The Bitch & Pearl Harbor

I am warning you if your a hunter and your a follower of my blog and don't want to get pissed at me then better leave now. Today I'm gonna be the angry American why? Because I can and because I'm laying here in this hospital bed with nothing else better to do than bitch about things. First thing let me say Sarah Palin your a bitch and I don't like you at all now got that off my chest I feel better. The TLC channel shame on you also you use to be one of my favorite channels but now yeah you suck too!

I'm sure ya'll heard about Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC. I haven't watched it and won't but the other night the show featured a pretty graphic scene featuring the former vice presidential candidate shooting and killing a caribou. Later in the episode, the hunters cut up the caribou so they can transfer it back home and save it in the freezer. "When you see that you have a successful hit, it's a great feeling of accomplishment," Palin summarized.

Glad you feel good about your accomplishment there you stupid bitch! TLC shame on you for running the ad for her show over and over again that she was gonna shoot a helpless animal you should be proud on that you dumb fucks! I bet the people of Alaska are really proud that she is trying to be the spoke person for there state hell she couldn't even finish funning here governorship out without quitting. If I was from Alaska I would tell her to shut her fucking month.

Yeah I'm in a mood can't stand that bitch and now she did what she did on her show I really can't stand her. Just like when she was governor she allowed wolves to be hunted by helicopter what a cunt sorry I know that's a hard word but I can't think of any other word to call her. I say let's drop her in the middle of Alaska and hunt her down in helicopters see if she likes it. Oh don't forget she can see Russia from her front door whatever bitch get a life and get your daughter under control no wonder Levi didn't want to be around you crazy people.

PETA Responds Sharply to Sarah Palin's Caribou Killing

Don't forget it's December 7 Pearl Harbor Day we can never forget those who died that day!
Here is a good website on Pearl Harbor


5 Responses
  1. A Lewis Says:

    I'm right there with you, babe. Totally not up for killing animals. And to do it for marketing and promotion purposes really irks me. You know I've got your back....that goes without saying.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I didn't know you were vegan. I'm glad you don't believe in killing animals for food.

    I can't even walk by the meat counter in the supermarket without getting all choked up. People don't realize that those animals had to just, too, just like the one Palin killed.

    Good for you, Ryan. I'm glad you don't ever eat meat, fish, or poultry.

    I'd like to read more posts by you about not eating meat.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    He's not a vegan...but he is
    more on the vegitarian side of

    I don't mind people hunting so
    long as it is FOR FOOD ONLY! Not
    for the 'sport' of it...Think of
    the Natives who had to kill for
    food...I don't like hunting but
    I'm not gonna stop someone from
    feeding their family...IF that
    is totally what they do with it...
    Still, I'm an animal lover and
    totally will crash my car into
    a tree before hitting ANY animal...

    I have never liked Palin...she is
    nothing to me...I wouldn't go
    out of my way to help her with
    anything...She is a total fake
    just like all the others...



  4. jimm Says:

    Anyone who hates Palin, is a friend of mine. You realize the airhead is only doing this tv show to keep her name in the limelight until she runs for president?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ryan, our race track is having a huge event this weekend and we're asking people to donate either for Toys for Tots or for the local Food bank. Just so you know that racers care too!
    Glad to hear you're back with us again, and thanks to Tyler for filling in.
    Waiting for the Christmas card, bro.... LOL
    Be good so you can go home!