Christmas Idea

I love to read I think yall know that and when I find an author I like I love to read I love to share it with everyone. Over the years doing this blog I have got to know a couple of my favorite writers on a somewhat personally basis. Ryan Field has become like a big brother I've always wanted and has been there for me anytime I have ask him and that means the world to me. Michael Holloway Perronne has kept in contact with me and let me know about his books and that is pretty special to me. If your looking for stocking stuffers for Christmas check out these books by Michael there a series and tell a great story I fell in love with the characters of these books it was like they were close friends of mine. I can't say enough about these books so you looking for a great Christmas gift here they are!

Have a good weekend!

Go check them out!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    Thanks, Ryan. You've always been there, too!! I appreciate that.


  2. Hey Ryan I have a set of three books you might like if you like mysteries. Rick Copp's An Actors Guide to Murder, Actors guide to Greed, Actors guide to Adultery.

    They are really fun reads and pretty good mysteries as well. The main character is a gay childhood actor who was accidentally outed and still trying to make it as an actor. Lives with his boyfriend who's a cop and of course, the actor decides to play detective in all three novels :)

  3. Jay M. Says:

    I will definitely check these out!
    Might I also add Josh Lanyon (the Adrien English series of mysteries) and Christopher Koehler (Rocking the Boat, Tipping the Balance) to the list. Both are excellent gay writers whose books I love.

    Peace <3