Two Tampa Police Officers Killed / Gun Control

I can't recall if I ever talked about the topic of guns on my blog or not before. I been blogging for so long I forget sometimes if I cover a topic or not. Well don't matter if I did in the past or not cause I'm going to talk about it now. Guns this land was pretty much founded with guns and it's been a big part of American history. Guns should they be banned? I'm not the one to ask cause I don't know I think we need better control but I believe in the rights to have arms (guns) See guns are not bad it's people that make guns bad. Like this morning I woke up and find that 2 Tampa police officers were shot and have died.

My Dad is in law enforcement so this hits close to home I worry about him being out all over America doing stuff that could get him killed but it's his job. So gun control yes we need something but I don't know what. Even if there is something there is so many guns out there right now how do you control that? It's like drugs there so much on the street how do you get control. I still think it's not the gun it's the person. I own a couple guns myself they were gifts but they are register with the state and they have gun locks on them and are put in a safe place in my home. Sometimes I go with my Dad to the range and shoot them but either way I keep them safe so nobody gets hurt. So I'm not sure about gun control tell me what ya'll think about this topic.

I want to send out prayers to the families and friends of these fallen officers. Thank for doing what you do to keep us safe.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yeah...There needs to be some
    sort of gun control...Here on
    FATHERS DAY of all days...The
    Dallas police chiefs son shot and
    killed two people...One being an
    innocent man that was sitting in
    his car with his girlfriend and
    the other a Lancaster police
    officer...Yes, the police officer
    was innocent too and was responding
    to the call...The son of the
    Dallas police chief was killed
    on that day too...
    What's sad is that the innocent
    are the ones who pay for what
    the guilty do when it comes to
    I am all for guns being in the
    hands of responsible people...
    Till that happens it's just
    gonna be out of control...



  2. ryan field Says:

    Sad about those poor guys, and their families!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I believe that guns are necessary. For home protection and for hunting game. I also believe that automatic weapons and bullets that can pierce body armor should be banned. One doesn't need an AK-47 to hunt squirrels and a 44 magnum is overkill (pun intended) even for home protection. All hand guns should be revolvers and all rifles should be single shots. It is time that we made sure the local police are not outgunned by drug runners. Ted

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Anonymous Ted makes sense.

    My feeling is that the government exists to protect me from criminals. I don't want it saying, "Get yourself a gun. And good luck." I know the Second Amendment gives a right to bear arms, but the fewer of them there are, the less likely I am to be shot. So limiting the people to weapons they might have a legitimate use for makes good sense to me.

    We've got street gangs in Boston massacring each other and other kids who just happen to be on the street at the "wrong" time. There should be a way of keeping guns out of their hands.

    Of course it's the person who has the gun who is the problem; but for one thing, without the gun he'd be much less dangerous, and for another, the other murder weapons people use (like knives and hammers) have intended uses other than killing.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    We live in a horrible conundrum... people seem to think that by owning weapons they have protection against criminals and/or a totalitarian state. The reality tho, with so many weapons floating around, is that criminally inclined people can have their pick of any weapon they want, more or less, so, unless you escalate, and turn America into barbed wire enclaves with elaborate security systems, the bad guys are winning... There are better ways to provide security than arming the hell out of every house. The arguments of the past die of their own weight, after cops are gunned down, and little kids can't go to the neighborhood store for a soda, w/o getting in the middle of the crossfire of a gang war...
    It's not a good way to live... We need to rethink this whole notion that every American can arm himself... It just doesn't work. luv, tman<3

  6. John Smith Says:

    Gun control will never work...

    When all guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns...

    A locked gun is as useless as a condom still in the pack...

    Personally, I keep a loaded gun in my nightstand, break in my house tonight, and the cops will carry you out tomorrow...

    How do you propose we decide who is responsible enough to own a gun?

    When your gun is stolen, is the criminal going to turn it into a police station because it is illegal for him to posses it?
    Doubtful, he'll probably use YOUR legal gun to commit crimes and maybe kill someone...

    Guns are but tools, very deadly tools...

    Cars are but tools, Extremely deadly tools...

    More cars kill in this country than guns kill people...

    Cops should be trained better, to be more careful, to be ready for someone to draw down on them, and to respond with accurate and deadly force...

    Someone who commits a crime and kills, should be shot down like the animal they are in the street, so that other criminals can see...

    Juries that award big dollars to criminals for getting shot while shotting at police or honest people should be taken out and strung up for their crime against society...