Question Day

Today I thought I would answer a few questions from yall.

Ryan Field asks me Do you and Ty ever argue? And what are the big differences between you as brothers?

Yes we do but not that much normally its over him telling me where he going and what time will he back now he's 18 he thinks he don't need to inform me and I have to let him know the rule I always hated when I was growing up you live under my roof its my rules he fights with me over it but normally I get Kadin and for some crazy reason he listen to him and don't argue with him.

Um I would say other than hair color being different Tyler is taller than me and a little stockier and hung like a horse lol had to throw that in to see if anyone is reading this! He also like video games and cell phones I could careless about them. He likes different sports than I do and also different TV shows. He also likes girls sometimes and I just can't do that.

Jimm asks didn't your folks take in a gay cousin of yours? jus wondering how he is doing and if he has changed any?

Yes they did and when my parents split he came down here with my mom I didn't make him feel very welcome I still had a trust issue with him. He ended up staying with my uncle and mom for a while he got a job and ended up dating a few guys here and there. Now he is living in Tampa with his boyfriend and doing very well. Yes I finally open up to him and let go of the past and we get along great now.

Somebody who didn't want there name used ask how is Corey doing?

Corey is doing great talked with him last week he's living with Mikey in the Atlanta area he's going to collage and in general is doing really well very proud of him. I knew him and Mikey kinda bonded and I was ok with that I just wanted the best for him and I'm glad he has Mikey there for him and I will always be a phone call away he knows how much I love him.

Well that's all I got for questions this week if you have anymore you can leave them in a comment or email me @
4 Responses
  1. jimm Says:

    A very positive post! I like that. And I love the attitude you're now showing your cousin. Good for all of ya!

  2. ryan field Says:

    Thanks for answering :)

    I had to laugh when you said Ty likes girls sometimes. I agree with you and I can't do that

    But I do like girls in other ways, they just have to keep their clothes on at all times, is all.

  3. Jay M. Says:

    Cool post, Ryan! Thanks for the personal insight into you and your life.

    I think it's so great that Tyler lives with you and you are so responsible in "taking care" of him. And sometimes, as you've realized, it takes a non-family member to get through to him, but stick to those guns. You'll turn him into an awesome man, just like you with your values and morals.

    Peace <3

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Ryan,
    I think it's all about that we should not lend something. We should just give it. Whenever we lend something, we expect something in return. And if we don't get it, we feel hurt. So we should just give as much as we can afford - without expecting something: neither money, respect, love..

    With love :)