I Will Not Apologize

Um a few things I wanted to cover today first off the bin laden thing I got a few emails saying that they were disappointed in me and many Americans. I understand but I'm not going to say I'm sorry that he's dead. Celebrating in the streets and such as many Americans did people say it was distasteful and maybe it was but I recall him sitting on the floor with others laughing and having a good time when they pulled off 9-11.Maybe people in the world just not ready to see the new America where we celebrate a killing of someone who needed to be whacked and if that makes you not like me anymore so be it. This will really set you off then I would have brought his body back to the United States and hung him up in New York City with a sign that said something like this. It may have took 10 years but let this be a lesson we won't stop until we find you and shoot you down so if you want to fuck with us in America we will hang your ass up next!

Next is the boycott thing with the flamingo. I'm being ask why? Well this is the reason they have done many people wrong starting with employees all the way to customers. I have personally had bad dealings with these people as many have if you check out the boycott page. Something's that have came out so far is theft from credit card transactions to managers being drunk and treating the entertainers like they were abused children. I with others in the community are sick of it and demand a change or we will tell who will listen and boycott until a change is made!So if you came looking for and apology from me not gonna happen! I am a Proud American I know my country has issues and things we need to work out but I wouldn't pick anywhere else to live!

American by birth Southern by the Grace of God!
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  1. jaygeemmm Says:

    You're absolutely entitled to your opinion, and I'll defend until death your right to air it! But remember that people are allowed to disagree, it's how we learn and grow. I tend to agree pretty much with you. Street parties to celebrate? A bit over the top. Smugly happy that we finally got him? Absolutely.

    I'm not familiar with The Flamingo, but speaking with your pocketbook is exactly how I make an economic statement. For example, I won't shop at Best Buy any more because of how I was treated. And I tell people about it. Who knows, one voice, one opinion...change can happen.

    Peace <3

  2. ryan field Says:

    Every time I think about the innocent people jumping out of the towers on 9/11, I feel less and less sympathy for bin Laden.

  3. jimm Says:

    Street celebrations in places like NYC and DC, I think that was a really spontaneous reaction, since these places were attacked.

    As for the college kids on campus celebrating, think about it, these kids were between 8 and 11 years-old when 9-11 happened. It's all they've known. So Sunday nite they blew off some steam and whooped it up. Pretty normal reaction, i think.

    There be no flamingos here to boycott.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    100,000 + people dead in the middle east in the search for non-existent 'weapons of mass destruction' and one man.

    Guess that doesn't matter as "they're not us".....

    And if another country sent it's helicopters into your country to kill people, you'd obviously find that acceptable in the name of their idea of 'justice' ?

    Didn't think so.

    The wild west mentality goes on and on and no-one grows up.

    'Bout time they did - it's the 21st century .

    And do I support the guy and what he stood for ?




  5. Bobby Alpy Says:

    Even if there were an issue here which there isn't.The rules of war concerning enemy combatants who don't identify themselves by wearing a uniform,are clear.They are not entitled to any protection under the Geneva Convention and may be rega...rded as spies or sabatuers.As such they may be executed on site.I say that the fact that anyone made it out of that building alive speaks to the mercy and honor of or Seals not the other way around.

  6. jimm Says:

    Next time we'll send flowers...