A Thought and A Vote!

It's funny how you do something and in your mind you know that it was wrong and bad but your mind don't let you see how bad it really was. Last night I watched the latest episode of the TV show Brothers & Sisters and it really hit home made me see something that I did but didn't realize the hurt I caused until I seen the show. For those who haven't seen the show there is a couple on there that are gay and are married but having some issues and one of them cheated and the other found out and it's tearing them apart. See this hits close to home cause I did the same thing to the one that I loved. I didn't really realize how much I hurt Kadin by what I did.

People want to think I'm just this perfect person well I'm not. I did something bad and hurt the person that loved me the most and even though were talking again I don't think he truly forgave me and how could he really. He's told me he needed time and then didn't know if we could be a couple again. Two years shot to hell and all because I was stupid. So see this little perfect person that you see isn't perfect after all I used my other head and it cost me. When I seen the pain that the couple on TV were going through it sank in on what I did and what I destroy. I know I need to learn from my mistake and don't do it again but deep down it will take some time to forgive myself and I hope that someday Kadin can truly forgive me.

One last thing before I go........


I don't care how you vote just vote, vote, vote!!!

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  1. Bret Says:

    We all do things that we wish we could undo or take back but I guess that is part of life and learning.

    We are all human and we all have dents in our armor.

    All you can do is give it time and see where that takes you.