What Makes Me Mad

I love when people email me and ask questions on thing I may never talk about or may never post about but need to from time to time. So the question was this you always seem to be happy do you ever get mad? Is there anyone who you just see and it pisses you off? (besides family) I was like wow when I seen these questions and thought well I need to answer them in a post on here.

Do I ever get mad? Yeah I say on a daily basis mainly over something I read or when I have to go pick a dog that has been abused and is so scare that sends me into a rage real fast. When I read something online or else where about some stupid ass hurt or killing an animal for no reason at all makes me real mad.

Someone messing with my family even though Tyler can handle himself and knows all that taekwondo shit and can flat kick the shit out of someone if I see someone hurt his feelings or heart I just want to rip there head off and shit down there throat. This will send me into a rage also.

Now the other question yes there are a few people I can see and I get pissed off and want to punch them right in the face. My family up north would top that list I think all the hurt they have done over the years I really can't stand them and normally when I see them I want to hit them.

There is a guy in the Saint Petersburg area that I can't stand and when I see his ugly big yellow teeth looking face it pisses me off. Thank God I don't go out like I use too or there would be a fight. Sad part is he is friends with a lot of friends I have but one good thing is I don't run in the same circle so I don't have to see him.

Last time I seen him was on my birthday party in Ybor City but thank God Kadin was there to keep me in check cause I wanted to go up to him so bad. I just wanted to grab his little queer ass up and say got something to say to me yellow teeth? I swear I would have kick the shit out of his gay ass!

Ok I need to think of something else cause thinking about him is pissing me off!!!!
If you have question you can ask them here or in an email and if there good ones I'll do a post about them!

Thanks Ethan for this questions.
5 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    Sounds like when you get mad you also get very passionate, too. In other words, you get mad for a real reason, not just for the sake of getting mad. That's a nice quality!!

    I'm curious about one thing. Do you and Ty ever argue? And what are the big differences between you as brothers?

  2. jimm Says:

    I'd rather not be pissed off. Don't like myself being that way. Kinda gets me feeling depressed, too.

    Question: speaking of family, didn't your folks take in a gay cousin of yours? jus wondering how he is doing and if he has changed any?

  3. Ryan Says:

    you both have good questions and ill answer them in a post!

  4. I would rather know someone that has passion (even in the form of anger) than someone that is apathetic about things....

    And you my brother are one of my favorite people!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    you mean........apart from........