It's Pride month and its going on all over the place. I have had the pleasure of doing Pride in different places. The one that sticks out the most was a few years ago when I was ask to speak at Pride in Atlanta. That was big for me even though a lot of people didn't show up with all the other things going on in the park but didn't matter it was still big for me. The other time for me was in Columbus I was working at animal rights booth and made some great friends while I was there. Saint Petersburg has a great Pride events and looks like I may be home in time to be there! Ok I'm gonna try something new I want ya'll that read this blog to send me your favorite pride story and I will post them on here all week. I wont give out any info that you don't want so don't worry about that. If you don't have a pride story them how about a coming out story or maybe how you told your family just send them to me at and I will post them I think it will make a great week of posts so come don't be scare and be a big part of my blog! It's Pride month so get out and enjoy it!Now Email me them stories! Later!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    I have to be honest. I've never actually done anything specific for "Pride." And that's mostly because I truly do spend my life promoting the lgbt community with my work and organizations :)

  2. Ryan Says:

    @ryan then write something small about why you got into writing lgbt books. please thanks!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I too like Ryan have never done
    anything for a PRIDE PARADE but I
    have and always will be there for
    the GLBT students of the school
    that I work for...

    I have the honor of being there for
    the GLBT students...I'm called
    MOM and AUNTIE...I've been told
    that they wish I was their REAL
    mom...That is what gets me the
    most...There have been some parents
    who are totally accepting of their
    children being gay/lesbian/bi...
    There are also parents that have
    totally disowned or thought there
    was something wrong with their
    child...I would love to let these
    parents know that it takes so much
    strength for a child to come out...
    Also, your child is the same person
    they were before you knew...They
    are the same person they were when
    you told them you loved them no
    matter what...They are the same
    person who likes the same things
    they did the day before...The only
    difference is that you know they
    are gay...NO person wakes up and
    says TODAY, I'M GONNA BE GAY...I'M

    No...They are scared...They don't
    know what is around the next
    corner...The last thing they need
    is for their family to turn their
    back...It's important for our
    children to know that they are
    loved...That they are special...
    They are a gift from God to us
    for a short amount of time (even
    if they live to be 100 it's never
    long enough for a parent)

    I have also seen first hand a
    couple of gay/lesbian couples
    be able to hold hands in school
    and give each other a kiss on
    the lips...ALL without being
    taunted or beat up...

    The most important hat that I
    wear is MOM...I LOVE to hear that

    GLBT people are humans...At last
    I checked they cry like other
    people, they bleed like other
    people, they even laugh and love
    like other people...

    It's time to start teaching others
    that the GLBT community are
    humans and that they are proud
    to be who they are and they are
    not hurting anybody...

    Ryry, I love you no matter what...
    I will always be there for you,
    I will always stand by you...I will
    never leave you to deal with
    something that you can't handle
    alone...You are MY pride and joy
    and my Baby Boy (no matter how
    old you are) Thank you for being
    in my life and making me complete.



  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey kid... I was going to leave a comment but 'Mom' said it all, and, very eloquently as well!!! There's nothing that a mother's love can't overcome!! Thanks, mom!! luv, tman<3