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Question for Ya'll it's been 2 weeks since facebook fuck me without a kiss and no word from them so should I start a new account or say the hell with it?Talk to me tell me what you think?
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  1. Aaron Yeagle Says:

    I think you should make a FaceBook account but keep it to your family and more important friends. 5,000 friends on your list does nothing for you.

  2. Bret Says:

    I think you should if you miss it.

    You need to do what will make you happy and not get the laptop taken kidding.

    Glad ur feeling better.

  3. ryan field Says:

    Start again. It was probably just one of those accidental things that happen and they don't even know about it. I don't think FB is run very well.

    And monitor your account with more care. I have certain rules. One rule is if someone gets too political, I de-friend. I don't want to hear anyone's personal opinion about politics on FB unless they are actively involved in politics themselves. Two, if people leave crude or vulgar comments on a post, I de-friend them just as fast as the political ranters. I did this to a book reviewer once when he started leaving vulgar comments and he went crazy. But I don't care. You have to really monitor it sometimes.

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Ask yourself if you need Faacebook. What good does it do for you that nothing else does nearly as well? If you decide that it's something that is really good, then limit your number of friends, and as Ryan Field says, unfriend them if they give any sort of problem. Keep it to people you really want to be in touch with.

  5. surakmn Says:

    Well, my two cents - Facebook is a handy way to keep in touch with people, but you might want to be more selective in friending people, limiting to those of us you actually interact with from time to time. It's neat that you're in such demand, but with 5000 friends, how many of them are really friendly?

    Glad you're feeling better enough to care about your social networking now. You are missed.

  6. I say, do what YOU feel is right...I've thought about deleting mine a lot. I'm only on there so I have my photos, videos & writing practically triple-backed-up/saved. (*Projects which are also saved on my other websites, as well.*) That way they aren't all just sitting on my hard-drive...I’m also on there incase something BIG is going on in life, but I’ve got a phone and e-mail for that anyways. :-P

    Anyways....Thank you so much for the message below…I just now scrolled down and saw that. I was just checking-in, because I care like that. I may not comment often but I will for sure check back from time-to-time to see how things are & what’s new. I hope you are feeling a lot better and getting plenty of good rest after your hospital visit. <3

    Take care!! :-)

  7. Panhandle Bob Says:

    Come on, get back on FB! We miss you there.

    Glad you're feeling better :)

  8. ittyK Says:

    Seshomaru and Inyuasha. <3

  9. Anonymous Says:

    start another one but ONLY
    friend people you know...Don't
    go accepting every offer that
    is out there...ALSO, DO NOT
    put ANY pictures of yourself
    with little to no clothing on
    cause that isn't good...



  10. Ty Says:

    i would say set another one up ryan since you seem to be missing it from the way you keep talking about it

    but as the others have said keep it for family and close friends (only have ppl on it who you invite) i could never understand how anyone could have more than 500 friends on fb let alone 5000...i have 55 on mine and i struggle to keep in contact with most of those


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Go ahead and open another account on FB.