Jimmie Johnson

I'm going to talk about something today that I think most of you least like about me but it is my blog and it's one of my loves so I have to talk about it NASCAR! Before I get into what I really want to post about I want to say something about Kyle Busch and what he did in Texas I'm not going to say he was right but I understand do I think he handle it wrong of course I do but to keep bitching about it whats the point? Kyle understands now he was wrong and I think he learn a hard lesson.He had to sit out a weekend of racing he was fined 50,000 dollars for his actions and now Mars/M&M's pulled there sponsorship off his car last weekend and this weekend and will decide later if they want to be on his car next season. I hears Z-Line designs told Joe Gibbs they want Denny in the 18 car this weekend and not Kyle. I have to give props to Interstate Batteries for standing up for Kyle. People saying he needs to be kicked out of nascar that's bullshit he made a mistake haven't we all. He is the best in nascar and that scares people you could put that boy on a tricycle and he would find a way to win.This weekend in Miami/Homestead is the end of the nascar season and I hate it but they do need a break. Also this weekend will end an era that nascar has never seen before and maybe never will again. I'm talking about Jimmie Johnson his regain of nascar champion will come to and end. I know there is a lot of people out there that are ready to see it end but for me I could handle another one. Don't get me wrong he is not leaving nascar and he will be champion again soonJust he has done something that nobody in nascar has ever done he has one the championship 5 years in a year he is the only one that has ever done that and I think that will be a record hard to break. Don't matter if you like him or not you have to give props to him and his crew for accomplishing that. I personally am a Jimmie fan cause Jeff Gordon believe in him so much he brought him into the business and put up some of his own money and look at the pay out. So thanks Jimmie Johnson for the past 5 years as the nascar champion it was a great run! Can't wait for next year to start another run!
For the record if your wondering who I'm pulling for to win this year Carl Edwards or Tony Stewart well I say come on Carl Edwards I pulling for you!
2 Responses
  1. mary gresham Says:

    Babe, you already know my feelings about Kyle, yes I agree, overall he is one of, if not the best, NASCAR has ever had. But, his attitude stinks. I think, however, that what happened has opened his eyes a little, made him realize that his temper has no place on the track. About what happened, well, if it had not been done under caution, I don't think it would have been as bad.
    Now as for Jimmys reign as champ, yes its over and I, like Randy believe that's how the big guys wanted it. So Carl or Tony, I don't really care, because the person I would have liked to see at the top isn't and I have to face, most likely never will be as I honestly don't think he has what it takes, no matter how much I wish it was different. For his other fans, Dale Jr is not and never will be his daddy. I could not stand Sr, so don't think I like Jr because of his daddy, I like him for himself. But fans face, he will NEVER be champion unless he drastically changes his syle of driving.
    So, good luck this weekend to all the drivers, personally I like to see the underdog win the race. Have fun this weekend Ryan!

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