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This morning when I stopped at the 7-11 to get some gas and coffee I was watching people going in and out of the store nothing strange or out of place just the normal hustle in the mornings going on. I walk inside to get a cup of coffee and for the record 7-11 on Mantaee ave close to 75th has the best coffee. Anyway I was standing there getting my coffee again watching the people.

I'm standing there and I see a lot of guys in suits heading to work and it got me thinking man that is so not me. I look at myself and I have on a t-shirt cargo shorts and flip flops didn't want to mess with the hair to much so I threw on a ball cap that's how I'm dressed for work. I think about the few jobs I've had since I left school and for the most part there wasn't any dress codes.
I worked at a rehab for injured people and there is was water therapy so I wore shorts t-shirt flip flops and a speedo. There was the nursing home I work at and there it was scrubs and a pair of crocks of course there was the short stint where I worked as a go-go boy in Ybor City and there it was shorts until I got there then is was sexy underwear or a jock strap. Most of my jobs either was little bit of clothes or something comfortable clothes.

Don't get me wrong some guys look really hot in suits its just not me. I wear a suit it's normally for something really special or it's cause someone died. I couldn't think of getting up everyday having to put on a suit and tie. Hell I only own 2 suits I couldn't even think of having like 8 to 10 of them. I guess someone has to do it just glad it's not me and not at my job.

Have a Great Monday!

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  1. Mind Of Mine Says:

    Ya know what, a couple of years ago, if the place I worked had no business dress code, I would see it as a major pro.

    But in the last few months, I have began to favour wearing a shirt and tie. I feel more professional, I actually feel like I work harder and it means I don't have to wear my casual clothes so much and I have less washing to do and more variety of outfits to pick from when I go clubbing.

  2. Teddytoy Says:

    Having tun a Tuxedo rental shop for over 25 years in north Tampa ... I learned that most people around the area don't own a suit or if they do .. it shrunk in the closet.
    We did a huge business with High School guys that went to homecoming because they had the option of a suit or tux. Why buy a suit that you will grow out of.. for 200-300 when you can rent a tux for 50-80 and don't nave to worry about it again.
    Most offices today in Central or south Florida don't require coats and many now aren't even doing ties.
    You are a prime example of dress codes here.

  3. ryan field Says:

    A lot of businesses have become more casual lately, and they've even relaxed the dress code in corporate America to some extent. I had to spend time with a relative in the hospital a few years ago and I saw that very few doctors wore suits anymore. One doc, in fact, always wore these outragous, colorful shirts all the time. Nowadays I think a lot of men agree with you on suits. They wear them only when it's absolutely required. I even know a few lawyers that only wear suits to court. Some businesses are still strict about suits. But a lot are getting more relaxed about it.

  4. Jay M. Says:

    In high school, I owned more suits than any four other guys my age - thanks to my dad working for a clothing factory that made them!

    As soon as I escaped home, I put away the suits, and like you wear them for special occasions and funerals.

    My work does require "business casual" but I find khakis and golf shirts, with trail shoes to be comfortable enough!

    Peace <3

  5. jimm Says:

    Ryan working in speedos? jock strap? gogo boy? :PPP

    Tshirt, shorts/jeans and sneaks for my job. I hate suits

  6. Jay Ross Says:

    For many years I had to wear a tie.
    If I never wear one again it will be too soon. I now mostly wear cut-offs and a T or nothing.