Penis Talk

Today post is going to be about penis talk I know right but I have gotten some emails some to my yahoo and some on facebook. They ask different things but a lot of the questions were the same so I thought I would just do a post and maybe answer some of these question. So ya'll ready to take Ryan's penis class? lol

So one of the big questions was how come I talk about or post jokes about cocks? Well first off let me say what is more funnier than a dick joke really? I post things to make people laugh or smile maybe make the day a little better and I get a kick out of some of the stuff people send me. That's the main reason why I talk or post about cocks.

The other top questions is I'm always bragging about my size am I really that big or is it wishful thinking. I have always been honest with people on here and facebook I just don't speak about size without being able to back it up. So yes it's more than average and yes I am proud of this fact.When I was a kid I got pick on a lot either cause I was the littlest kid or cause I had hearing aids, glasses or cause I was sick a lot so I had nothing special to make me stick out from these other kids until I join the swim team and I found out that I did and I thought now make fun of me with your little dick!

Well they did of course said I was deformed or something cause I had a donkey dick but none of them was willing to pull theres out in a cock contest but I sure would in a heartbeat cause I knew I would win and make them look like little girls or something. They could bully me all they wanted but I knew I had a bigger dick than they did and this made me very happy.The other thing growing up with my parents where nudity was open and we spent a lot of summers at nudists camps and such I learn to look at the male body as art something that is beautiful. Nudity don't have to be about sex all the time. I think if there wasn't any clothes and people had nothing to hide the world might be a nicer place to live.Well hope that answers your questions and before you ask you first!(for the record these pics are off the net I don't know any of these boys and they never sent me these pics if someone sends me pics I would never post them!)

Have a Good Weekend!

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  1. Polt Says:

    I always liked the story about Milton Berle, who was supposedly hugely endoweled. And he was challenged to a contest at a psrty once. When tell this story, someone asked him if he pulled it out for the contest, and his reply was, "Just enough of it to win." :)


  2. T.j Says:

    Love This Post...I Have To Agree With You Nudity Dont Have To Be Sexually...I Should Know Im A Nudist As Well..Keep Doin What You Doin I Try To Keep Up With Your Post As Much As I Can

  3. thylvin Says:

    I would love to be in a nudist camp, but since there are not any in my country i just do that in the weekends and usualy after we showered and hour or two before bed and only get dressed when i have to go to work

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I agree - cloths cause too many problems. Too many are trying to outdess the others. The money spent on clothing is wasted and could be better used to spend time in the sun.

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  6. Great to know you were always at the safe end of those contests :) hope it was helpful at the end.

  7. Jay M. Says:

    Love nudity. Don't care about dick size on me or anyone else - more than a mouthful is a waste! LOL

    Peace <3

  8. jimm Says:

    So i guess one could say, when you got picked on, you had a back-up plan...


  9. ryan field Says:

    You always make me laugh with your penis jokes.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    and the picture of your size is where?

  11. Hey Ryan,

    Please check out my new blog?