This is Why

People ask me why do I care about animals so much? They say that I care more for animals than I do people. I would have to say for the most part that is true I do! I think it goes back to my childhood and not having a lot of friends I always had animals around me and to me they were my friends I love them and they love me unconditionally!

I'm not going into a boo hoo crying my eyes out post a feel sorry for me post. I love my childhood and I learn a lot from it and I was never lonely even though I had very little friends. I had my animals and no matter what was going or how mad I was they would always come up to me lick my hand and let me know it was ok.The only thing my animals ever did that hurt me and they didn't do it on purpose but they would die and leave a hole in my heart and I would hurt so bad that they left me. I think because of that is why I work at a shelter now and why I do all I can do to help the animals it's sad to see a animal that don't know what love is.My shelter has a strict policy on adoption and trust me I follow through every bit of it. You can't just come in and take an animal home don't work that way. There is a lot of paper work involved and I check everything out on there to visiting your house your friends house and your momma's house trust me and I do make follow up calls when you take one of my animals!

So yeah I have a soft spot for animals and I always will and will do anything to protect them make sure that if someone is mean to them that they lose there right to own and animal. So yeah the more people I meet the more I like my dogs! Please if you can give something to your local shelter even if its 5.00 bucks every dollar helps!
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  1. Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan .. this is one of the many reasons people love you so much. You CARE about your pets and job and really put your heart into it.
    You are a very special person and even tho you had problems as a kid you have overcome many of them. You are a great example for younger guys who are going thru the difficult time of growing up.
    Keep being great! Huggzzzz

  2. ryan field Says:

    Nice post...don't even change!! Just keep doing all the nice things you do.

  3. Jay Ross Says:

    I've had pets all of my life and I agree they love you unconditionly. .Each one holds a special place in my heart and they are never forgotten. Thanks for the special rekindled memories. You are one amazing guy.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That last picture looks just like my Alexi!!! I too would actually rather be around my "kids" than most other people..As always you bring a smile to my face with your writings...Your friend always.....Jon Winship

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What cuties you posted today! YAY!!!

    Both my dogs have been rescues, the first I got in about 1987, he was a puppy that was thrown out of a car in the snow. He stuck around nearly 12 years until he got cancer that took him quickly, thank God. Then I got Bullwinkle, he was a barely 6-week-old puppy at the pound - and he wanted to come home with me. Right now, he's asleep behind my desk chair. He's over 12 years old now.

    These dogs are proof that you should go to your shelter and get your pets. They deserve your love, and give so much back. And they are lucky as heck to have someone like you to look after them and help them find their forever homes!

    Peace <3

  6. Anonymous Says:

    All of my dogs (4) are shelter/rescue dogs, and they know they got lucky and show me so much love every day!!.................Jon Winship

  7. Eric Says:

    Ryan..we have never met but I know you are truly a good person with a kind heart. Your sweet pies are so cute and your compassion and love for animals is an amazing attribute. Hugz and love to a wonderful man!


  8. jayson Says:

    Good ryan that's how it should be. Im so sick of hearing about animal abuse or neglect it hurts my heart. Im that guy that ALWAYS beings home the stray he found and try to find it a new home. Keep up the good wrk buddy :)

  9. mgresham Says:

    Don't let people like that get you down. I also have had pets all of my life, I have more now than I ever did growing up, which then it was 2 dogs and 1 cat. Now it's like a zoo around my house, we have 5 dogs that sleep in the bed with us, thankfully we have a king size bed, otherwise, we ould be on the floor. About the wolves, I think what this guy said is extremely stupid. The wolf is one of my favorite animals, so much so that I have a tattoo on my upper arm and I also have a wolf hybrid, she is my 2nd one, her name is Jasmine, the first was Poco. They are the most beautiful animals, other than a panther. Speaking of which, after Hurricane Rita my husband walked down in the woods behind our house just after daylight and he came up on a sleeping panther laying on a tree that had been uprooted. It just laed there as he walked by, so close he could have taken a couple of steps and touched it, but common sense hit him and he just watched and left it alone. I don't believe in the random killing of wolves, no matter if they are killing livestock. I look at it this way, we moved into their area not the other way around.