Loving Life

One of the best things in life is waking up in the arms of someone who loves you. I love that feeling like just seems to start my day out right. No matter what the day brings I always can think about how I woke up brings a smile to my face. I really have nothing to post about today last week seem like I couldn't get things out fast enough and now I have nothing. I guess I could tell you about the hot passionate sex me and Kadin had yesterday in my bedroom in the barn and hot tub but I don't want to bore you with all the juicy details! Hey don't look at me like that I'm still young enough I need it more than once a day Kadin is the old man he's getting closer and closer to the big 30. I could work in at least one more but 3 is his limit haha what an old dude!

Ya'll see that thing about an agency that may be your friend on social networks? I don't dare say a name my Dad who works for one said that is a sure way to get them to watch you. He told me they google all the time to see who has type there names. That's a free warning haha anyway I don't like this and think it's wrong but I do understand it. The problem is this there using it to bust people for everything instead of looking for what they should be looking for and that's people that want to do harm to this country. So again a double edge sword I'm for and against it. I guess you better make damn sure you know who's on your friend list and stop just accepting people just for a number. Anyway check the story out just be careful online.

Pass the PAW Act -- End Alaska's Aerial Hunting Program! Click on the wolf and fill out the form tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to support the Protect America's Wildlife (PAW) Act to end the slaughter of Alaska wolves and help keep this barbaric practice from spreading to the lower 48
One last thing if you can help in anyway please do what Alaska is doing is wrong and they know it shame on the state of Alaska!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The only reason it's 3 a day for
    Kadin is because I wore him out
    with the other 3 a day with me :)
    I'm dreamin! DON'T WAKE ME!!!!

    What Alaska is doing is because of
    Sarah Palin...She paid people good
    money to kill wolves...What a
    'f-ing' c*nt she really is...

    Hope to talk to you soon!!!



  2. Cash Says:

    Barn? Where the fuck do you live dude? haha jk ....3 times a day sounds real good right about now.

  3. Mr. Urs Says:

    Yes,it is a great feeling to wake up like that :) I also sleep far better, if I spent the night with the one who loves me. When I have to travel for business, I sleep far worse and I think it's because we are not in each other's arms.

  4. love love bang bang. the more the merrier lol. Your dad works for the agency... hana wha? Thats cool, more power to him ^_^. He's brave to be going into something so dangerous but he is doing it for a damn good cause.

    I could never do something like that... My train of thought is more along the lines of peace and harmony. But life is life right, and with it comes the good and the bad.

    So keep on fucking like bunnies because its healthy and is fun, right? lol. God you guys have sex in the most interesting places. Your in georgia I think...?

    Any who I will chat with you latter my friend.

    Au Revior

  5. Chris Pitman Says:

    Ryan dude your not that old are ya? lol and i have to agree 100% theres nothing better than wakeing up in the arms of the one you care about.