A Little Scare This Morning

This morning I woke with a hell of a nose bleed scared the shit out of Kaidn hell scared me I was choking on it could catch my breath. Anyway went to the doctor he said it had to do with my blood pressure and some meds I am on and working out. He went on to ask me how come I was working out so much? He told me all I need was a couple days a week but 6 days was too much for my body great just what Kadin and Mom needed to hear so they will be on my ass now about going to the gym. My sugar levels have been a little crazy this pass week also the doctor wants me to work real hard about getting them right. Damn always a ton of shit to worry about it's enough to make me sick.

Ok enough on health crap I'm so over it here is something some of you might not know I have a sister. I think I may have said before I went private but I don't remember if I did or not. Anyway I have a sister she's 13 she is Miley Cyrus / Jonas Brother especially Nick Jonas and the Disney Channel crazy. I guess a typical early teen girl. As most of you know I didn't speak of my family much for there protection. I didn't speak much of Tyler until he wanted to blog himself or so he thought he did. It's kinda funny seeing my sisters friends come over and them see Tyler and fall in love cracks me up. There is one girl who has done about everything there is to get his attention but he wants no part of it. Just funny to me.

Anyway that's about all for today but I thought if any of you have questions that maybe you ask on here before but I didn't answer cause we weren't private and you want to ask again then please do. No topic is off limits so ask what you want and I'll answer them in a post. Oh if you don't want to ask here in a comment feel free to email if you don't want your name use just say so and I won't remember I don't care what you asl now I feel like I'm in a close group of friends and I can talk freely now!

Later Kisses!

Oh nobody said if naked Friday was a good thing so yes or no?
10 Responses
  1. sillyboi Says:

    I think Naked Friday would be ok to me. Nothing wrong with nudity after all we are all born that way. It would eb a chance to see your likes and dislikes when it comes to pictures and what you like. I say go for Nude Friday..

    I remember you stating something about your sister a long time ago but then again i have been following your blog for a long time. LOL. Anyway its great you can open up so much about things now that you couldnt do before.

    I hate nose bleeds and i hate them when i am sleeping they are the worse. Most of mine are do to sinuses but thats ok. Just cool it off the excercise so much for a little bit. I know you like going to the gym to look at the guys but do it at the beach or something LOL.


  2. Laurie Says:

    I think that you heard ALL that
    stuff BEFORE the doctors...
    Now lets see if you listen...
    I already know the answer...

    I finished that book THE LAST SONG
    that Miley did the movie on...
    I wanna see if the movie goes the
    same as the book...

    Take better care of yourself or
    I won't send Josh to visit...
    He needs you in good health ya

    LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Peter Says:

    Yea naked friday, but i'll be at work and I work at a college, think I can get some of the hot college boys to go along with it!!!!.

  4. jimm Says:

    Do you have a secret place to go to when you want to sort things out, and have you taken Kadin there?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You take care of yourself young man! Don't make me leave Yankee land to whoop you back to health. LOL.
    It seems like I read somewhere that J/O lowers blood pressure, so nekked Fridays might be good. Ed

  6. naturgesetz Says:

    You really should follow doctor's orders.

  7. naked friday sounds great.

  8. duffmanrules Says:

    Hi Ryan, please take care of yourself and listen to the doctor and your family.

    If any topic is OK for questions, can I ask how Tyler is doing? I know you and Kadin had to cut your vacation short a couple of weeks ago to deal with some drama and hopefully it's better now?

    Also, how is Corey? You haven't talked about him in a long time.

    Take care.


  9. audacious Says:

    Hey Ryan; naked friday sounds fun
    love ricky

  10. tman Says:

    Naked Friday yes... Slow down till you get your blood pressure under control... your body is telling you to watch out!! listen!! This, from a former athlete that trained every day, too, for years... You need to vary your workouts, obviously, so that you're not continually breaking down the same muscles, but, nosebleeds when you're sleeping are NO GOOD!! Pay attention to what's happening and fix it before you go back to full throttle... luv, tman<3