Oxbow Cult Camp?

I want to talk about something I seen on the news and after watching the piece on it well it piss me off. There this camp in Utah that claims they help teens with porn addiction and who masturbate too much. I look at there site the place is called Oxbow Academy please check them out and make up your own mind. This is my thoughts on this place that's why I give you the link so you can make up your own mind. I think Oxbow is just another cult type camp. The kind like them de-gay type camps. I'm thinking Oxbow has something to do with the Mormons but I'm not 100% positive on that. I've look around the net but couldn't find the truth in that but sure seem funny they and the Mormon Church came up together a lot.

My thoughts on this is isn't a teenager suppose to masturbate? Isn't a teen suppose to look at porn? I thought this was normal a teen hormones are running wild hell mine still are. I've heard my Dad talk about when he was a teen him and his buddies would snag porn mags from there Dad's or Uncles. He said that was what they did to look at naked chicks back then. He said teens have it easier today with the net but it's still they same thing just easier. Teens are going to look at porn its only natural to wonder and look and even masturbate to it. But you have idiots telling people on the news or wherever they can spill that your kid jacking off is wrong and will lead to bad things.

I remember my Mom talking to one of her friends once (they didn't know I was listening) She just realized her son was wanking off and she didn't know what to do she was asking my Mom what was she going to do when she found out I was wanking? My said oh Ryan he already is and has been. They friend was he so young how do you deal with it? Mom told her it was normal and when they caught me doing it they didn't yell they tell me to stop she said she didn't do anything until I got done. She told her after I got done they sit me down and talked to me about it and explain everything they could to me about it even about cumming when I got older. (mom didn't like cleaning that up she made a strong point you clean up after yourself) I remember my parents telling me that they would rather I look at porn in my room and jack off then be out having sex with someone just to have sex.

So if my parents can be like this how the hell can other parents send there kids off to a camp cause they jack off or look at porn. Like I said I think this place is just another camp trying to fix something that's not broke. Hell I have a wonderful beautiful boyfriend and have sex damn near everyday sometimes 3 to 4 times a day but I still like to jack off. Maybe I've having a bad day and he's not around and I know how to make me feel good shoot a nice wad. I guess that makes me a bad person that I need a freaken camp in Utah. Ya know it's plan and simple people know right from wrong left from right those that are wired a little wrong anit no camp gonna help them. People like Ted Bundy, Charlie Manson, John Wayne Gacy to name a few you think this camp would have help them? Whatever just another cult camp if you ask me that's fucking up today's youths.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was made to go to a fundamental church as a child. They not only told us that being Gay is a sin but wanking off is just as big a sin. The first time I did it I felt ashamed and proud at the same time. "95% of all men masterbate and the other 5%? They are damn liars", Alfred Kinsey (Sex Therapist) Ed

  2. Yes teens wank and they look at porn. What am I saying teens, I still wank and look at porn and I'm not about to stop. Making kids ashamed of this perfectly normal behaviour is almost guaranteed to create psychological disorders and can be extremely dangerous. I can still remember the talk with my mother when I first started. She assured me that it was quite normal and healthy but then asked if i'd mind making sure I had tissues in my room at all times, she didn't want to have to do more laundry. I was the embarrassed one, not her.

    I'm also always suspicious when I find "religion" "teens" and "sex" used in the context of what is little more than a recruitment campaign. Maybe that's cynicism on my part but with my history I think being a little cynical about people's motives is perhaps understandable.


  3. naturgesetz Says:

    I read their article on sexual addiction and the one on compulsive behavior, and it seems to me that they recognize that there is non-compulsive masturbation, and they don't have a problem with that. Their take on sexual addiction also indicates an acceptance of homosexuality (but something is wrong when someone is in a supposedly monogamous relationship but is continuing to cruise restrooms where he has been arrested and bookstores and lying to his partner about it).

    So I don't see it as a cult camp. I suppose if a person thinks there is no such thing as improper sexual activity — anywhere, anything, with anybody is great — this is a threat. But for those who think that there should be some boundaries and some self-control, I think the place is okay. (BTW, I'm one of those who thinks that despite being highly commonplace, masturbation is wrong, but I don't think they agree with me.)

    Perhaps you saw a page on the website that I didn't, or maybe you picked up on a nuance that I didn't. I see it as trying to deal with behavior that is out of control. Can you point out where it is talking about something more?

  4. Denny Says:

    Ryan, I guarantee you it's a Morman deal - pretty much EVERYTHING in Utah is, and they are very sexually repressed (except in the case of the polygamists, who think it's ok to have 8 wives and screw young girls then make them another wife). As an Arizona resident, we have a lot of Mormans here as well, and they are.... well... to be honest... pretty fucked up - and very powerful politically, which makes them dangerous.

    I have never understood how an adult can condemn something he willfully did as a kid and come down so hard on the younger generation for doing the same thing. Talk about repressed.....

    AZ Denny

  5. jimm Says:

    hmmm... Never a dull moment on this blog!

    As far as jacking goes, everyone has their own opinion about when, where and how frequently.

    Compulsive jacking? The website explains it as to the point of causing injury to your 'special parts'. Well, that makes sense.

    And the camp addresses other teen problems. But i would have 2nd thoughts about sending a teen to one of these camps. They are too vulnerable.

    I like how your parents handle it. That seems like the norm to me. And i grew up with 4 brothers.

    Its a new age with new technology arriving daily. How much can the human brain and emotions absorb? When does it all become 'overload'?

  6. Cash Says:

    I think porn, like many things in life, is just fine, with moderation. There definitely can be some addiction issues, generally with people who have addiction prone personalities. Other wise, jerk on

  7. ryan field Says:

    Never heard of this camp. I'll check out the link.

  8. a camp to fix people, hana what? Sounds to me like someone should reconsider a new program for that camp because thats just dumb.

    He'll, I remember when I joined a youth group at church, they were telling us that thinking about sex was a sin. Touching yourself was a mortal sin and being gay meant your going to hell. Of course, me in my big mouth, I laughed at the guy preaching this shit and flat out told him," All men play with their puds. Those that don't have no idea what they are missing." Of course, I got kicked out of the group because honestly, I think I was abit too progressive for them then being their version of stuck up conservative.

    So to all the guys and ladies out there, play with yourselves! Not only is it healthy for you (can help prevent prostate cancer in men) but it is a damn good stress releiver. Plus, its good clean fun! ^_^

    I am abit shocked that you say you "bang bang" about 3-4 times a day! wow... I know I am young but damn where do you bois get all the stamina to do that? Just curious lol

  9. I've been researching troubled teen programs (primarily in Utah) and finding that most I'd their treatment protocols are not evidenced based, are often abusive and are aiming at fixing something that ain't broken. They all have their different angles and specialties but many similar threads run through them. I am an activist trying to find shut down abusive programs and establish government oversight with evidence based regulations. I trying to find teens who have been through these programs to discover the truth behind the slick marketing. Has anyone out there been to oxbow? If so I can be reached at elisabeth.feldman@gmail.com.