Answering Question and a Statement

Okay I'm going to answer some of the questions I was ask and then make a statement on something I'm doing and hope ya'll will help me with.

Jimm ask me how Kadin and Tyler helps and deals with my hearing or lack of. Well Kadin is very good about it and makes sure when he talks to me he looks at me most the time he also makes sure like the TV surround sound is on he just does small things to make it better. Tyler what can I say he likes to have fun with it he will talk or act like he's talking when all he's doing is moving his lips it's all good I know he means no harm about it just things brother's do like when I use to kid him about his little penis now I wish I would have kept my shut! lol

Ryan Field made a great point he said I should go back and take my best post and repost them. I think is a great idea and it would maybe bring some of the new people upto date on somethings about me and things I've been through. Since I have writers block lol this would help me until I get back into posting on here like I did before.

Luke ask about someone from my past Mikey (Mike) this would be good post to go back and repost so ya'll would understand how much I cared for Mikey and he did me. But like all things sometimes things don't work and this was our case. Mike is living in Georgia he rents a house off my dad has for the past year or so. I know he is going to school and also working as a security officer I don't know if he's dating anyone the last guy he was with they spilt up and I agree he is a hottie. I wish him well in whatever he's doing or with.

Ok now my statement there is this contest it's call the AE Bestshot Contest American Eagle Outfitters that I was enter in at first I didn't want any part of it but after I went and look it over I had a great idea and now I don't mind being in it. I'm not really concern about winning first place or anything like that modeling is not really my thing I want the gift cards that's what I want. Now before you start thinking bad thought I don't want the cards for me ya'll know me and clothes don't get along that well anyway.

What I want the cards for is this shelter in town where I live it's a home for teens that don't have anything so I was thinking if I could get enough votes and could win a couple of the gift cards I could give them to the shelter and they could take the kids out to get some new school clothes and it might make them feel good. Kadin and I normally try to help them out when we can normally at start of school and at Christmas. I was thinking if I could use myself to get some votes and a few gift cards then why not.

So please give me your vote and lets see how many cards we can get for these kids!

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8 Responses
  1. Doug Says:

    what a great idea. I am proud of you for wanting to help out those teens. I will make sure I vote today.

    I am glad you and Tyler can joke around a little. That just shows what a close family you have, with lots of love to go around.

  2. Indeed Ryan Field had a great idea.

  3. Jason Says:

    Great idea to help out the home for's awesome that you think of others Ryan. I don't know how I missed it but I didn't realize you were hard of hearing but it's cool how you guys can joke's great that you have a close family that loves you. Just going to vote :)

  4. That is awesome little bro! :D You know I already voted for ya. I do hope that you win because what a great present for those kids!!

    Love ya Ryan :)

  5. jimm Says:

    I'm glad Kadin buys into it, your hearing loss. It can be really frustrating for everyone.

    And I get the same jokes Ty plays on you. Ummm... not sure what their penis size is, tho...

    Why not all 3 of you take a basic sign language class? justa thought.

    And I hope Mike is doing ok.

  6. Jay M. Says:

    I voted!

    So you read lips...I was wondering...didn't you also say you use hearing aids?

    (OK, so shoot me, another question!)

    I'd bet you communicate pretty darn well in the hearing world - you work for an organization raising money for them, and doing so much more. You are an inspiration to so many!

    Peace <3

  7. ryan field Says:

    I voted.

    I'd like to hear a bout Mikey, too.

  8. Eric Says:

    Done! :-)