My Pissed Off Post

I had another post all written up was going to post it but just didn't feel right about. Not sure why just didn't I sit there and look it over read it again and just couldn't post it. I don't know maybe later I'll send it to my buddy Ryan let him look it over and tell me what he thinks. If he thinks it's not to much out there then I might post it. Any of you that blog every do this have a post your not sure about?

Let's see some of you been emailing me about Tyler well he is doing better doing his therapy. He's become very angry and gets pissed real easy at anything. We took the computer away from him it seem to really get him pissed and he wouldn't talk about it didn't know what set him off so we thought it best if he didn't have one for now. We also going to have him talk with someone see if that will help him. I know he'd been thru something that was hard for a person and I know he will bounce back just takes time.

Yesterday I posted on my facebook about the federal advisory committee upholding thr ban on gay men donating blood. As I said on facebook this pisses me off I know I did a post about this before but I need to say my piece on this again. This is total bullshit no other way to put it. They won't take my blood cause I'm gay how is that fair? But they will take a crack whore that walks the street blood but won't take mine? Again this is a way I feel that they keep the gay community down. I'm sorry but I'm gonna say what I feel and I feel that Obama has lied to the gay community. He wanted and needed our vote and he gave us promises of change well I haven't seen shit and bet we won't until he needs our vote again. Look I know he's been busy with other things but some of the things could have waited whatever all I know this ban is bullshit and yes it pisses me off and he better do something quick for I won't waste another vote.
Ban On Gay Men Donating Blood Upheld

While I'm bitching let me say this I seen the Presidential Address and I want to give the benefit to what he said. Just don't let it be talk do what you say you will I live on the gulf and I am pissed on what's happen there and it sure seems that not enough is being done. So just don't use words to make yourself look good dammit do something and do it now!

5 Responses
  1. Bret Says:

    Yeah I agree with it not just being words. I have a friend in Pensacola and it has reached there.

    I think there are a lot of surprises with our leader, not so sure they are good either.

    Yeah I am sure Ty is very frustrated and I know that feeling all too well with being laid up for a few months.

    I am sure he will bounce back but it does take a toll on ones mind.

    Have a great day.

  2. Patti Says:

    Just keep your head up! That goes for you and Tyler!!

  3. ryan field Says:

    Hope Ty starts to get some relief soon. Poor Kid. It's hard, but he's a tough guy and I think he'll be fine!!

    Couldn't agree more with everything else you wrote. I'm not very political, but I do get tired of hearing nothing but BS from ALL politicians. And I have this feeling that Hillary is sitting alone somewhere shaking her head about all this hope and change. She tried to warn us and we didn't listen. I know I didn't listen.

  4. ryan field Says:

    PS: I have tons of blog posts I've written when I was pissed off at something that I never actually published on the blog. And I'm always glad I didn't publish them :))

  5. Anonymous Says:

    My blood isn't wanted by the Red Cross that has a monopoly on donating blood. They take it for free and charge the hospital an arm and leg for it. Why can't there be another organization to take gay blood for use by only Gays? Ted