Ok got a few questions for some of you so here it goes...................

Do you have a secret place to go to when you want to sort things out, and have you taken Kadin there?

Yes I do I go to the beach and sit and listen to the waves sometime watch the sunset and clear my head. Maybe think of what's wrong in my life and see what the best way is to handle it. Yes sometimes I take Kadin with me when it's something we have to work out together.

How is Tyler? This is the most poplar question that I got.

Tyler is hanging in there he is way better than he was before but he is still having issues. He has to go in next week for more surgery he is having back pain issues and they need to go in and fix it. Somedays he can't even walk it hurt so bad but other days you would never know. What happen while we were on vacation is Tyler and Dad got into it I understand Dad and what he was trying to do but I don't like the way he pushing people sometimes. Dad was raised strict he is British after all and He served both in the British army and the American army so he still has some of that in him. So when him Tyler was getting into it was one of Tyler's bad days so when Ty called me crying yeah time to go home. I hope that catches you up on Tyler.

I was ask about Corey.

I don't speak of him much no reason really and I should. I'm very proud of Corey a kid that was dealt a bad hand of cards but took advantage of a new hand when he was dealt it. Corey is in school in Atlanta he is working on getting a degree in teaching but he's also in the arts. He is acting school and is working on a play for the fall that will be at one of the theaters in the Atlanta area soon as I know all the details I will promote it. Corey is dating a girl they been together over a year and shows no signs of his past. He don't talk of it much but I don't think it bothers him he is also very close to Mikey so I'm sure if he talks to anybody about it it's Mikey. All I know is I'm super proud of him.

Of course I got the sexual questions.

I think sometimes ya'll live thru my penis haha! Some of you wanted to know since were a private blog if I could talk more about sex openly. I will but understand that sex is with someone if I do it by myself then I will talk about it but I have to talk to Kadin first cause that's who I have sex with. Um to answer some of the sex question some of you heard me or someone else talk about my size wanted to know if it was true that I'm big? Yes I don't like bragging but I am its over 8-1/2 ok see I'm opening up more. Course top or bottom was a poplar question I like both to be honest but most the guys I been with my boyfriends I'm saying didn't like the size of me so they didn't like to bottom so I was more of the bottom than they were I don't mind if I love the person. Next sex question was since I was with Kadin do I jack off to answer that yes I do I love the feeling of cumming. Sorry but ya'll ask Kadin knows I do and he don't get made over I still have time for him. Last sex question that was ask how many times a week do me and Kadin have sex? Everyday we do it sometimes twice unless one of us is sick I told you I'm a young pervert haha!

So any other questions just ask peace out!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No wonder you like to go nude, getting that Python stuffed inside clothes must be difficult.
    My question is will you at least occasionally put pictures on here of couples (guys) having sex so us lonely old farts can get off? please? Ed
    My word verification is: shilt, wtf?

  2. jimm Says:

    8.5 huh? well at least my shoe size is bigger! Actually, i think nipples are a real turn-on!

  3. jimm Says:

    Wanted to mention, anyone who is your Blogger follower, since ya went private, blogger doesnt tell me when you have a new post.

  4. tman Says:

    I must have been a pervert, too... Damn... And I thought I was a good boy!! lol
    I'm glad Tyler is healing, but, back problems are hell ( I speak from a lifetime of experience). I really hope they get the young guy on the right track!! I hate to hear that he's having surgery, tho.. The back is so complex, a lot of the time, the surgery doesn't do the trick. I hope he's getting a lot of physical therapy, and doing whatever he can, from that angle... luv, tman<3

  5. Laurie Says:

    That is the one and only time
    Ryan will answer any questions
    about his penis and his sex life
    on here...
    So gather the information he has
    shared cause there won't be anymore
    of that on here if I can help it...

    Thank you and have a good day!


  6. ryan field Says:

    I'm kind of curious about Kadin doing guest posts once in a while. I remember when he posted for you a few times, and he was good. Maybe you could ask him, and tell him people were interested. He can blog about anything he wants. He might like it.

  7. Matt Says:

    Ryan, I have a some questions but more fun type questions...what is your new favorite tv show (had to debut in the last 6 months to count). Also what is your favorite summer movie this summer?