Welcome To The Blog

If your reading this it means I trust you and want you apart of my blog. Saying that most of you proved some things to me when I ask. But saying this I hope I didn't make a mistake what I'm saying is this is private from now on and only the chosen few get to see what I'm doing or into please don't fuck it up for everyone else. If I find anything I posted on here on the net or other blogs I will delete this blog and walk away. I will be more open on here than every before I will post things I never have before like nude pics of guys I think are hot and maybe even short porn videos hell don't be surprise if I post nude pics of myself as soon as I feel I can trust everyone 100% I just might let everyone see the goods. All I ask is what I do here stays here so please don't mess this up for everyone and for me ok. I will post more later on why I went private a few of you already know but the rest of you will soon!So everyone say hi to everyone else just on this post I don't want everyone to comment on everything but this one least just comment and say hi!

Until Later!
35 Responses
  1. dr!ver Says:

    Hey it's Driver/Scott (whichever you call me) I'm glad you invited me =)

  2. sillyboi Says:

    Hi there Ry. I am glad I am apart of the blog. and Hi to everyone else..

  3. Ryan Says:

    thanks scott!
    thanks tim!

  4. Chuck Says:

    Hi everybody! :)

    Ryan -- very curious, indeed, as to what led to your decision to shake things up. You've been super-resilient in the past... I hope it's not anything too awful :-P

  5. Ryan Says:

    thanks chuck!

    just a little change much of the same really but some nudity sometimes hehe never hurt anybody!

  6. tman Says:

    Well, this certainly sounds interesting!!! Thanks, kid!! Looking foward to your new blog!! luv, tman<3

  7. Ryan Says:

    thanks tman!

  8. Brian Says:

    I'm proud to be part of this special group.

  9. Ryan Says:

    thanks brian!

  10. Carl Says:

    Glad you are back.

  11. Ryan Says:

    thanks carl!

  12. audacious Says:

    thanks ryan for letting me be a part of you blog. good luck

  13. Ryan Says:

    thanks audacious!

  14. duffmanrules Says:

    Ryan, thank you for the invite to read your blog. I'm glad that you've decided to continue blogging and that you'll be more open with a private blog. I've missed your half naked Thursdays. Will you now have fully naked Fridays? :-)


  15. CreamedHoney Says:

    Good blogs are hard to find--yours is always fun to read!

  16. Bret Says:

    Hi, I am Bret.

    Thanks for the invite!!!

  17. Laurie Says:

    omg...took forever but this
    thing finally let me get on here
    to make sure you DO NOT POST ANY

    Yeppers...Mommas watching...

    Love you more than you will ever
    know and more than I will ever


  18. Octavius Says:

    Hey dude..., Hey everyone.

    I would say welcome aboard..., but I think that's your line... hahahaha

    Really good to be here.


  19. Uncle Gerry Says:

    Hi Ryan! Glad you let your old Uncle in to see your thoughts. Love you very much!

  20. ryan field Says:

    Hi...I'm late, as usual. But I'm glad I'm here and glad you're still here.

    Looking forward to your new blogging journey!!

  21. duffmanrules Says:

    Hey Ryan, Laurie'right. If you do fully naked Fridays, the pix should not be of you or Kadin.


  22. Planetx_123 Says:


    Well thank you for inviting me. I look forward to the future posts. And yes-- a few nudes of hot guys never hurt anyone :-)

    Much Love,

  23. Sal Says:

    Hi! I'm so glad to be included in your blog. Other than that all I have to say is be yourself!


  24. Hi Ryan, hi all

    Thank you for your trust Ryan and your idea to make a private blog.

  25. naturgesetz Says:

    Hi Ry. Thanks for inviting me.

  26. David Says:

    You made the right call I think Ry.

    It'll probably keep happening, so this is easier for everyone.

    Not sure about you staying with 'Blogger' if you're going to do nude 'anything' as they've had a habit of nuking such blogs.

    Nibblebit is a bit safer in that respect.

    Your call, but I'd research.

    Best wishes for the new blog version and I'll be sure to send the cat out of the room rather than frighten her when your gigantic snake is on screen.....


  27. hocine33 Says:

    Hi, Thanks for letting me in.. and for your trust. We won't deceive it.
    Keep going, man!

  28. Lee Says:

    Always listen to your mom. Thanks for the invite in, let the Ryan Adventures begin.

  29. elisa-rolle Says:

    Ciao! Thank for the invite. Elisa

  30. jimm Says:

    Gonna be a hot time in the city, huh!!! I be looking forward to more posts.

  31. Alan Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Alan Says:

    Hi Ryan, thank you for inviting me and trusting me. Best wishes to you on the "new" blog. One more thing - Hello everyone

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Ryry, thanks for the invite. I seem to remember back when you had another blog that showed nudity and gay couples, it was very hot!!!
    I hope you can trust all of us and feel free to post whatever you fucking well feel like! Oh, and hello to everybody else. You folks must be okay. Ed (Ted, since this is private I can use my real first name again)

  34. well hello everyone im aaron thought i commented last night but looks like it didnt take so hello and thnx ryan

  35. Ryan Says:

    you guys are awesome thanks so much for comments and saying hello new post coming soon!