We Move On

Ok now the drama is over with welcome to the new Ryan's Life blog! I'm going to try to be more open on here since this blog is invite only so whatever I say I feel is safe. So there might be more talk about sex and what I like there will be nude pics from time to time on guys I think that are hot. Even though mom and a few others don't want me to throw up any nudes of myself I just might anyway hehe I feel like this if I meet any of you it will more likely be at a nudist event anyway and I'm not a shame of my body like I use to be when I was a kid. Another thing I love nudity and personally think you should show and share it while you have it when your 90 then please cover it up! lol I love summer time I think the best guys with less clothes on just yummy! Maybe that's why I choose Florida to live in even in the winter it's nice and warm guys go half naked.Not sure if ya'll with like the honest and open me I did open a little on the old blog but this I want to open up even more. Ya'll knew I was a big porn fan maybe more than most folks now I can talk about it more and talk about sex period. Oh someone said in a comment about having maybe a Happy Naked Friday I think that might be a good idea what do ya'll think? Maybe I could post like 2 or 3 pics of guys I think are cute that way it can start out our weekends on the right foot with smiles on our faces. Hell I'm even open for you to send me pics of guys you find hot or even your own and I'll pic a set and say who there from for Friday's post. Let me know what you think about that. Thw pic of the guy showering outside with the ocean in the background is so hot don't ya think just the thought of shower outside in public view is kinda hot!!!
Later Kisses!
8 Responses
  1. Laurie Says:

    I won't say it again...It's bad
    enough that you have a picture of
    your ass on here...I don't think
    it would be good for you to have
    a picture of the front too...

    I know you're 23 and this is your
    blog and all but I'm mom and I
    think it best to not have any of
    you on here...

    THANK YOU!!!!!!



  2. ryan field Says:

    Nice post :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I like the picture of the uncut guy squatting down. I hope this comment goes through since the first two never. Ed

  4. Carl Says:

    Ryan, I am with you, I am a fan of porn. Nothing wrong with looking at naked guys.

    Sometimes thought a guy with shorts on is hot at hell, you get to wonder what in under the shorts.

  5. jimm Says:

    I think everyone loves to see healthy smooth tanned bods! Just everyone doesn't admit it.

  6. hell i'll admit it @jimm i'm a big ol' perv lol. as i get older i realize that i am a dirty old man. lol even when i was like 21 i was a dirty old man and love it. ryan im glad you are able to breath now a big sigh of relief and move on to bigger and better posts with trusted people. cant wait to get to know you even better than before.

  7. Planetx_123 Says:

    lol well i like the idea of opening up-- I enjoy getting to know people. The juxtaposition of anonymity with intense intimate knowledge of someone is interesting to me.

    Eh, I think you should post whatever you want to, and of course I love nude photos of any and all guys (under 90 ofc) :-)

    Much Love,

  8. tman Says:

    OMG... yeah, that guy is hot... I'm beginning to wish that I still lived in Florida... I really did love the beach, and all the 'scenery'
    as well!! Hey, Ryan...I was a bit of an exhibitionist at your age too... mostly with friends, tho... I couldn't get past the catholic upbringing to join any formal nudist community. I also felt, when I was young, that older guys kind of 'perved' on me a lot, and, I really didn't appreciate it... Maybe if they had been less aggressive about it... IDK... You're only young once, and, really, that's when you're most beautiful!! Who wants to look at an overweight, older guy?? Not me!! lol luv, tman<3