Oh No He Didn't

Last night we had some friends over for coffee night. We try to get together every few weeks just to sit and talk and drink coffee my favorite! Normally we pick a topic of two and we throw it out for peoples thoughts and ideas on whatever it is were talking about. Most the time its whatever is making the news at the time is what we talk about. We have talked about starting a book club only thing we have talked about books and we all like different things when it comes to reading we couldn't decide on a book.Anyway last night a long time friend of Kadin's was there with his new boy toy and Kadin wasn't happy about this for some reason wasn't until later did I found out why but that's not the problem or the story I am blogging about today. This boy toy let's call him "Ken" ya know from Barbie and Ken lol. Ken all night was getting on people's nerves and normally I can deal with a lot of different kind of people but he was getting on mine as well. Hell this one guy who was there pulled me off to the side and said damn how we make them leave! hahaWell they all started talking about different things that were happening in the world. Me I was just sitting back enjoying my coffee thought I would just try to sit back and keep my mouth shut so I didn't blow up on Ken. That worked for a while until Ken said something that went through me like a shit load of bricks. He said can you believe Peta and them fighting Alaska for killing wolves. He said there just a damn animal without feelings. The room got all quite and everyone look at me.Ken was like what? Finally Kadin said you got this Monkey when an evil grin on his face. I said yes babe I got this! I think everyone in that room was smiling when I cut into Ken. I ask him how the hell could you say that wolf or any other animal has no feelings? I ask was you raised under a rock or something? I said animals has just as much feelings as we do and they want what we want and that is to live raise a family and pretty much be left alone. I said they wake up everyday hoping some stupid ass hunter don't kill them. I ask Ken how would you like to wake up everyday thinking it may be your last cause some dumb fuck wants to shoot you and either eat you or hang you on a wall as a trophy?I ask him why do the animals run from us? Fear is why cause man has always harm them. I said that's a feeling. When they get shot do you think it hurts them? Why do they cry out after it happens? It's pain and that's a feeling. Why do they had from man? It's called being scared that's a feeling. I ask him do you need me to go on cause I can? He said animals were put here for our us and he don't believe they have feelings. I look at Ken as said no they weren't put here for us or for our entertainment people like you are here for that now take your ass and get out of my house! I said that's what I do to stupid people I throw them out of my house!
8 Responses
  1. Doug Says:

    way to go Ryan. I definitely like what you did to Ken. How can people even think that animals don't have feelings. It serves him right for saying that. I hope he never comes back (unless he changes his mind about animals).

  2. Gay Kisses Says:

    Beautifully said in your wonderfully mis-spelled grammatically incorrect way! hehehe

    I don't understand people who still believe that humankind is the center of the universe. Just wait until someone smarter and more powerful than us comes along and treats us the way we've treated animals on this planet.

  3. Eric Says:

    He is a moron babe and I am proud of you for standing up for the animals! I don't understand people who have zero compassion for our fellow inhabitants of this planet. I hate nasty people and those who have no empathy for the less fortunate and for animals. You are a kind-hearted guy and so sweet! I agree with you 100% babe! Hugz!!

  4. Jay Says:

    Good For youRyan. With that mind set you wonder if even Human's are safe. I have a Jack Russell. She's wonderful and very loving. And she's better than a lot of human's I know.

  5. Bravo! More kudos to you and Kadin for letting you run with the ball there. :) I may eat meat(and I know it's not always humane what they do to the livestock....but I just like meat unfortunately), but I have a LOT of respect for animals and how they are treated in the wild.

    Man encroached on THEIR territory and took it over, not the other way round.

  6. jimm Says:

    im not gonna kiss yer ass like everyone else. ken was expressing his opinion, but exposing his weakness, ignorance. its not like he was a hunter. id be more impressed if you pointed out his shortcomings and politely educated him. Winning ppl over would be more beneficial to the animals.

    Moving on... how about all the wildlife in Japan? Think they all evacuated the dangerous radiation zone?

  7. ryan field Says:

    I would have kicked him out of my house too. The older I get the less patience I have when it comes to people like this.

  8. Necrotike Says:

    Just browsing blogs. Came across yours and it's nice to see a blog about stuff other than knitting, scrapbooks or babies (don't get me wrong, babies are kinda awesome). :)