Family Post and some Art

Well it's my weekly family update I thought ya'll like it last week I'll try it again and who knows maybe make it a part of blogging. First thing I want to talk about is me haha it's always about me right? All kidding aside this week the nascar boys will be in town for the race this weekend. After much thinking and missing the Daytona 500 I decided I'll go to this. Well that and Kadin also said I should go I earn it. So I was like I'll go if you go also so he's going with me. I had a few extra tickets that were gave to me and Kadin thought it would be good to give them to Mikey he said all Mike has done to help Dad out and being there for Tyler I agree so I gave them to Mikey and told him he should join us we all will have a blast not sure who he's bringing but should be a good time.

Speaking of Kadin I want to brag on him a little. He told me not to write about this but I can't help myself I want the world to know what a great guy I have. My Mom has this friend from high school that lives on the other coast and she comes once a year to visit my Mom and her family. This lady I'll call her Eve has a daughter that's in her late 20's and she has down syndrome. Eve has been a great mother taking care of this girl and every time Eve has come for a visit this girl has came also and has been so nice and I remember her playing with us when we were kids. I remember she use to act like Tyler was her baby it was just cute. Well they came in last weekend to visit Mom and to see Tyler. This girl was so happy to see us like always and she has never met Kadin before and when she did she look at her mom and said this is my boyfriend!
Not sure how many people would handle that but Kadin handle it very well. He said yes I am your boyfriend. All weekend long she follow Kadin around and when Kadin sat down he had to sit next to her. At dinner he sat by her. The look on this girls face was like sunshine. Eve told me I know 100 times how wonderful Kadin was going along with her and not trying to avoid her. She said I found a real man I told her I know. At night time while they were in town Kadin called the hotel room to tell her goodnight it was so sweet. When they were getting ready to leave and head south to visit the rest of there family she ask her mom if she could write Kadin. So they exchanged addresses and I know Kadin will write her cause that's how he is. She told him goodbye boyfriend I love you and Kadin kiss her on the check and she cried. Ok I did too I got to see another reason why I love him so much.

Update on Tyler we got him moved and into his new room. He totally hates the rehab and is fighting it as much as a teen can. I'm glad he's fighting that means he's not giving up. He seems to fight less when I'm there with him but that's hard I have other people I'm working with also. Kadin or Mikey is normally with him when I can't be. He is able to stand on his own again so that is good news. The rebreak they did on his arm is healing right now with a few pins here and there they like the way it looks. I ask Tyler about his blog if he was going to blog anymore he said he didn't know but right now he said no. He is also upset about someone online he wouldn't tell me much other than he said he's learning that people online are just a bunch of liars. I know about one before the wreck but I think this is someone else. I really just feel like taking the laptop away from him until he is 100% better.

Guess that's about it on the family update let me know if you like this weekly kinda post.

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post I was trying to make a point I think some of you understood that. I am a firm believer that nudity is not nasty or gross and it can be beautiful a work of art. Even porn can be this it's just close minded people that make it an ugly thing. I don't see anything wrong with masturbation and honestly its like birth control and even a disease control. Some say like that camp that a person can do it too much I say bullshit who care if you do it 1 or 5 times a day it's yours play with it until it's sore I say. I'm also a believer in if people didn't make nudity such a taboo thing and make it to be a nasty thing and were more open about it like other countrys we wouldn't have the sex crimes going on as we do. Look at these photos there from one of my favorite artist Howard Roffman there beautiful I see nothing nasty at all in them I seem something that should be natural. You can buy Howard Roffman book by clicking on the pics. Trust me well worth the money.Later!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    That was nice of Kadin...glad Ty is doing better.

  2. Good to hear that Ty's doing better, thanks for the update. That was a really cool thing Kadin did.

    Got to say Ty's attitude is totally fair, there are some real shits around the online world and he doesn't need any extra crap in his life just now, he's got plenty to deal with already.

    Take care of yourself

  3. Panhandle Bob Says:

    1. Damn, that water must be COLD!

    2. Kadin sounds like a great guy. Good catch ;)

    3. Glad Tyler's doing well.

    4. That water must be cold!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Glad to hear that all is going
    good...I miss you...



  5. Octavius Says:

    Hey chap,

    Yeah I do like this kind of post, it shows more you..., if you know what I mean?

    Kadin is a great catch, but then we all knew that already. Still, that was a really sweet thing he did. Most guys would just get pissed off and end up hurting her feelings.

    Sorry I didn't comment on yesterdays post, I had to get to work, and didn't have the time. I have to say though that I agree with your sentiment. I would also like to say that I agree that there is nothing wrong with nudity either. Porn is a different matter, but then that is really up to the individual tastes of the viewer. If you don't like what you are seeing, then don't look..., if know what I mean? It pisses me off when people crusade over things that could be easily avoided.

    I am super glad to hear that Ty is doing well, this is great news. And that he is standing on his own is even better! I assume by that he is walking? Sounds like he will be back to his old self in no time..., that alone has brightened my day.

    As for his blog, well I can't say I am happy that he may not return, but I can understand it. I don't know who this other guy is that he is talking about, but yeah there are a lot of dicks out there, so I understand how he feels. However, hopefully he gets on msn, or yahoo occasionally..., I miss the guy and would love to able to chat to him again.

    Would you tell him that for me please?

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  6. jimm Says:

    I think Kadin's a superstar!

  7. naturgesetz Says:

    Thanks for the update about Ty. Glad things are progressing in his rehab. Too bad the internet experiences aren't so good. I hope you'll continue the updates.

    Kadin's a great guy to go along so wholeheartedly with being the boyfriend. Thanks for telling us.

    As for masturbation, I think it's a question of self-control. As with anything else that we do, we should be able to control our behavior, rather than being addicted. If a person feels that he is out of control, then he is wise to get help — whether it's drinking, eating, taking drugs, masturbating, or anything else. You should control it, not it control you, IMO.

    You know I have no problem with nudity. And the pictures you chose to include seem tasteful. But when it comes to porn, it seems to me that it degrades sex. I think sex is something for the individuals who participate. I mean, do you and Kadin want strangers watching you? I hope you think of your lovemaking as sacred and private moments between the two of you. But the pornographer makes it a commercial transaction. He pays attractive people to do it so he can make a pile of money off it — nothing to do with love, intimacy, or sacredness. And the people who use the porno for their own arousal are not respecting the sacredness of sex as far as the actors are concerned, IMO. Basically, the pornographer and the user of porn reduce the people show to objects either of commerce or of personal gratification — rather than respecting them as persons they make them objects and use them.

  8. Gay Star Says:

    I am glad Tyler is on the road to recovery. Enjoy yourself at the races, you do owe it to youself.

  9. Just Says:

    Hey Ryan , I am glad you found Kadin. I am also really glad Ty is doing so much better. Hope this year just fades away... made the move and in Texas baby.... Love Lee

  10. elise Says:

    What a beautiful story about Kadin! I wish I had a guy that special!

    I agree with you about the beauty of the male body, and expressions of love--there are some awesome photographers out there who are truly artists. Check out a blog called OhLaLa Magazine (something like that). The 2 guys who run the site are wonderful photographers (and also a couple), and feature many, many others. It's a feast for the eyes!

    hugs...AND KEEP ON WORKING, TY!!!