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Ryan has been a friend of mine for many years I think like 7 or 8 years. He started reading my blog when I was still a teenager and been reading every since. I have turn to him many times for advice on posts and just things in life and he has always gave me the best advice so thanks for that Ryan. Ryan is also one hell of a writer and has many books out there for the lgbt community to read. So visit his blog and check out Ravenousromance.com to find Ryan's books. Now in his words what he does for Pride!

I wish I had a single pride story, but I honestly don't. I wish this were more interesting, but it's not. When I first started reading books, I was just a kid and I read whatever was around. And then when I started to drive, I found my way to bookstores in malls and started looking for books about gay people, written by gay people. I wanted to read books that I could identify with. And this isn't that long ago...probably about twenty years. The only problem was I couldn't find many. And in order to find more of them, I had to drive into New York or Philadelphia. Even in the city, there wasn't a huge selection of lgbt novels.

So one of the reasons I started writing lgbt fiction was because there wasn't that much of it around. At first, my work was published by lgbt publishers like Cleis Press and Alyson Books. And then the Internet started becoming more popular and I started submitting fiction to e-publishers who seemed to understand that the lgbt community wanted to read more books by lgbt authors. And since then, I've spent my life writing and working for the lgbt community. And I don't celebrate "Pride" month like so many others because my entire life is about lgbt pride. I've always been out, I've always been open, and I've always been proud of who I am. And I try to get that across in each book, as a message, all the time.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so glad that you write and
    that you address the issues that
    the GLBT community go through...

    I'm so glad that you are who you
    are :)



  2. Carl Says:

    I was visiting my friend sister and I looked on your bookshelf and what did I see...I saw one of Ryan Field's books. She only had one but she liked it. She likes gay romance. I thought to myself, I know that name... :-)

    Straight people read his books too.

  3. ryan field Says:

    Thanks!! I just wish I could have been more exciting :))