I Screw Up

I had a couple of things to talk about today but been fighting with Kadin this morning. Seems like I made a mistake and he found it this morning. See I over spent and our joint account was in the negative. Man he is so pissed at me. See we decided with my parents blessing that we would try to live like a married couple. That means us paying the bills to our house in Florida and living within our means. Course Dad was happy about this he don't have to pay anymore. Well what we did is to open a joint account and put money in there to cover the house bills and food stuff like that. Of course Kadin was in charge of it and paying everything again Dad love this idea he thought I would learn something. Well the other day I seen a pair of jeans yeah I didn't need them but couldn't help myself. See I thought I would have the money back in before he notice but they changed the date on my inheritance deposit from my Grandma. Course they sent a letter telling me this but the letter is in Florida so I didn't know. So he is so pissed right now he had to transfer money from his account to bring it out of the negative now he's telling me I better have the 90 bucks in there soon. The bank charge us 60 dollars in fees. So much for going to Bristol this weekend no way in hell I'm gonna ask him if I can go to the races. How to make 90 bucks hmm let me see anybody want to buy some nudes of Kadin! haha just kidding!
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  1. Bret Says:

    Been there and done that for sure.

    I know I got caught up in that also as things just didnt fall into place and backfired on me bigtime.

    Hopefully you will get things worked out.

    Take care!!!

  2. ryan field Says:

    LOL...I know poor Kadin must be upset. But it's kind of cute, too. This is one of those things you'll both look back and laugh about.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You KNOW I would sooooo take ALL
    of the noodie pictures of Kadin
    that you have...Hell, I could
    write you a check right now for
    them :)
    Forget that...I'll just send the
    money for a one way ticket for
    Kadin to 'visit' me :)
    Oh and a ticket for Mikey too...
    THAT would be so perfect for my

    You know I'm kiddin ya...I wouldn't
    know what to do with a nekkid
    Kadin or Mikey...

    LOVES YOU!!!!!


  4. Ah, one the joys of couplehood :) I've done the self same thing so I'm not saying another word.


  5. jimm Says:

    Tell Kadin to take the bank statement to the bank and explain how the money didnt drop in soon enough, leading to the overdraft. A lot of times they will forgive the mistakes, unless you've made a lot of these mistakes.

    btw, hot pic!

  6. 90 bucks on a pair of jeans you may never wear... lol. wow. i wish i had money to spend like that! shit happens and we all learn from our mistakes. What kind of jeans are they for them to be 90 bucks?

    Kadin would kill u if you put nude pics of him on here lol. Crazy your bank charges 60 for overdraft fee's. My bank only does a 35 for overdraft. hope everything is well and hugs n kisses ^_^

  7. Ryan Says:

    my bank only charges 30 also angel i had a few things that hit is why the 90 buck charge.

    thanks jimm for the info kadin was already working on it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Next time you want some kick ass clothes just ask Mom. Mom's are there in good times and bad. Mom's understand and mom's love unconditionally.
    But here in the real world it's not that easy at all. When mothers find out a guy is gay they often feel they have failed and are embarrassed that their friends will find out they raised a queer.
    I think your mom is like the first part so let her help. She'll love it. ed

  9. Aaron Yeagle Says:

    Ryan, Whatever you do NOW will set the patterns for the rest of your life. Get your finances, the concept of your finances and the rules around your finances UNDER CONTROL ... NOW!

    I have spent my whole life in debt, been homeless a few times, because I never stopped my bad spending habits. I spend from depression and feeling worthless ... and sometimes the "feel goods" I get from spending put me in the negative and make me more depressed and angry at myself.

    And you should not have to live like that.

    I still deal with these issues today and have to live in a cash only basis - but, despite the money I make, I have nothing - no home, no savings, nothing. So, learn from me and try harder to watch your spending patterns.

    Love ya.

  10. JC Says:

    Quick question...you didn't join the other 150,000 yahoos that went to Bristol for the weekend, did you?

    Having worked for a bank for several years, Jimm is correct. The banks usually will work with you to fogive some, if not all, of the charges associated with overdrafts if you don't do it often. Banks want to keep good customers and understand that things like this happen from time to time.

    From another banking perspective... most banks have overdraft protection where you can link your's and Kadin's joint account with you other personal account. What would happen is that the bank would simply transfer funds between the accounts. This would eliminate the possibility of having to pay scrupulous overdraft charges.

    Just a thought.