Just a Hug

My friend Arnie turn me on to this. This will make you cry sad tears and happy tears. After everything a animal may go through it still wants to love. Amazing what a hug will do. I want to hug this dog and Arnie for being my friend and a animal lover!
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  1. southern Says:

    Sorry it's been a while since I left a comment - this vid touched me so deeply.After the incredible fear she showed that she dropped her guard to the love shown her was amazing.
    I will never understand how people can do these things - it is our resonsibility to care for and look after animals we bring into our lives.
    Regards Stef

  2. Anonymous Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! If it was totally
    up to me this house would be FULL
    of unwanted animals and children...
    If I could I would become a foster
    parent but it's not a good thing
    for me...They say you can never
    love a child to much but you know
    me...I can love a child to much...

    Love and miss you!!


  3. A Lewis Says:

    I love sharing this great news with all of my favorites...because I know what big hearts they have and how loving they are. It made me cry and cry. Edie is such a good girl. And she looks just like my little Mason with the haircut!

  4. ryan field Says:

    Aww...this was touching.

  5. awww ^_^ such a cutie. Animals, especially pet, are considered family to me. My little gilrs (my two cats) are my pride and joy. They are like my little children lol.

    Nice vid ryan ^_^

  6. JerreB Says:

    This is an incredible video and I'm now in tears. You can see how terrified she is in the beginning. All she needed was a little love and to know that no one was going to hurt her. Thank you to Arnie and everyone else involved in saving Edie.

  7. Corve Says:

    WOW. It takes love to do that