What Happen

I want to thank everyone for the comments like I said I don't except everyone to comment on everything I say but if you want to give me your thoughts on what I write that's always welcome. Ya'll know some of the reason why I went private on this blog but there were more reasons and now I can trust who reads this I can say. I was getting comments and emails from at least two people. My Dad has look into it and has come up with the city that the emails came from. Anyway that's not important I feel safe now but what they said hurt really bad.

One email the person said he wish my brother would have died in his bike wreck. He also went on and said he hope Tyler would be retarded from the wreck and would never be the same again that is what I deserved. He went to say too bad it didn't happen to me and if he had his way it would have been me. I lost it when I read this email I can't wrap my head around how anybody could be that me or that anybody could hate me that much to write me and send me an email like that.

The other email was just as bad wishing death on me and Kadin. He went into details on what he would like to do to me and Kadin for being lovers. I don't need to write what he said you can figure it out. This email was the worse cause of the threats and is why I got my Dad involved in it. This is why I was going to walk away and delete this blog. Trust me it hurt really bad that I had to even think about deleting the blog this is my baby and has been for 7 years and it felt like I was killing something.

So those that are here now I trust some of you I ask question before I let you in and you answer them so I trust the people here now and think I am good at picking good people. So as long as I'm not wrong this blog will go on until I'm 90 or dead haha. Just please honor my request and don't repeat or put anything on the net from here this is for me and you readers only.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, some people do evil out of jealousy and some are just born evil. Some do hateful things in the name of God but I think that makes him sad because God is love and cannot hate.
    I am glad you are free to blog about whatever you feel and I hope that we never disappoint you and I will continue to read your blog until I am circling the drain for the last time. Hugs, Ed

  2. omg ryan im sooooo sorry and angry this happened to you. they are evil vile people and make me want to put my truck through their home for you ugh ok deep breath i digress you are the sweetest guy i know on the blogs and deserve better so smile know they will rot in the pits of their own hatred and move on with goodness in your life. im glad you were able to work something to continue your bloging and eliminate the bad from your life. keep up the good work and if anyone betrays you give me their addy ill put my truck through them ok so i wouldnt but id want to lol love ya

  3. ryan field Says:

    Wow, Ryan. That's about as bad as it gets when it comes to hate mail. Sorry you had to go through this.

    Sorry poor Ty had to go through it, too. He's just a kid.

  4. Jesus Christ I had no clue it was that bad. I'm so sorry and angry too something you hardly could call human was doing that to you. Never had something like that, so I didn't know what I would do. Send you and your brother heaps of love.

  5. Planetx_123 Says:

    Wow I didn't realize that was the nature of the emails. I thought they were just jerks from the community that were saying you were fake. Those emails go waay beyond that-- those are malicious, hurtful, and sub-human. Did they say why? Were they just anonymous gay haters? So sorry-- honestly.



  6. xabi Says:

    XABIER OSTALE: oh, my! yeah, it is hard to have to read such hideous things, the second paragraph I get utterly stoned and horrified, someone writing so hatefully against your little bro and your folks. At least think you are not the only who suffers that kind of hate, they are monsters, and I think we must be careful from that kind of hatred. Anyway, I am glad you have decided to continue your nice blog with us your trusted friends, for me it is a marvellous honor being your friend, and cannot help feeling moved and happy being so lucky of having you in my life. xo