Thank You

This is it folks sometime today I will delete this blog. Thanks for 7 years of my heart and soul. Thanks for the friendship the advice good and bad sometimes I needed it. Most of all Thanks for letting me share my life with you and for taking time out of your life to read mine.

I will miss you all!

All I ask is Love Me When I'm Gone!

11 Responses
  1. Planetx_123 Says:

    Wow! I'm going to miss your blog quite a bit! Why are you leaving? Are you sure you want/need to delete it? I mean it could just be dormant with hidden posts... this way if you decide to come back in a year or two just to say "im alive" then we can still find you!

    If not-- then best wishes in all you do and thanks for the great posts.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan sorry I've been a bit slack with the comments lately but I can't let you go without a goodbye and very best wihes for the future.
    7 years blogging - some achievement.
    Kindest regards Stef

  3. naturgesetz Says:

    Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts with us.

    I love you always.

    Take good care of yourself.

    *hugs and kisses*

  4. Octavius Says:

    Sorry to see you go mate, but we all need a change sometime. You still have my email, so if you still want to keep in touch, you know how to reach me. I hope you do..., even if only to say hi once in a while.

    Give your bro and Kadin a hug for me...

    Sad day mate...

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  5. Goodby Ryan, hope you got my birthday wishes. Thank you for sharing your life. Best of luck.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What will I do when I am feeling low and you aren't there to make me feel alive? What will you do when you regret ending this blog and want it back? Good bye my friend you are gold! I must stop typing as my eyes seem to be getting blurry, it happens every time I think of you going away forever. Adios, Ted

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I hope you have a
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    I love you no matter what you
    decide to do...You are my son and
    I will stand beside you always...

    HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Sweetie...



    I feel so bad for Ted...Makes
    me cry :(
    HUGS TED!!!!!!

  8. Bret Says:

    Best of Luck!!!

    Glad to have met you and become your friend.

    The best to you and your family!!!

  9. ryan field Says:

    First, Happy Birthay.

    And thank you for working so hard on the blog all these years. Though I know you're ending the blog, I can't help feeling this is a beginning for you, too. I hope I'm right!!

    I'll be in touch. In the next couple of months I'm making some huge changes, too.

  10. surakmn Says:

    You'll be missed. Don't be a stranger in the great out there.

  11. jimm Says:

    This blog... never a dull moment!

    Who was that masked man????

    Silly rabbit!!!