any way to reach out to your cousin, you should think about it. While it's totally cool to get a kick out of the situation your ass of an aunt is in, your cous might not be in such a good place right now.

    That story is pretty much the roughest coming out story I can imagine. I give too much money to the Trevor Project to just sit here and not nag you about this a little bit :)

    My guess is that he needs family and he needs friends and unfortunately, a lot of those people are busy banishing him from their lives right now. See if you can't get in touch with 'im, eh?